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CSR 125 - Alternative Sports? Alright, Ikouzo! [Finished]


I suspect that for performance cars with less than 200 horsepower, a geared (Torsen) LSD may be overkill - a cheaper, more reliable viscous LSD would suffice, and it provides more comfort to boot.

Galvanized steel as a chassis material is available very early on, from around the mid-50s if I’m not mistaken, but treated steel panels are not unlocked until 1994. Cars with this combination of materials are quite common from the mid-90s onward, especially the lower-budget ones.

You may be referring to a 2+2 configuration, with its smaller rear seats - it’s lighter, but less practical, than an interior with 4 full-sized seats.


Believe it or not, but the 153bhp IS200 Sport came with a torsen LSD factory, although that is probably an exception.


Multiple sub 200 hp sporty cars over the years came/come with a lsd (optional or not). For example, the EK9 Civic Type R (helical), the GT86 (Torsen), and the S13 240SX (and many other Silvias) (viscous). Miatas can come with lsd too.


well its a matter of the car price tho, Lexus maybe had the leeway using torsen LSD since its an overpriced toyota Altezza, if i’m not wrong viscous LSD is cheaper than geared after all. If u talk about the 86 (ZN6) its because of the production year, 2004 and 2012 is a lot of gap after all, geared LSDs must has become more cheaper to mass produce right now after all


Review Part Two | Not-exactly-instabins & Wins

He picked up another car magazine he had bought from another store earlier and flicks through the first couple of pages inspecting what car he could finally buy.

[ @george_m997 | SSV Quart GTS-T GR’s ]

Hai, Ikouzo! This next one then… the Quart... GTS… T… G… R? Ah, “s”... Lot’s of letters for something that according to these reviews, isn’t too much to look at, nor much at all. I’ll have to pass on this one.

Expensive, and stats do not match against similar priced cars. The design… he doesn’t feel the design. Doesn’t do well against similar cars.

[ @TheTechnoVampire | Kazuki Kita Sport ]

Ka-zu-ki~! A RWD hot hatch, is it? Seems sporty and rather driver oriented, but reviews say… It doesn’t do well in crash tests and is hard to drive…? Not the longest lasting car either, it seems. Unfortunately another pass.

Lowest driveability among the group. Has great performance in stats and ability however, low on reliability and safety.

[ @TheRoadRunner36 | Mun Namazu Sport R ]

Fairly well rounded sedan, this one. Reviews say… decent and does it job well… Nothing seems too special about it the looks don't really fit my taste however....

Does well overall and performs decently but with the looks, it doesn’t really fit his taste, unfortunately he has to pass.

[ @z2bbgr | Magnum 1800 GSR ]

Omoshiroi… A fairly well rounded hatchback, this one. Reviews say… poor brakes and expensive to maintain… Nothing seems too special about it either. Ja’ne, next...

Brake fade of 1.6% Has a high service cost among the group. Decent stats, but… with that brake fade, he has to pass.

[ @mart1n2005 | Courageux 3 GTi “finale” ]

Do nari eru ka, ne? Isn’t this a sportscar magazine? This looks fairly basic. Unlike the other cars I’ve seen this just feels, melancholic...

Brakes fade and stats but they are very cheap. In comparison to Vri2004 the car is worse. Lowest service cost. Design he doesn’t feel it. Just reminds him of a normal hatch… It doesn’t excite him and low sports.

[ @V4guy | Matrox Prism - CTZ ]

Huh, reviews say that it isn’t exactly the safest and doesn’t seem to last long… It looks rather… Do yatte oku no…? Plain? Well, anyway...

Similar on par with the Yakaza in performance however, lacks in safety among the rest as well as reliability. Design he doesn’t feel it, missing that excitement that the Yakaza has. But as for the brakes, he will pass.

[ @conan | Urabus 45 B Spec ]

Sporty looking sedan, huh? Seems to be average according to this review, but the main gripe are the brakes, it seems. Let’s see what the others have to offer, ne?

