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CSR 90 - "Dieselgate Aftermath" [FINAL RESULTS UP]


hopefully far enough…
i wanna build a “possibly lore” type engine


Who here remembers the Baiern CoupeSport 2.5?
Oh nvm, this was a weird question.


$15k is low, I usually don’t like going that low. Will do this time, and the tuning is right up my alley as well. I might not even have to make a new engine for this one.


I might break my hiatus here. This round sounds just how I like to tune my engines. Also, just scrapped a Clio 1.5 dci because of HGF. Fun times.

So hatch or estate then? Any preferences either way?


You be the judge. You’ve seen what the customer needs. A couple. Two children. Vacations. Fuel eco. Performance. The general way the engine is supposed to behave. Now it’s up to you! :stuck_out_tongue:
Completely forgot to announce, ENTRIES ARE OPEN

And rules have been revised, check the original post!


2018 Harada KandeX

Comes with free kandy


How do I get lower than 30 emissions? Anyone have tips on how the heck to reduce them? I’m struggling


Turbo engine, it seems. There is no viable N/A workaround from what I’ve seen.


Really light trim. I put the same engine in a 2.5m hatch, and a 2.2m suv. Emissions were 36.5 in the hatch, 32.9 in the suv. I’ve got a lot more experimenting, to get the car lighter without sacrificing comfort, safety, or reliability, because all three are on the low end of what I’m comfortable with.


This, plus at least +3 quality on the exhaust (which also increases fuel economy, reduces noise, and boosts reliabilty).

Also, I don’t think that the '09 2.6-meter compact body will be all that popular - at least, not as popular as in CSR84 - as its wagon variant has a MASSIVE drag deficit compared to the hatch and sedan variants.


All new 2018 Nohda Assent Revo

Have fun with 5 with the all new Assent Revo. With plenty of space and seating the Assent Revo is the perfect vehicle for families.

With a turbocharged 1.3L i3 with ACTiV for increased fuel efficiency, the new Assent Revo is perfect not only good on fuel, but good for the environment and is more than capable of travelling in and out of cities.

And with prices starting at $14200


Jinhe Tiane (天鹅) Cu+

Bet you were expecting a Huangdou :’)

Extras (but in white)


The 2018 Pajaro Civetta.

The Civetta Estate is designed to meet and exceed your needs and wants.

With the all-new Gammon IN6 engine, the Civetta provides great fuel economy and speed, so your family never has to worry about fuel economy on your family holiday.

The 2018 Civetta, starting from just $15000.


2018 Harimau New Style (European Edition)

Responsive and economical 2.2L Turbo 4-cylinder
Modular seating for up to 7
Combined fuel economy rating of 6.xL/100km
Priced under $15,000


So I uh.

kinda had to make an edit at the bottom of the first post I never thought I’d have to make but… there it is.


It is not your everyday family car, it is Mundus Virtue 2018!

Powered by a 2 liter boxer engine, producing up to 172 hp, you’ll always know that journeys are fun for all the family! Yet, you do not need to empty your wallet just on your way to grandma.

Developed by engineers in Mundus, first generation of EcoTork engine promises good throttle response in-city and interstate, also pretty much economy-wise. Consuming only 6.52lt at 100km.

Starting only from 14.970 dollars.

Technical Spesifications

Engine: 1999cc 4 cylinder boxer, AlSi engine block technology
Maximum rev: 6100 RPM
Power: 172.2 HP, 267 Nm torque
Fuel system: Turbo charger with direct injection
Compression: 8.0:1
Gearbox: 6 gear manual
Suspension: MacPherson Strut and Torsion Beams
Brakes: Vented disk on front, solid disk on rear, 2 piston, 100-0 is only 36.9 m
0-100: 8.23 s
Top speed: 210 km/h
Meets all European safety and emission standards
Premium features are standard: hidden rear door handle, one wiper for windscreen, roof luggage bars, soft tires for comfort without compromising safety


You fell for the “I wasn’t explicit enough” trap. Been there, done that. Intabinned a fool.


The 2018 Anhultz Mimas Stationcar

Perfect for when diesels are not an option.

Sorry for low-effort ad.
The car did take like 8 hours to make, tho.


i do it the other way. make it purely subjective!

so that way, you cannot argue that the buyers opinion is wrong with out looking like a cockwomble.

still people try to, though :confused:


2018 Kuma PA

The PA Hatchback from Kuma features a highly efficient 1.6L Turbo I3 engine, built for years to come.

Its small looks hide a spacious cargo hold, while comfortably seating four.

(displayed model starts at $14900)