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CSR 73 - The Fight For Freedom


Amazing enough for me to imagine Harrison Ford, Kurt Russell, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone riding in one as they fight against the oppressive Archanans. They were among the biggest action stars back in '86, after all.


This was a good one! I’m kinda sorry I didn’t join in. Can’t wait to see what NormanVauxhall chooses for the next round!


Checking the stats out it seems like I managed to pretty much make the “average” car :smiley:


Wow! Thanks Mr Chips to host the challenge and choose ZAR for your business.

I’m keen to host the next CSR. I need 24/48 hours to see if I can.

I’m sorry for Leo… Again, second.


Second, again. You must be ducking with me.

And I can’t host this month, so if Norman skips it so will I


So… I’ve find a theme that I’m really intrested in, but it will be another “off-roadish” and I think it will not be the best at the moment. I will keep it if I’m going to win another round in the future.

@Urbanliner It’s up to you now.


I have no experience in hosting and I do not have any ideas, so @flop404, your turn please.


I have a few ideas floating around in my mind, in the event I get to host the next round - which will only happen if the rest of the top five also choose to pass.


How long has it been since the end of the round? I’m so tempted to hurry things along just to see what happens.


almost 48 hours, sir strop.


@flop404 we’ve just confirmed zschmeez can’t practically host in a timely fashion, you got until I arbitrarily decide to move things along to confirm whether or not you will host (let’s say about six hours). Or I’m passing it to abg.


I would love to host one, or suggest an idea! I’m thinking late 90s - early 00s minivan shopping, or a family hauler round!


That’s not how it works. It goes in order through the finalists.


Alright, my bad. No need to be rude


You may wish to read the explainer post which is always linked at the top of every round, that’ll bring you mostly up to speed with this specific challenge.


Didn’t read that bit. Thanks :+1:


That’s an honor but it’s early sunday morning here and I wouldn’t be able to look into building an interesting challenge until late this evening - and I’m not sure I’d have the time for the next steps either :confused:

Better to lookg further in the list, I’ll manage to do something if the next ones can’t deliver

@zschmeez seems not to be available, @abg7 seemed to have an idea ?


That’s ok, if you’re not sure it’s better to pass it up, because hosting one of these rounds is actually really demanding.

Right, @abg7, you’re up. Just make sure you decide on one idea and run with it!


Memery time!


I have chosen to accept hosting duties for CSR74.

Speaking of which, the next round is up! Click here for the rule set.