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CSR 110 - Snow It Is


It says Regular Leaded or Regular Unleaded. I took this as fuel has to be Regular, either leaded or unleaded. Leaded will give a very slight advantage (1 RON), which might help in the performance and fuel economy department. “Bad quality fuel type is accepted by won’t give any > bonuses” rather suggests that we won’t be penalized for virtually killing the environment with leaded fuel, but there might be a bonus if unleaded is used (maybe because the owner wants to keep the car beyond when this fuel gets banned, extending the longevity of the vehicle - or simply to soothe their environmentally conscious soul?)


It also says bad quality is accepted, so I took that to mean RON/AKI is open. Host should clarify since “regular” is the name of a grade then.




Travel the world in the 1969 Chupacabra Andes, now with part-time 4 wheel drive.


chupacabra, what a name


The mighty Z200 series from Žnoprešk will join the fight (Blue Marlin Motori Auto & Žnoprešk Avtomobil) (kinda)


BDM - Mikko 1400 GT


that PU limit is very hard achieve…

i reach PU limit WAAAY before the ET limit is there


Submissions are now open!


Umakicho Samurai 2000 Export

The Export version of our newest model is designed for the Soviet Union. It differs from the USDM model by having a spartan interior, a manual transmission and a 92-RON-tuned engine.
The Samurai is a completely conservative sedan, designed for best reliability, low consumption and competitive performance.

UMAKICHO. Built to serve you.


1969 Hessenburg E2000 Touring

Germany and Finland’s best selling large family sedan now enters an new era with an all-new generation. With an advanced transverse front engine setup and all-new inline-4 for easier maneuverability and improved fuel economy, the E-series is still the car to beat.

The E2000 Touring, shown here, comes with larger 14-inch wheels, sunroof, mudflaps, standard AM radio and fog lights for only for 12,500 Finnish markas.

Hessenburg - Proven German Precision since 1880

Droid, square headlights in the 60s?

It’s a 60s car and it’s has square headlights bruh


And now… for a badly translated ad! (sorry to all the Finns in here…)

Shown are 3 Ardent Sentinel S, European Market editions. Dark Sandstone, Caribbean Blue, Light Mint.

Actual submitted vehicle: Ardent Sentinel L, European market edition, 1967 refit


Finland isn’t part of Scandinavia


Gooood… goood… let the hate flow through you. :wink:


Visit your local BAM dealer for a test drive of the next BAM Bavaria. An affordable 5-seater family sedan with noticable rallye pedigree and the refinement and comfort from a luxury car. BAM - Motoring Perfection.


1969 Courageux Quinze

cars shown L sedan and TL hatch


Giusseppe il Bastardo di Ferrari saw the rise of Van Culture during a trip to the United States. Believing he could capitalize on this, and create somewhat of a van culture in Europe, he created a Kombi variant, based on the G160 platform; dubbed the G160 K, Giusseppe made this style from 1962 until 1969. Amazing practicality, and a low, low cost were its most desirable features. Along with its swiveling middle row of seats, and optional modular table, for picnics at roadside parks.


1969 Quaglia 1600C



At the expense of double-posting…

@Mad_Cat I noticed in the rules that you said


Does this mean you are going to accomodate any car with a chassis trim/engine variant year between these dates, or do you want them to be strictly 1969, the year the challenge is set in? I ask because a) it’s going to be really difficult to reconcile cars that could be nine years old at the time of the challenge, and b) because I in fact submitted a non-1969 car, I don’t want to be binned for something that’s technically legal in the rules, but against what you’re looking for.