1.4 Brake fade. Weak brakes. As for overall performance its does nicely however, against other similar priced competitors it loses out. Is one of the safest but compared to the CMW it loses out. For the price and better alternatives unfortunately he will pass.

[ @Knugcab | IP Commuter 2500 GS “Turismo edition” ]

Tsurisumo… Nanikore? This is a unique design, but I’m not really feeling it. Seems to not be very good overall, and compared to the competition? Hountoni? I’ll pass.

Quirky design… does not really bring out the flare he wants. Rims are a bit questionable. Low stats and drive even with the FWD drivetrain… And for the price compared… he will pass… Just meet min comfort and sports.

[ @ThatCarMadGamer | Yonfi Ravis 1.8VVT ]

Neeeee, those wheels look like they belong on a delivery van or a truck… According to reviews it seems comfortable and is not too bad compared to others I’ve seen. But those brakes seem to be what is holding this back… Another pass for me.

Has the horrible brake fade… over 3% with a very thick side tire profile? It’s a sports car… It has a decent stats and has great comfort but he doesn’t want a car that has this kind of wheel setup.

[ @Mikonp7 | Neko CX-2 X-Series MKII ]

Woah! Sugoku, ne? A great formula, that turbo inline 6 and all-wheel-drive. Let’s see what the reviews say… Good for the price, but it seems to be more performance oriented than others… Doesn’t seem like lasting long either, Zan’nenda...

Performance is amazing and with a powerful ‘277hp’ Turbo I6 with AWD for the price it’s a good deal but has poor stats compared to the rest with the lowest reliability.

[ @donutsnail | Homura Bedia Sports Coupe RC ]

World Rally Championship… Hounto? Looks pretty, let’s see what they have to say… Chottomatte, this doesn’t have a proper diff either? Nanikore? And that all-wheel-drive system they are saying is “state-of-the-art” probably wouldn’t last long either. I guess this’ll be another pass.

Unfortunate… no LSD for this sports coupe? Does well overall but has the lowest reliable out of the rest.

[ @mat1476 & @mcp928 | Hanno Firma S-Spec ]

Woah, cool looking, this one. Demo, those wheels… Isn’t there a term for that in America…? It’s not really for me… and apparently lacks any kind of sporting differential… Pricey too… Next one, then.

Suffers the same as the Homura Bedia Sports… has no LSD??? It’s 2004 surely the engineers would have thought of using an LSD for a sports car. 19 inch rims in 2004 a bit of a stretch… literally… One of the most expensive but compared to similar alternatives it loses out…

[ @Speedyboi | Hakuryū /Selsius/280 Redline Package ]

Ah, another great looking sedan. All-wheel-drive again, huh? Inline-6 it’s looking good! Ah, chottomatte, another one without an LSD… Brakes apparently are subpar and wear easily… dame, da ne… demo… I’ll give it a look.

Does well overall, however, the lack of an LSD and 1.3% brake fade is not what he wants from a sports car, compared to similar alternatives. Though it’s has a 2.8L Turbo and with its looks it would have been great if the engineers would have considered an LSD. But with these kinds of performance, he is willing to consider.

[ @Vri404 | Hanami Luminary Turbo V ]

Aahh… Kawaii ne! Apparently a very easy to drive car, I can see why! Fairly cheap as well. Finally, I think I can take a look at this!

Corres resistant steel panels? Best bang for your buck. 2nd lowest service cost. Lowest prestige. But has insane driveability for its price! But overall, most stats are of the lowest among the group, but the cheapest overall. I will give it a look!

[ @abg7 | MAD Shrike GT Coupe ]

Oh, not too much special about this, it seems. Does not seem very practical and reviews say it’s not much at all in the comfort department. Seems to go for a good price, however and compared to others here, seems like a good value. I’ll save this for later!

