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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


OLSSON 4340 V6


Debating a few powertrain choices here. All of them meet standards.


Introducing the all new Pramie D412XTTS. Luxury at it’s best.


The Centauri Comet SportWagon, practical turbocharged fun.


At least it doesn’t have fake wood paneling :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually in all seriousness it’s a pretty solid design.


Because things are a lot better with a big V8.

*Edit Having cold sweats because of economy. #BigV8Problems


KGB Lynx

Boundless luxury in a compact executive saloon, the Lynx seeks to redefine comfort in a market defined by road-flattening stiffness.

Not that performance need see sacrifice. The Lynx in both SE and RS trims is equipped with our all-new 3.5L turbocharged Inline-6 engine delivering 513hp* to the rear wheels.

Acquire your own KGB Lynx from only $54,400 RRP today.

*RS trim only, SE trim produces 365hp.

Mild facelift for April 2012


Independent presents, the Cambrino. All Aluminium Construction, Inside and Out. Described by “Car Guys Magazine” as “Not entirely shit for once”.

Get one at your nearest dealer for the low, low price of $58,000.

  • NA VVL Flatplane 4L V8 with peak HP of 335.
  • 100% Aluminum Build
  • Premium Infotainment
  • Rear Wheel Drive + Electronic LSD + Launch Control
  • 8 Speed Automatic with Sport+Manual modes
  • All Around Vented Discs
  • Ass Cushions


First thing — post 69, nice.

Second thing — I would like to remind everyone that submissions are not open yet. I have received multiple cars already and the new release has not even been dropped. Even if your cars are update proof, I would still prefer you to hold off submitting until I define the time which submissions will be accepted. Thank you!


Right, I deleted the text and let’s say I just posted screenshots haha, I think I’ll have to make some changes if the update destroys some parts.
I haven’t sent you the file yet anyway


will fuel economy also heavily matter to them?, or just any performance package saloon car prefered?


Take it as you will, as it’s listed underneath something of medium importance.


For reference, a BMW 340i is officially about 32mpg(US)


Easy solution, give it a tiny gas tank so it won’t take too long to refuel.


Brantan Pan-Am TS5

Why not have an age old name, some fancy headlights, and a tad too much rear windscreen wiper?

The Brantan Pan-Am TS5 is a 315hp AWD turbo nutter from Britain, but don’t worry, it’s not built in Britain with a reliability stat of approx. 70! And hey! It’s not THAT expensive at $51000!


The Sturgeon T64 Grande Am, because soccer ball wheels and a massive straight six are exactly what everyone needs in life.


The 2012 Greenome Aventur.

More Pics


When should we expect the update to come? I mean, one week has already passed and no sign of it.

Do you have any info about it?


The Devs are the only people who know that answer. It is holding up quite a few competitions though


Maybe we can start the entries now to “undercut” the update?