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CSR117: Rumble in the Bronx


Btw I’ve been fielding a few questions about “I know this is not typical if the American 70s but it should be ok right?”

I’m not answering that question again. Read the damn brief.

If anyone directly asks me that or a variant of that again I’m pre-emptively evicting them from this round because I know they’ll not read and get salty when I don’t buy their product because my client simply prefers something else and we’ll end up with a CSR115 again. Which is fine if the mods are looking for an excuse to thin our numbers.


i was going to ask id hydropneumatic suspension was allowed because some high end luxo land yauchts (btw a guy over here has a 67 pontiac bonneville 4 door its amazing) had air suspension and hydropneumatic is the closest substitute until air is unlocked but oh well. btw i specify ALLOWED because some people who host these things like to ban stuff like that


The only question I have, and this is an original one is, would you accept an ad for a used car in like a newspaper format, given the trim year range? Although I understand if not due to the logistics of trying to be realistic with pricing.


Not mentioned, will accept, but this is why there is a reliability requirement.

I guess it’s not strongly inferred enough that Papa Fuerte would be buying this vehicle new and not used. What kind of kingpin do you think he is???


Ill be trying my hand at this one, although I definitely can’t say that USDM cars are my strong suit…

Im already struggling to meet some of the criteria :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t get rich by spending money where it can be saved while still looking loaded :wink:


This may be true, but what’s even truer is that in the actual series the other car that features was tied to some wet work and carried a dead body in the trunk, so Papa Fuerte doesn’t want to have any of that shit planted on him!

New dealership cars only plz.


Preliminary advert for PTMC USA’s flagship luxury car
Design may change between this ad and when i actually submit it to strop


perfect, I return to Automation just in time for a land barge challenge


1977 Ventnor Priam Coupe D’Grande

Engine: 432 CID 4bbl V8
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Brakes: 4 wheel disc
Options: Heated leather seats, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, power seats, ArbyTronics Hi-Fi 4 speaker AM/FM 8 Track Multimedia Entertainment System.

The times are changing for better and for worse. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle. With the Ventnor Priam it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. Powered by the tried and true 432 big block, you know you have a car that will answer your every demand on the highway. You will immediately fall in love with the quality of the Priam’s workmanship, the tastefulness of it’s appearance. You’ll love taking the Priam to the beach only to find you forgot your swimming trunks, but that means you get to drive the car for a second trip. Our engineers have been working hard to deliver you the finest driving experience. In partnership with ArbyTronics we have the finest audio system ever to be installed in a car. We use the finest leather in the known world for our seats and if chosen, landau roofs. Plus, unique to Ventnor, in the dash panels and the doors you will find not wood, but Petoskey stone accents, for that real one of a kind feel. Coming to a stop won’t be a problem with our first production 4 wheel disc brake system*.

Stop on by and buy one today. Each Ventnor is backed by our 4/40 warranty. That’s 4 years, 40,000 miles of protection you can trust!

Ventnor: Luxury Redefined

*Based on testing in clear, dry conditions. Your experience may vary.


So, if you have acceptable low speed consumption, but nightmarish at high speed…


A good point, if the figure is horrendous then I will check the high speed vs low speed consumption.


What could be considered as an horendus fuel consumption, actually? Like do we have some kind of grade based on the power, the weight and the consumption?




1978 Franklin Marshall InterState


Is service cost factored into the equation at all? I’m finding a decent interior is making the cost outrageously high


Yeah I didn’t mention it so it’s not really. Trim reliability is more important.


A fun thing to consider as well as the more luxurious options reduce reliability.

In case anyone was wondering what a petoskey stone looked like.
I always thought that would make an interesting interior pattern inside a car. (Likely fake material but would still look neat)



What is it with all these later bodies?
Go big or go home!
You need Aruna’s Cadillac and a Big Block V8! 454CI mate and I still get 15MPG!
Full pics will be released sooner to deadline.