Very average, nothing wrong. But one of the lowest practicalities among the group. And below average comfort. But decent price. He will check it out.

[ @MrChips | CMW FS180 ]

Ah, a German one. Sugoi, they’re really safe apparently! But very pricey! Everything else looks good to me, and I guess I could check this out.

Average stats however are the most expensive, but the safest. Definitely a check, quite different compared to the competition it’s like a tank.

[ @Repti | Rhisuki Keusa XRA ]

Do naru no? Fairly sporty compared to others it seems and is overall very good. Lacks some safety compared to others though. But it’s good enough, I’ll check it out!

One of the sportiest and performs superbly among other stats. However, it suffers with low safety. Going to check it out for sure!

[ @Yangx2 & @corsicaunknown | Koyama Devisa [Akebi 1.5 T-Spec] ]

1.5 Turbo? Hounto? Makes quite some power for what it is, this will be good on taxes! Apparently, a cornering machine! I’ll surely check this one out, ii ne?

One of the most average stats among the group. One of the lowest top speeds but has great cornering ability. Punchy 1.5L I4 Turbo will have a look at this amazing car!

[ @Tzuyu_main | Seikatsu GR20 SPEC AX+ TURBO ]

Ha, Kireina~? Fairly quick and cheap! Apparently not the easiest to drive compared to the others and not exactly as practical, but it’ll do!

Insane acceleration amongst the pack with a RWD drivetrain! Cheap for the power and sportiness and comfort. But has lower practicality then the MAD Shrike GT and low driveability like the RWD hatch… But has amazing looks. He will be sure to check out this car, a RWD car.

[ @Xepy | Kuma AN Mari ]

Ah, this one is a pricey one. Demo, for that price it is apparently really comfy, easy to drive, and has quite the grunt to it. As safe as the others too and looks easy enough to live with! I’ll definitely check this one!

Low load capacity. However, the most driver friendly, comfy, sporty and meets the average in safety and practicality. One of the most expensive but worthy to look into more.

[ @MGR_99 & @Ryan93 | Yakaza Azure RES ]

Uwa… What a good-looking thing! Ah, chotto, I’ve seen this one on TV! It looks fairly good but seems to be on the lower end when it comes to power within its class. That is a high-top speed I’ll likely never use… Fairly easy to maintain too! Wakatta! I’ll save it for later.

Lower power compared to lower CC NA engines. However, it looks amazing. Decent stats all around and is one of the fastest in terms of top speed! And has cheap service cost. Looks nice and he will be sure to check it out!

[ @66mazda | Kaizen TRI19s JDM delimited with rear door ]

Ah, a Kaizen, seen them almost everywhere… Though this one looks to be really good with no major issues… Ah, matte, that price… W-well, it’s not like I can’t check it out still! Ikouzo!

Does well in all groups and for the price it may be a hindrance but worthy to check out for sure. But that’s basically the only negative here! Will have a look into more!

And so, he’d reached the end of yet another magazine, this time with the results that he’d desired. He’d then spend the next few hours scheduling test drives with local dealerships.
At last, Mr. Ryosuke would finally return to his old beloved.

“This will be exciting!”

Semi-finals coming out soon™!


welp not bad for a car made in 30 minutes and design copying the Trueno BZ-R completely


@Falling_Comet Nice reviews, but I think my car may have been forgotten. Is this the case?


Oh whoops, I think i forgot to put it in. Ill do it in a bit.

Edit | Fixed


Weird thing is on the Hanno all of the LSD options made no appreciable difference (except price). Only the electronic LSD boosted the score (big $). Must be the low HP (by comparison). Kinda surprising, I was thinking the turbo lag would sink me.
Awesome write up, good luck to everyone still in the running.



yo shit I didn’t get binned.



The Finals | Tachibana Ryosuke

At last, the day has come for Mr. Tachibana to make a decision.
Which of these sports cars would he be living with for the next few years of his life?
He took a look at the list he’d made, his first appointment was with the Hakuryu dealership not too far away from his workplace.

