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[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy


Probably like 4-5 hours, it’s already done though. I posted it in the discord last night


It will be too late, I’ll try to find in on discord.



Big thanks to @NormanVauxhall allowing me to use the wonderfully lovely Zeta!

Genua-Beneventi Fabbrica S.p.A. Senio represents a new approach to the companies core values. Embodying the very essence of pure Italian motoring the Senio offers outstanding performance style and value.

The all-new Senio pays homage to the companies legacy of automotive excellence. This sporty little mid-engined coupe bring back the simple pleasures of the companies first Prolusio. That was both affordable yet engaging and fun to drive as the very best. From the humble 690cc Three-cylinder engine to the later high-performance V6 models.

The Senio draws on that heritage and reimagines it into a design for the modern era. Following the path set out by our new CEO Artemio Pirozzi who want to fulfil the vision of our founder Beneventi to create not just exotic race cars and GTs but also affordable cars.

The Senio emerged as a result of an agreement between Genua-Beneventi Fabbrica S.p.A. and Žnoprešk Avtomobil on a joint-venture to reduce development costs on the creation of new sports platform. It was rear-wheel drive, with optional four-wheel drive, and used a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.

Originally GBF sought to utilise its own engine but due to major delays and the companies financial position at the time, it was decided the vehicles would share the same engine as the Žnoprešk. Because they were very similar, many parts can be exchanged between the cars regardless of brand.

This push for a more mainstream line of vehicles by Artemio Pirozzi would ultimately prove unsuccessful and led into significant financial woes that would see the model lineup shrink considerably and large cuts in staff which almost saw the company get bought out by larger firms. Today Pirozzi tenor as CEO has been seen a huge misdirection for the brand and a costly mistake for the company.

The GBF Senio 1700 CE, is a rear wheel drive, mid-engined coupe produced by Genua-Beneventi Fabbrica S.p.A. The Quartus P1700 engine is four cylinders producing 137 hp (102 kW).

It provides an engaging driving experience with its low weight (1053 kg) and five-speed manual gearbox and naturally aspirated engine. Yet it can still be used as an everyday driver.

Driveaway $9739 (0%)


I’ve been meaning to ask, cost at 0%, what exactly does it mean anyway?


Just means without a markup in the markets screen (so the markup staying at the default 0%).


The 1995 Fahrzeug C2 Sport

0-60 in 6.7 seconds. Classic inline 6 engine. 5 seats and a little style to go with it.

Try it for yourself, just $11,000


I’ll take for example @koolkei 's last round due to the number of entries for the preliminaries.

Result of the preliminaries

Thomas: " This pile of ad is huge! "
Frank: " Yeah, let’s take a quick look at the design and overall specs "

  1. abg7 - Morton Goldfinch 2.0i

Thomas: " 2.0 liters, 160hp and 1078kg, quite good! Mid transverse RWD is cool too, but the design… It feel empty! it looks like it’s missing something, especially the rear. If my car doesn’t looks cool enough, boys will make fun of me. "
Frank: " If you take this one one, I would be the first haha "

We skip this one

  1. Madrias - Sinistra Sunbolt X6RR

Thomas: " Well, let’s take a look at this one… Wow, 3Liters V6 is enormous! That’s really what am I looking for… "
Frank: " Let’s look at it anyway, it could be interesting anyway. "
Thomas: " Rear engine! So cool! but all this torque and power on the rear axle must be dangerous! but it’s also a cabrio, that’s a good point too! "
Frank: " Dude, look at the weight! 1338kg, didn’t you said you wanted a light car? "
Thomas: " It has 190hp so it’s ok I guess. But the design… The front is a bit simple but it’s ok. However, the rear is not. "
Frank: " Oh right, it looks like it was depressed, and the badging is a bit huge…"

We skip this one

  1. VicVictory - Townsend Templar 1.9 VPi

Thomas: " 150hp, for 1.2 tons, it’s ok. But look at this power curve! A massive kickass at 3000 RPM, it doesn’t matter on a racecar, but I don’t want to die at the 1st roundabout exit… "
Frank: " And the design doesn’t works anyway, the front looks like a strange 80’s concept, and the rear feel empty and the rear lights are looking outated. "

We skip this one

  1. Vri404 - ERA (Enjoy Racing Autos) Maglev Turbo

Thomas: " A 3 cylinders turbo? that’s not so common! Power curve is kickin’ too here, but wait what? It doesn’t have so much torque?"
Frank: " It’s a one liter haha, and only 969 kg!"
Thomas: " Sound fun as hell! And the look now. Well the rear looks a bit outdated, but the overall design works. The front is fine and this 2 tones colours is so cool. "

We keep this one

  1. HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Buttress Enthuse

Thomas: " Bogliq, what a strange brand name! 1.1 Ton and 163 hp 2.0L N/A sounds cool anyway! And let’s take a look at the design now…"
Frank: " Ew, how small is that car?"
Thomas " Yes haha, but for a very short car, it looks good! the front and the rear are working well for me! "
Frank: " Haha you won’t pick up any girls with this one, but I have to admit it looks nice "

We keep this one

  1. Conan - Whiskas Turbotinga

Thomas and Frank are laughing hard

Thomas: " Dude, this car have the same name as my cat’s food hahaha! But let’s be serious a bit, and look at the car. "
Frank: " just 1st take a look at the design! It looks so Japanese, and you know what am I thinking about Japanese cars! just take it!"
Thomas: " I have to admit it looks cool, especially this big exhaust! But, do I read correctly? 290hp? What 2.7 I4? It’s enormous! I don’t think I’ll be able to drive that amount of power, it’s my 1st sports car. "
Frank: " Let’s give it a chance, it looks good bro, and come on! You never have enough power! "

