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CSR126 - Pointless Filler and a Boring, Unimaginative Setting


I love that you even included the chrome fin above the window. All you need is the wood trim.


1988 Tenryu Kitayama 2.4-GT

A Turbo AWD wagon perfect for a long roadtrip.

This is the top spec GT trim with the most powerful engine choice.

Our 2.4 inline 6 turbo puts out 186hp and ~300Nm of torque while still being fairly fuel efficient.

This being the GT spec it comes with 3-mode adjustable dampers, ABS, heated leather seats and a 4-speaker sound system.

It could all be yours for $26,200. (An automatic is avaliable for $1000 extra.)


1988 LCE LE5 3.2 Luxury

Who said coupes had to have exactly two or three doors? The LC5 is different - it comes with four, so although it looks like a stylish coupe at first glance, at the same time, it’s also a sedan, with all the attendant practicality benefits - including five seats. Its 3.2L dual-overhead-cam inline-six is mated to an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission for effortless motoring during the daily grind, while 4-wheel independent suspension provides a comfortable ride with a modicum of sportiness in all conditions, with or without optional air suspension (not fitted to the submitted trim). Inside, a full premium interior and sound system with tape deck ensure that you can arrive in comfort even after long, grueling journeys. And all of this can be yours from just $30,000.

I Don't Have a Slogan For this Disappointment.

A mid-size boat with a V6, for some reason it’s a popular police car in the US. Guess they like to watch a car with sponge suspension chase down a Camero.

Unedited, ugly pictures


I like this design, but is that a tear behind the rear door?


On the bumpers bars, yes, it tears quite badly and I can’t fix it


Satira 220 SX.
This car has a story and now it’s time to write your own.

Powered by the spirit of France, it has everything you need.
An economical 2-litre motor, spacious trunk, automatic 4-speed Sat-Tronic transmission and, the most important thing: low price.
You get what you pay for, usually. Here, you get more.


Oops its actually a 8V my bad xd


Extra Pictures


Decided to have a little fun with one of the few SLRR brands that I hadn’t touched yet. Have fun analysing this.

More pics

For the next CSRs, if you hmu soon enough, I’ll design the looks of your car instead of entering one of mine.
Also, how do you guys put this borders and centralized and hidden images on your posts? That looks awesome!


I take that to mean “if I PM you quickly enough you take care of exterior design”.

I have no idea about centralized images or borders, but hidden text and images can be concealed as follows:

Click here...


To get something like the above result, type [details=“Click here…”] followed by [/details] to create a section of content hidden by a clickable spoiler.


ok nice ummmm slash at us…
This is an apples to orange comparison though. We have an SC27s that would be our equivalent. But then we’d make another apples to orange comparison.
I like it though :+1:
Also chickenbiscuit has a little tutorial on css editing.


Purposefull brand bigotry by a japanese owned american brand in the 80’s/90’s. Basically Chrysler at the time.
Will check the tutorial, thanks.


I wanted to enter, and it would’ve been my first community challenge, but i decided to go with BRC instead, but still good luck to everyone in here!


Come on, the time I took to make my car still fits in the time left if I started now. You can do it!


you can enter multiple challenges at once if you’d like, there is no restriction on how many you participate it. Also, welcome to the Automation community


1988 Rolland Marquet LXE V6

The minivan to end all minivans.

This entry officially welcomes Rolland to my arsenal of vehicle brands :)))


BEHOLD! The family car of yesterday, today, but probably not tomorrow!

The full size, rear wheel drive, V8 powered American station wagon has long since proven itself to be the long-lasting workhorse of the family unit, and the Silverhare Conestoga is often acknowledged as the finest of the breed. Features include:

  • Standard 6 or optional 9 passenger seating
  • Glove-soft button-tufted vinyl upholstery
  • AM/FM Stereo radio with cassette player
  • Multi-point fuel injected 5.0L V8 engine
  • Electronically controlled automatic overdrive transmission
  • Optional driver airbag, standard rear seat shoulder belts
  • Power seats, mirrors, locks, brakes, and steering

Nobody has submitted this type of car and I had a design sitting around so I figured, even if it’s terrible, why not?


(dropping the ad for it now, going to polish it off and submit it later tonight.)


A new arrival at West Side Imports! Buy now at best price an exotic french family car, the Citroën BX!
Comes stock with hydropneumatic suspensions!

More pictures