[ @Speedyboi | Hakuryū /Selsius/280 Redline Package ]

Arriving just in time, with some talking to the staff at the dealership, he was handed a key to one of the demonstration vehicles. He hopped into the silver 4-door, turning the key and starting the engine. The six-cylinder roared into life and he went off for a drive. He observed how the car felt as he drove around, the seats were not the best, but not exactly the worst either. The steering was responsive enough and didn’t feel too heavy. However, as he floored the pedal through a corner, he felt the lack of an LSD as the inner tyres squealed as they spun, giving off a very “unsporty” feeling which he simply couldn’t shake off only when TC came in to correct the car it would feel normal. Not only that, but it’s large sedan size definitely gave it a less sportier feeling than he would’ve desired. He arrived back at the dealership and handed the keys back, looked at the brochure one last time before giving it a thought and heading off.

Though it has great looks and has the flare he desires, the fade and the lack of LSD and comparative performance compared to other expensive cars, it loses out unfortunately and is the least reliable out of the finalists.

[ @Vri404 | Hanami Luminary Turbo V ]

It was a nice clear day as Tachibana made his way on foot to the nearby Hanami dealership, where following all the boring talk and chitchat, eventually made it into the driver’s seat of a Luminary Turbo, a car he thought was really cute, it was reminiscent of a Kei car. He started up the car and drove off, doing the same tests he did with the previous vehicle. This small hatchback had incredibly light steering, something which he expected. The rather tiny turbocharged inline-4 took some time to spool, which was rather dreary, and once boost actually hit, the experience wasn’t exactly as joyful as he’d wanted. Though it was cheap and very easy to feel around with, the small size did not give him much in the way of legroom and storage space, familiar with his Kei car. It’s rather cheap interior didn’t really give him a great sense of regard for it. The car definitely didn’t really go well with him and so he drove back to the dealership and handed the car back.

The cheapest contender for Tachibana Ryosuke’s alternative sports cars, it does really well, being very driveable but, for just $5000 USD he can get a better car in both comfort and performance.

[ @abg7 | MAD Shrike GT Coupe ]

Skipping the unimportant details, he got into the cockpit of the Shrike and went out for the test drive. He didn’t really feel anything too special about this car, with a rather normal steering weight, rather normal acceleration, and road feel that really didn’t stand out to him all too much. The seats as well, while comfortable didn't give him the kind of premium feel nor the sporty like function all too much. It could’ve been a great choice but something just felt rather…. normal? To him which he couldn’t quite figure out. He drove it back and handed the keys over to this peculiarly normal feeling sports car.

The middle man of the pack, it does perform well, but well… it’s pretty average. Average performance, average looks, it’s a safe bet but he has to pass.

[ @Tzuyu_main | Seikatsu GR20 SPEC AX+ TURBO ]

And to the Seikatsu dealer he went, hopping into the driver’s seat of the GR20, he noticed the lack of storage space and usability. On the drive and taking the car around some corners, the car definitely was sporty. Though the steering felt heavy and transmitted a lot of the road to his hands, he deduced that it would be rather hard to take this around busy Tokyo streets. The acceleration was simply great as well, and the turbo didn’t take too long to spool up meaning that engine response was great. However, after taking the car back to the dealer and looking around it a bit more, he saw a lack of trunk and rear seating space unusual for a car of this size, which could be problematic for when he’d ever need to haul a lot of stuff for work.

One of the few RWD contenders, it has an insane acceleration comparable to the AWD alternatives it has great sporty looks, fitting JDM look. However, though it’s cheap for its performance, the driveability and practicality is lacking overall and with Tachibana looking for a daily. He has to pass.

