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CSR74: Back On Track


CSR74: Back On Track

UE4 open beta only, please!

General CSR rules

The year is 2005. I have been doing track days at Laguna Seca for the past few years in my ’98 Miata, and have had a lot of fun at every visit. Over the past few years, the Miata’s light weight and modest power made it an ideal vehicle for learning how to drive on track. However, I was recently forced to sell it to a fellow enthusiast who also needed a car for the track, leaving me with a vacant space in my garage. I now have an urge to step up to something faster, given that I have improved my skills considerably during the time I owned the Miata.

Your task is to build a track-ready performance car that can not only record a fast lap time at Laguna Seca, but also be exciting to drive without being too challenging to master. Not only that, but it must also be street-legal and fit within my budget of $30,000 with no markups. So, without further ado, here are the requirements:

• Trim and variant years must both be 2005. Model and family years can be older.
• Body unlock year must be 1985 or later. I don’t want something that looks out of date.
• Body type must be a sedan, coupe or convertible.
• Drivetrain can be FWD, RWD or AWD, but I prefer the latter two.
• At least 2 seats are required, but I do not need (or want) more than 5.
• Maximum production units: 150 (trim), 100 (engine)
• Maximum engineering time: 50 (trim), 100 (engine)
• Minimum drivability 40 - I don’t want my new track car to be too challenging to drive.
• Minimum sportiness 40 - Merely being fast isn’t everything; it has to be fun to drive as well.
• Minimum safety 35 - I value my life highly and would prefer to walk away from a big crash if I screw things up.
• Minimum comfort 15 - even a track car will see occasional road use now and again.
• 95RON Premium unleaded fuel required.
• Catalytic converter and one muffler required.
• Maximum loudness 55 to simulate drive-by noise limits.
• Minimum reliability 65 (trim) - what’s the point of having a trackday car if it spends too much time in the pits being repaired?
• Fuel economy must be 20 mpg (US) or higher.
• No V16s – I don’t have a key, after all.
• As stated previously, the maximum price with 0% markup must be $30,000 or less. However, the lower the price, the more money I will have left over for modifications. I wouldn’t advise going too far under budget, though.
• Transmission must be either manual or sequential – I need to have absolute control over every input, and that includes the gearbox.
• No semi-slick tires or race intake/headers. I may be looking for a track car, but it must still be street-legal as stated above.
• No off-road parts (4x4 drivetrain, manual or auto locker, chunky offroad tires) allowed.
• All mods are allowed.
• Lap times (calculated from Split 3, to simulate a rolling start) at Laguna Seca will be considered during judging – the faster the better. Also, for each entry, I will be dividing its sportiness value by its drivability value to obtain a number called the challenge factor. I prefer this number to be as close to 1 as possible, but a higher value may be worth it if the car is fast enough around the track.
• Styling is important - it needs to look the part when it takes to the track.

Naming scheme
• Model and engine family name: CSR74-username
• Trim name: your car’s make, model and variant
• Engine variant name: your engine model/variant

Deadline: Sunday, June 10 @ 23:59:00 AEST (GMT + 10)

To download the track map of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca click here and then click on the link marked “Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca v2”, which is the latest version of the track.

Also, don’t forget to post an ad in this thread with a picture of your car and its price.

Any suggestions? Please let me know.

And above all, have fun!

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I have to say, this week’s customer has quite the specific taste. I’ll see if I could conjure something up.


Just a question, are you sure about the body unlock year of 2005? In the year of 2005 it would mean that only the absolutely latest bodies would pass, and I mean, a 2000 car didn’t look outdated in 2005. Now, I won’t be participating in this round anyway for different reasons (and that’s not because it should be a bad round in any way), so it doesn’t matter to me, it was just a thought.


My mistake - I meant 1985, not 2005, and minimum comfort, not maximum. The OP has been updated accordingly.


Are you sure you mean maximum comfort? Given your description I’m thinking you’re shooting for a minimum…

(Also holy crap 30k with 0% can get you quite a bit of car. How much do you give credit for going under?)


Dang, it’s a shame wagon bodies were written off the rules immediately. I’d totally try to create a track wagon with a V12 and bend the lap times so badly Rickard Rydell would grant me a medal! My broken heart… :disappointed_relieved:

All joking aside, so far only one question; are participants meant to use Laguna lap times as part of their car promoting? Or is that not outright required?


Why is there both a two muffler requirement and a sound limit? I should be able to enter a car with a single muffler as long as the sound is low enough. Two mufflers is just unecessary weight.


The flying lap time at Laguna Seca will be taken into consideration during the judging phase; however, it is not actually required to state your car’s lap time in the ad (although you may wish to do so if you want to).

And at the behest of thecarlover I will require entries to have only one muffler at minimum, although the maximum loudness remains unchanged.


Volvo was banned from using the 850 estate after some years too… :wink:


So something like a 2005 version of a moodern GT350R Mustang?


IIRC estates was banned from the BTCC the season after the 850 was entered because it had a massive aerodynamic advantage despite being a box.


That’s the version I’ve heard too, and it can be true too, a tail that is chopped off straight does have aerodynamical advantages over a notchback…


Also, I’m sure with the right choice of fixtures you can make the older bodies look more modern.


Just to be sure the min reliability is for the trim only, correct?


You’re right. The minimum reliability value I stated only applies to the trim.



Jeeeeeeesuuuuuuuuuuuus christ, the engineering time is so torturing for my all-pushrod suspension car! I’m going to die…


I totally understand the reason behind this but, according to KillRob, you don’t need a V16 key when importing a car fitted with said engine.

You are just unable to do anything with the engine other than start it up and then cry because you feel left out! :rofl:


I thought it changed to a V10 when you opened it up, but I could be wrong

  1. Take the Franklin Marshall Mk6 HiWay Coupe.
  2. Drop in an 8L de-tuned FMRacing V8.
  3. Take it to the track…or the shops.