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CSR 125 - Alternative Sports? Alright, Ikouzo! [Finished]


I think 1200 to 1500 would be reasonable personally, leaves plenty of room. As I said I was hitting 1077 with a 1.5L i3 fwd car, that was pretty sensible, except the power which was over what I aimed for without even having to change much in terms of variables on the engine. (172 Bhp for those wandering)


$1500 is way too much. The cars listed wouldn’t have any more than $1100 ish service costs at most save for the BMW (even still it should fall within this range if you’re making something similar).

If you’re reaching $1077 service costs in a 1.5L I3 FWD car you’re doing something very wrong.


Are you using a lot of modern tech like an electric diff and fancy suspension? Those can jack up the service costs really fast.


I didn’t exceed 1000 dollars, having a quite powerful 2002 engine with direct injection and other modern stuff which I guess bumps it up, also an inline five crammed transversely into a compact car leaving not a lot of room left, sticky 17" rubber and tyre eating camber, to mention a few things. I think that 1500 is ridiculous considering which class of cars he is looking for and that 1000 is fine if it is, as said, a “soft” limit. He is looking for a sporty car but that doesn’t mean that he is looking for exotics.


Just out of curiosity, why are wagons not permitted?
I was picturing something like a slightly modernized Nissan Stagea or an imaginary B4 RSK trim for a Subaru Outback. Am I misunderstanding Mr. Ryouske’s needs?


It was mostly for balancing reasons, otherwise it would be the meta body for this CSR, also main reasons was that he is living in Japan, having a long vehicle wouldn’t be that practical, he wants a balance either being too small isnt good or being too big isnt good either, both engine size and the car size in general.

New changes! Ill consider increasing service cost to 1100~, but in return will judge slightly more harshly for cars going over the softcap. Ill come to a decision after I come back home.

Confirmed Changes:
  • Service cost softcap limit is raised to 1100, in turn those who are at the limit or above the softcaps will be scrutinized.

  • Added tax to engines below 1L

  • Added PU limits

  • Reworked Priorities


entries aren’t open till a pair of days
yet i have already made a lancer ripo- nonono i mean totally original car that is cool and practical


Meguminshi wants to know your location




Meguminshi Magnum 1800 GSR

Not a chopped Meguminshi Pantser, or even Pantser Explosion to a hatchback!

Meguminshi does not equip with Misfiring System from the factory.



May be too late for suggestions/questions, but Saturn, Hyundai, and Honda were using plastic body panels around this time. Obviously this didn’t stick around in a big way (the Corvette still has plastic body panels to this day), but it would be period correct. Shouldn’t fiberglass panels be legal as a substitute?

Looking at the way the game scores the cars, and the fact that the fiberglass would be an all or none affair, this isn’t really representative of the example cars.

Submission Are Open!!!
When should the deadline be?
  • 9th of August AEST
  • 16th of August AEST

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Deadline 9th of August AEST


-2004 Alba Solaris RXi (J)-
An affordable, Yet Swift and Surprisingly efficient car.
Perfect for a Limited budget, And Strong enthusiasm.

“Come on. It’s got a Big Wang from factory, Who wouldn’t want that?”
-The engineers at Alba


'04 MAD Shrike GT Coupe

205 bhp from a 1995cc normally aspirated I4, capable of revving to 8500 rpm, and sent to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox and Torsen LSD, plus 4-wheel vented disc brakes with ABS and a sporty yet comfortable suspension tune - all yours for just $35k including taxes.


2004 Hanami Luminary Turbo V


Hot Hatchback from the Icons of Hanami. 140hp 1.3L Turbocharged Inline 4, 6 Speed Manual, 16 inch wheels, and a special bodykit. For only 27,600 (24,000 tax excluded), why wouldn’t you?


god imgur compression can suck my nuts



Chances are, you already knew that the IP Commuter 2500 GS was a weapon for the street. With a lively direct injected 2.5 litre 5 cylinder, 6 speed transmission, independent suspension and disc brakes all around. With alloy wheels, sports seats, leather steering wheel and an aerodynamic bodykit. So what would be the weapon to beat that, then?

Maybe another IP Commuter 2500 GS. At IP, we are proud that Gamestar inc. wanted to include parts of our lineup in their new game “Turismo 2004”, and now we’re celebrating this with a special edition of the Commuter 2500 GS. With a lower, sports tuned suspension. With 17 inch forged alloys shoed with meaty, sticky rubber. With contoured sports seats even for the rear passengers. Available in competition blue or dark plum pearl. A series of 250 cars, all of them numbered. We call it the “Turismo edition”.

We don’t give any guarantee that you will fall in love with this enough to buy it, even if we think and hope so. But with every test drive, we give away a free demo CD of Turismo 2004, for GameStation 2, Y-Box or PC. So,if you’re not ready for the real thing, maybe you can at least have fun with the virtual one?



2004 Iramitsu Koi Shōri VS 1.4 Coupe

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Building the future, one step at a time


2004 SSV Quart GTS-T GR’s AWD (SB6A)
" Simply exciting thing to drive, almost like an FR car to drive with less understeer and slight mischief tailhappiness " - a certain famous UK car magazine

a compact japanese sport tuned premium coupe from SSV high performance flagship, 255 BHP 2.0L Inline 4 Turbo GR’s High Performance tune, 6 Speed manual, Optional GR’s Forged Alloy Two-Tone 18" Rims, GR’s Bodykit and Spoiler, your’s for $ 37,500 (tax included) not including special offer discount, buy immediately for our special offer of 160,000km / 5 Years Warranty, 2 Year Servicing package, High Trade in price for your old car, 0% interest finance packages, limited high buyback price coupons, and many other special offer.

Car Showcase


@Falling_Comet Are you looking for cars with a comfort level of at least 2.0 or 20? My first test car was pretty miserable with comfort, I tried to fix it and my other stats suffered greatly lol.