[ @MrChips | CMW FS180 ]

Arriving at a local foreign car dealer, an overseas CMW representative approached him and introduced him to the car. Before he could take a drive, he was introduced to all the car’s safety features and other such technologies. A thought crossed his mind; “German technology is the best in the world…!” Finally going for the drive, it definitely felt safe and comfortable. Performance however was not exactly what he was looking for; it was pretty average compared to the other cars he took for a test. It was a great highway cruiser that could pull fairly well, but take it around the corner and it’s hefty sedan-ness really showed with its fairly heavy steering and lackluster driving feel. It was definitely a lovely car, and it changed his perception on the Germans, but unfortunately he’d have to pass. Yuri’s note: DEUTSCHLAND DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES

A safe car that is also RWD and has decent driveability, it’s a nice sedan to mainly cruise around but it is pretty average for its pricing. The performance is also pretty normal, nothing to suggest it ripping around the mountain roads or doing some fun driving. He will have to pass.

[ @Repti | Rhisuki Keusa XRA ]

And arriving at another dealer with the next car on his list, a Rhisuki Keusa. Going for the drive, this car was definitely great. Good looking and good performing. The all-wheel-drive system worked nicely to give the car smooth handling and great acceleration. The steering was able to transmit enough of the road and give him great feedback. Looking back at the brochure however, he'd noticed quite the lack of safety features compared to other cars, and doing some tests of his own with the interior and it definitely didn’t feel as safe as the CMW or even the Hanami especially once he’d looked back at its price tag.

A nice car paired with AWD, driveable, comfortable and the most sportiest, however, the lack of safety compared to similar cars around the same price bracket and the styling is pretty nice but, he will have to pass.

[ @66mazda | Kaizen TRI19s JDM delimited with rear door ]

And going past the unneeded details, we arrive at him going out in the Kaizen. He tested the car thoroughly like the others. The car seemed almost perfect, with fairly light handling allowing for it to be nimble, and while having not too special acceleration, felt fun. Being a fairly well styled hatchback, storage space would not be a problem for him. The car could’ve been a great choice for him, but he still didn’t feel it exactly, especially after looking at the price tag and comparing it to the next car on his list.

A FWD hatch driveable, practical and does well overall, it is a great car to consider with good styling but the car is in between two comparable cars between a cheaper and the expensive option both of which are more of his favourite, unfortunately he has to pass.

[ @MGR_99 & @Ryan93 | Yakaza Azure RES ]

Eventually he’d reach a dealership with the Azure RES. Talking to some of the rather persuasive but not too pushy representatives, he’d eventually get into the handsome looking coupe and went out for a drive. He remembered seeing the ad on the TV; it definitely gave him a high expectation for this car. Handling was light and transmitted road feel well, and its V6 power plant gave it quite some grunt out of a corner. Outside of more spirited driving, the Azure did fairly well, being comfortable to ride in and go on about. Storage space was great too, being what it was. He stopped over at the top of a mountain pass and took a long look at the car, it certainly was the most beautiful out of all the cars he’d been driving. Yet, something didn’t really bide well with him, and it showed yet again as he went out for a drive. Looks are enough to deceive, and the car’s lacking in other segments finally showed to him.

An amazing looking car with its performance to match its price, the stats overall is nice and with the looks he is willing to consider this car however, with the other alternatives in both pricing differences and in comfort, driveability and practicality, he will have to pass.

[ @Yangx2 & @corsicaunknown | Koyama Devisa [Akebi 1.5 T-Spec] ]

When he arrived at the Koyama dealer, he’d set his expectations a little bit lower as it was a sedan with a fairly small turbo engine, though he remembered the ad he saw of this sedan, maybe it was something special. Taking notes from the Hakaru, CMW and the Hanami, he’d pretty much know what he would expect out of this. Hopping into the silver 4-door and going out for a drive however, threw his expectations out of the windows, being a smooth handling very practical sedan with an engine that definitely punched above its weight. Yet still, it wasn’t what he wanted exactly, with lackluster acceleration and a low top speed that he could never really use, combined with boaty handling compared to the previous contenders, the car couldn’t really be as “performance-y” as he wanted.

