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CSR 108 - Get (Rally) Schooled



Updated! Thanks for the input.


There is no replacement for displacement. I’m thinking about a 6.0L pushrod V8 in a small coupe.

Since we are giving shout outs to the Smart ForTwo.


I can quite confidently say that my market stats are worse than @nialloftara - but probably faster! :wink:
(which will no doubt come back to bite me)

The 2012 AAAA Sparrow LS


Well… given the new information, I might be upgrading the 101hp powerplant in the commune.


Really now? 4 seats? Ever driven an Aygo or something like that? Don’t know the small cars too well since they are not a better option to a shopping cart.
I thought I’ve seen a umber of tiny cars with 2 seats.
It completely destroys my car and that was a long way to get it there. (well it doesn’t, but still)


There are even smaller cars that have 4 seats. It’s not really profitable for city/eco hatches to have any less than 4 seats at least


okay couple tweeks, gave up 1.7mpg for 17hp, 19lbft, and a second off the zero to 100kmh
so here is the 2.0DX trim


Submissions are now open!

Don't forget to adjust the deadline time to your respective time zones!


Good for city
Good for road
Good off the road

BDM Presents - NEXRA GTX


All New Cicero Cato 1600 TFS Ralley Trim

For the family, for your wallet, yet full of sports pedigree.


I see, you did exactly what was not asked for. :smile:


2012 Atera Atom SE


that rear is fucking awesome



Innovation Akai 2.2
Innovation performance for Razor money.


2012 Courageux Saint-Malo


Saint-Malo really lol


2012 Huangdou Shijie Sprite (SJ6018S)

Do you ever just create such a boring car that you need to exploit pop culture to not fall asleep looking at it? Me too.



SBA Rosales (Mk.IV) R150 ES

(Most of the buyer preferred to call as “Riso”)
A sensible car with fun character, heading to the land of down under

A few years later... somewhere in France

Psst… not a recycled from CSR90… yeah not a recycle…
Hon hon…