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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


Like many people, I’m a bit annoyed that the customer bins cars other minor things, however I do appreciate that he is consistent in what he likes and dislikes. I’m guessing in reality there are many people who discount real cars for even worse reasons.

I’m annoyed about putting no cassette player in, I didn’t even realise it was important…and I would argue my car is a lift back, not a wagon! But I guess the customer doesn’t even need the extra space.


Mine got binned for looking “bored”. I was going for Sunbird GT lights (which I suppose isn’t everyone’s cup of tea). Only thing I take issue with is how he said the car “looked like it was drown with rulers”. Well, it was the Eighties, right? Conservatism was the name of the game back then. To each his own though. I’m not worried about it.


I think that the mass binnage probably has to do with the fact that there are, from what I’ve counter, 48 entries which ain’t exactly a small number to review. Probably would be best to narrow it down so that the final results don’t take eons to complete.


Yep. quantity OR quality. Both is hard for someone having a stressful real life.


Yeah, I’ve done that before. It never ends well.

As for mine. I was going to put in the Supra straight 6, but thought I’d go for economy instead. My bad.


realistic in our world’s standard. yeah.

but we are competing as if we are in a different universe, or such
our cars are not judged by how much better it is than our universe’s real life cars.
but it is judged by the standards of the cars it’s competing with, in it’s universe. that is, the competitors.

plus. my car made 199hp. and i got 19.2mpg i say and extra 70hp for the cost of 3 mpg is a worthwhile expense for some people yeah? on top of that, how much does your car weigh?


Same, Just double checked & shows 124.7, Max in the rules is 125 so i’m 0.3 under the limit:

If I had to guess, we used Stable while OP uses Open Beta & there may be some differences between Stable & Open Beta that put us over?


Thanks, now I see “Dan Biffle” as Ram Sweeney instead of Biff Tannen. I’m going to either rewatch the movie, and the musical while I wait for the finals to post.

Points if you get the reference.


That is one weak Six Pot (i6) for 85… even this 1985 2500 six i made tops 150 break horses in federal spoon spec, turbo and all


I’ve not got my game with me to check, but from memory my car had around 200hp, did 22mpg and went from 0-60 in something like 8 seconds with a 3L turbocharged I6


220hp, 16.4mpg, 6.55 0-60, 147mph top speed.

  1. how?
  2. how?
  3. how?

just kidding but seriously though.
how do you make only 20hp more than i do, but much worse fuel economy?
on the other hand… how do you make only 20hp more than me but so much faster in 0-60?
(8.4s 0-60 on mine)


Fuel economy takes in to account gearing, aggressive acceleration is uneconomical. Weight is also a factor, mine is steel all over, and a 5 speed manual so it’s dragging lots of weight but more comfortably in the power band (and away from peak efficiency).


I am seriously Regretting nkt entering this thing… i have one or two cars that would be perfect for this!


i hope the person who wins is a 70s fan


I would love to make use of the 75’ Cadillac body.


Personally Id make use of something more British and classy , Triumph ,Rover or Rollsroyce esque… i only wish i was allowed on the discord…


Why not?


Banned My dear Fellow


The Yes I know I’m an idiot who can’t keep track of files collection.


Boulanger Corinthe ESTI 19

Gah. Another one of them fancy Europeanish cars that’s way overloaded with fancy pants tech. I don’t get how they run the suspension on hydraulics, have one of them turbo things in the engine, and have a luxury interior. But Im feelin like I’d be in the shop more than I’d be drivin this thing. No thanks.

Dan throws the Boulanger’s brochure out.

Rigore Angeles 280 SP [FL]

Rigore’s one of them brands that does their best to hide the fact that it’s American… Like a New Yorker would. But this thing’s definitely got a New York vibe to it. Kinda lookin like a business suit. Plain, but classy. I don’t think a car like this would ever be goin outa style, y’know? But it’s got the price of a New York apartment… It’s too expensive and too little car. No cassette player, and nearly 5,000 more than many full size sedans here. That’s what you can’t trust them new Yorkers!

Dan throws out the Rigore’s brochure.


Smith&Hughes Reliant 320

Y’know there’s somethin’ kinda old school about this lil’ green thing. Put a big, powerful engine in a small, compact package. Like a new school muscle car kinda. Likin the wheels and the color but unfortunately the rest of it is plain jane. It’s a bit too much of a sleeper for my likin.

Dan throws out the Reliant’s brochure.

For the sake of Fairness I’ll give the cars which were over ET in my end but not on the submitter’s screens a shot.


Aquila 68 Carro

What… the… fuck… is this. It’s like somebody took that Znopresk offroadin thing, drank a whole fuckin bottle of absinthe, and plowed it through a lumber mill. A fuckin woody? Haven’t seen one of them for 10 years now! And it’s got a… 3 speed auto? Motherfuckin Magnesium wheels? Yeah somebody better be headin back to the design room before the cops arrest them for public intoxication.

Dan throws out the Carro’s brochure.


KGB Serval 6T

KGB? Yeah… I don’t see nothin wrong with that name. But Hooooly shit look at this fuckin thing! It’s a motherfuckin supercar! 0-60 in 6 and a half’ seconds, top speed of 170mph!? This thing is fuckin FAST, ain’t no doubt! A large, luxury coupe to leave super cars in the dust… damn now this is awesome. But that warranty bill and reliability records are makin my damn eyes water. This is a fast ass car, no doubt, but it’s gonna have the maintenance of one, and I just don’t think I can handle that.

Dan throws out the KGB’s brochure, but looks over his shoulder while doing so… just to be safe.

The finalists are as follows:

@mat1476 & @mcp928

Expect finals soon. Hopefully Wednesday.