A hot looking sedan, with a punchy turbo 1.5L engine, it is paired with a nice interior, it has great driveability and one of the top practicalities amongst the finalists. However, its sportiness and performance is what is hindering the car, but not to say it was a major factor but for just over $5000 USD Tachibana can get a better car overall….Now onto the winner of CSR125…

[ @Xepy | Kuma AN Mari ]

At last, we’d arrive at the final car. This was the car that would either make it, or break it. His final choice and final take to a new performance car he’d live with. He saw the car and took time to admire its simple and clean looks, before he got into the Kuma and turned the key and started the V6 up. Heading out, the V6 surprised him; it gave him more power than the Azure with a smaller V6. It has a great acceleration to be fun, taking into the corners and the car shone as it drove as if it were on rails, not hinting of too much understeer nor much oversteer. The car echoed through the passes as Mr. Tachibana enjoyed his time with it. Exiting the pass, he went into the city for some quick driving and relaxed as the car cruised along, not too bumpy but not exactly a boat, it just felt right. It has the sportiness he wants yet the premium from the price.

He pulled into a parking lot near a port, he got out of the car and watched as the sun began settling over the orange-tinted sea. He looked at the car again and observed the way the light landed on the car’s bodylines, and he might’ve felt his heart skip a beat. He squatted down in front of the red coupe and it clicked to him.

“Koreda, yo? It’s been quite the day…”

He got back into the car and started the V6 again and drove back to the dealer, he took a brochure and looked at the car’s price again.

“Kachigāru… ne?”

A clean looking JDM car, it has the performance matched with luxury comfort, great handling and speed and overall friendly approach driveability. Though its pricing is high, with this kind of performance, it is worth the cost.

After he sat outside with the nice cool summer breeze, he pondered on which car he wanted. He looked back at the Kuma brochure and it had a nice art that displayed the classical era of 90s JDM. He nodded to himself,

“Yoshi… I have decided.”

He looks one last time at the brochure and he heads back to the Kuma dealership and as he does the paperwork, he reminisces back to his youth. He finally can experience his teenage years and have some fun hooning after hours of work. He sat looking at the other cars he was looking through, it was a hard choice but he had already resolved himself. He was getting the Kuma AN Mari. .

“This will be exciting… Ikouzo!”

Host's Comment

Thank you for being patient with my first CSR, it was a hard one for the one to take the win, all of them had their pros and cons but with the price gap for these premium stats the expensive car took the win. The Kuma AN Mari was well refined and it dominated everything besides practicality, the rest were well in reach especially the Koyama Devisa [Akebi 1.5 T-Spec] to the Yakaza Azure RES.


1st | @Xepy
2nd | @Yangx2 & @corsicaunknown
3rd | @MGR_99 & @Ryan93
4th | @66mazda
5th | @Repti
6th | @MrChips
7th | @Tzuyu_main
8th | @abg7
9th | @Vri404
10th | @SpeedyBoi

The Spreadsheets!

Finalist Spreadsheets!


Excellent comp, even if the writing was a bit awkward (but it had some character lmao)
I (probably we tbh) enjoyed it very much.


Congratulations to you for successfully hosting a CSR round for the first time ever, and to Xepy for clinching a well-deserved victory! This really was a close one, though, especially between the top three. Let’s hope that the next round, whatever it’s about, is at least as compelling, competitive and fun as this one.


Thank you for hosting, it was fun making that car and ad. I haven’t fully decided on hosting yet or not, I’ll pop another message here tomorrow once I decide on it.


Aight, I’m gonna pass. Not feeling the motivation to host an challenge right now. If any one else in the podium that would like to host but is short on ideas, I do have some.


oh sHI-

Well first, thanks to Comet for this rather quirky round! The writeups were sweet and short and got to the point, well done there.

As for hosting,

Don’t expect the new round to go up in like 15 minutes though, perfection takes time.