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CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury


Bringing back an odd ball legend, introducing the brand new TATRA T10 turbo

more shots


2019 Shunga Exalt - V12 Supreme

An unforgettable experience


2019 LACAM Excellence V8 4.2

To drive or be driven : it’s up to you choose !



They say less is more.

Our more is more. Over 5.4 Meters of more.


The unmistakable, unapologetic, Shromet Levine.


“I call it - Bold and Brash.”


I hope you’re not implying that it belongs in the trash, your own entry certainly isn’t winning any beauty pageants


o o f


If I stay quiet enough nobody will say mean things about my French limo.


You’ve got nothing to worry about there it’s a beautiful car :heart_eyes:


The, still in development , ‘mid range’ (yeah right…) , $120,000 Phoenix Falcon 6000 v12 Twin Turbo ‘Fleet model’ (<---- laughable) @CriticalSet9849 what u think?


It’s a bit on the expensive side
The carbon mono is unnecessary, try light ahs steel.
Remove a few gears they really don’t do much 6 or 7 should do.
The magnesium block is also unnecessary just use Alsi
Try leaving a gap between the headlights and grill, also the square vents don’t really match the rest of the aesthetic, play around with some more curved vents


Before this gets out of hand, let me reinstate what Corsica once said:

This is not a place for common discourse. Posting your updates and such isn’t a great idea here, do that on discord.

I know it’s not a problem in this thread yet but I’d like to prevent it before it is a problem. Just a friendly reminder to keep everyone happy :))


CMT SL480 Executive

What do have succesful businesspeople, politicians, royals and great sportsmen in common?
Yes, power and money. And as own car, they mostly drive fancy GT or sports cars. But most of their time they spend being driven in a sedan.
What do these people expect? For that reason, we listened to our customers, as the last-generation SL was sold mostly to executive fleets.
After numerous tests and feedback sessions, we finally improved our car to the taste of our customers and their passengers.
Visit your local CMT dealership to get the best deal - no matter if you buy one as your personal vehicle or 20 for your fleet.
Some of the hard facts? A V12 so fast it just recieved a standard launch control, but returning 23,5 mpg for less than $ 85.000.

CMT. You want it, you get it!


Fugitso Striker 3.3 GTS

Performance, refined. Perfection, simplified.

Look into the car


Bright purple for a CSR entry definitely fits the “bold” criteria :joy:

I’m just messing with you man, not a terrible entry


In terms of powertrain, it describes the engine I eventually settled on - a 4.0L twin-turbo V8. After realizing that the V12 trim was too expensive for my tastes, and the I6 trim not prestigious enough, decided to take a third option and make a V8 trim for my entry. Fingers crossed this approach works…


With 864HP, a 0-60 of 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 212 MPH, you have to ask: Why does the D’Angelo Serafino 712 SuperVeloce, the most powerful and fastest SUV, not simply eat the other cars?



Wtf, what engine are you using???


7 litre V12 :slight_smile:

Still gets 22 MPG!


Neko LX-6

Our More is what you want.