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CSR 98 - She took the kids


is load capacity part of that?
because i have real hard problems breaching 450kg of load capacity without completely compromising the rest of the car…





Jus me having troublew with emissions?


It took me a while to get it right. That was definitely the most restrictive part of this challenge for me. Mine is going to be a little… unconventional lol.


Try adding a small trubo and adjusting gearing the 250 limit is very generous


I thought this included a 20% markup, but it’s actually the pre-markup price. Let’s face it, $12.5K with a 20% markup is actually too tough for me to stay under.

You are recommending the use of the latest open beta build, but will you accept an entry from the current stable version, as long as I explicitly state that fact in my submission? Because in the stable version it is possible to adjust the markup from the Markets section of the Overview tab.

Moreover, the fact that entries must have at least 7 seats forces us to only use bodies capable of accommodating three rows of seats, although the third row only needs to be +2 or +3, rather than 2 or 3 full-sized seats (although those two options would be nice). Of course, with those bodies to choose from, we can have up to nine if we wanted to - but there’s no need to go that far with seating capacity.


This is the ACTUAL figure, you are aiming for, without markup.


Do you know who I am?

Do I care?

Well you will when I fucking–when you pull up!

Who are you, then?

Ronnie Pickering


Ronnie Pickering!



Who the fuck is that.

This is a 2003 Ronnie Pickering.


I think nearly all of this has been previously covered but I’ll explain again.

$12.5k is the budget. This figure is whatever it says in the sandbox car selection menu. No markup on that.

The open beta/stable compatibility is pretty good so should be fine. If something goes wrong I’ll let you know.

The budget is tight but perfectly reasonable. My test runs were between 10 and 11k and met everything easily and there was plenty of room then to make some adjustments.


Rules seem perfectly simple to me - was rather easy to make a compliant car.


One more thing to note: In the stable release (which I am currently using) the variant and trim engineering times are much higher than the stated maximum value of 95, even after using the cheapest options for both. If I switch to the open beta, will the ET for either or both decrease, presumably due to changes in how these values are calculated?


95 ET engines shouldn’t be that hard to make, small displacement, simple cam setup and simple injection :slight_smile:


Mmmmmm :b:arburetor it is.


I have a 4 valve Inline 6 with 2.2L and a fuel consumption of 8L/100km with a ET of 95.
So it is possible. However, you are indeed greatly restricted. But since the fuel consumption is not even a criteria of judgment, you mustn’t care.
At first I thought the trim emissions will be a problem, but they are extremely low for my car.

Maybe, because I’m using the stable release and don’t know how to go beta and frankly don’t want to.


Introducing, The Road Defender Kyoob, The second production vehicle from RD. A bit of lore, RD was founded by a medically discharged officer, after his leg had to be amputated because of a fuel ank explosion in the old HUMBEE he was driving. His mission was to make safer, more affordable vehicles for the LEbanese Armed Forces. HE then went on to make a road going version of it, and thern this, the kyoob.

Engnine; I314CCO4, Transverse mounted
I3: engine ype / amoun of cylinders
14: engine size (14[00] cc)
CC: Block/ HEad material (cast iron/ cast iron)
O4: Head and valves (Over head cam / 4 valves)

Chassis / panels: Steel space frame / Steel
5 speed gearbox
Interior: Standard / Basic CD / 2\3+2
Safety feaures: Hydralic raction control, ABS and advanced 90s safety
Wheels / BRakes: 17’,615mmX185mm F+R / 220mm solid disks F+R
Quirks: It has a Frunnel (Frunk-tunnel) with the oil, windscreen wash and coolant in it, so no need to lift the hood. It also has no door handles. you just press the door in and it opens, it has been tested up to 20 degrees, steeper than the steepest street in the world (roughly 19 degrees), and does not require elecricity (Its run off hydralics). Its rear glass can also open, full way, half way or 10 degrees, so if you have a dog in the boot, so you can have it open slightly.


All this for just $11272


Here we go:

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And that’s about it for the climax.

As usual

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You can carry unfortunately not only your children, but their inexpressibly excuse of friends as well because we gave you 7 seats!
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I haven’t had any problems with the engine. Considering it’s 2003, direct injection isn’t very common, and neither is VVL; though VVT is relatively novel, usually offered on higher trims of base models (i.e. the Ford Taurus SEL as opposed to the more common SE)
The problem I’m having is on the trim. If I go steel-monocoque-steel-front transverse, I have a limited range of options at my disposal, pertaining to suspension or entertainment. If I try to make the car a wee bit lighter or more environmentally resilient, I wind up having to use a solid axle.


Is the beta so different?
That’s my setup:


what i did was use a seel space frame, it works fine.


I don’t know, I’m on stable version. Or maybe it’s the swoopy van body. I’ve noticed that my numbers are better on the Caravan. But that’s so booooring.

Edit: I think it is the Swoopy body. Evidence: These two vehicles have all the same features checked