We keep this one

  1. Jaimz - FM Street GTX2000 (be careful, your entry name wasn’t CSR69 - yourname, I almost missed it :wink: )

Thomas: " The next one, the FM Street GTX2000. And I think 2000 is for the engine, a 2.0L… I6 transverse? Never saw that before! How large is the engine bay? And 134 hp only for a 2.0L? I don’t want to imagine to do the maintenance, there must be no space to work in the engine bay… A 4 cylinders would be a better option in my opinion. Anyway it’s pretty light for a 6 cylinders. "
Frank: " If you don’t mind, I won’t let you buy this car. The design doesn’t works for me, even if the suicide doors can be a cool feature, these lights do not fit the body. And that triple exhaust… No it’s too much. "
Thomas: " I agree yes, and look how large it is? This rim offset looks like a tuned car, or a racecar. "

We skip this one

  1. Geronimo - Horven Type A-R

Thomas: " Hmm, the first thing I’ve seen is the 1300kg of the car. But it says it has a turbo, and the power curve is nice and smooth. 1.8L, 172 hp, 198 Nm. Nothing to say on this, more over it’s a RWD, I’m not specially looking for one, but a RWD is always cool to drive. "
Frank: " I’ll judge the design again, but it looks like a swedish tank! Of course it mean it’s cool! "
Thomas: " Yeah, I like the design too, but I would paint the grill socket, the color is too…Maroon? "

We keep this one

  1. Private_Miros - PMI Dotai Fuga 2.2 Type-B

Frank: " A japanese one! And the look is… Ew… Full of details? The rear is meh, but I have to say I like the front, even it’s quirky, I don’t know I like it! "
Thomas: " It looks like if the car was sad… But yeah I agree with you, it’s not bad! But look at the engine, a 2.2L it’s a bit bug, but it’s ok, and it has a descent power for 1130kg. The power curve is very linear, I like engines who has only power at high RPM, but I admit that have torque anytime you push the pedal is pleasant! "

We keep this one

  1. Nicking HC - CSM Alvatore RS

Thomas: "Woooow! This look! It looks like a weird Russian car… I have to say I don’t really like it, it looks sad, the red stripes and the excess of are too much for me… And why did they put roof rails on a sports car?
The engine looks cool, a I6 is always cool: 2.0L, 160hp and a good amount of torque, even if there is a hole at 4300RPM . But the design… I just can’t drive this. "

We skip this one

  1. VMO - Gabatron Xenus TS 16V

Thomas: " A French one! Let’s see if I’ll be proud of our country. "
Frank : " Yeah, be proud of your ugly Jipot haha "
Thomas: " Kiss my a** Frank! My Jipot is a nice dayli! "
Frank: " It’s a joke, calm down. I know it’s a good dayli, it’s just ugly as hell, not my fault !"
Thomas Facepalm: " Anyway, look at the car. A 2.0L again 150 hp for 1200 kg … It’s a bit heavy but not that much. And the design… You know, for this one I don’t want your opinion, you’ll again say “uuuh not Japanese, you know what I think about French cars uuuh”. And yeah I think it looks cool, I really like the rearlight. I don’t know what to say anymore, this is simple desing on the frontn, but it works well. "

We keep this one

  1. NormanVauxhall - Znopresk Zeta 1.7 Sport

Thomas: " … Znopdksnj…Znorpe…No…Hmm. Znopresj? Oh shit! I don’t know how to pronounce this haha! "
Frank: " I always knew you where special… Instead of trying to read a strange Italian name, look at the car. I don’t have words to this, it’s beautiful, whatever you say I keep this ad! "
Thomas: " Oh yeah, this one looks so cool that amount of detail is impressive, but let’s take a look at the engine specs! A classic again, I4 of 1.7L this time, and 136 hp. And 1053 kg at all, it seems to has everything I want in a car! "

We keep this one

  1. Rk38 - GBF Senio 1700 CE

**Thomas: " Apparently this one is based on the Italian one we saw just before… And skip the design, nothing to say, like the other one, it’s perfect. "
Frank: " The engine is nearly the same too, just 1 hp more? the curves are simillar, we’ll look at this precisely later "

We keep this one

  1. Chickenbiscuit - LMC Miro S6

Thomas: " Ok, take a look at the engine… I6, nice, but… 2.7L again, it’s quite big for a light sports! And also 240 hp, on a mid engine RWD, uuuh like the Sinistra, it’s too much… This car seems to be for experimented driver, it’s my 1st sports car. "
Frank: " As I said, you’ll never have enough power, after 2 weeks you’ll want more, that’s pretty sure! Let’s look at the design I have to say I like it, even if it’s a simple design. I have a little trouble with the rear…I don’t what exactly, may be the lights who looks too basic? "

We keep this one

  1. Machalel - Ios - Helix 2000TX

Thomas & Frank: " Oh my god! "
Frank: " Don’t. Just don’t. "
Thomas: " This is the 1st time I see a car looking like a Spanish Riced one right from factory. This design is too much of everything, the colour, the lights, bumpers… Too much of tuned car. The engine wasn’t that bad, 210hp for a 2.0L turbo isn’t bad… exept for the power curve who has a massive kick at 3300RPM but it’s an AWD. "

We skip this one

  1. UndercoverHardwareman - Giusseppe G3

Thomas: " The next one please! First, look at the engine. Well, you’ll probably say I’m annoying Frank, but this engine is too big, 3.0L is not what I think of a Light Sports. And the power curve yell she needs more RPM, the hp max is at the max RPM.
Frank: " Who cares of the 3.0L? it weights 1200kg and 200hp aren’t too much for you right? I’m more concerned about the design… The color trim is too much, and even if the front looks good, the rear doesn’t. It make me think of an 80’s futuristic concept on the rear. "

We skip this one

  1. BoostandEthanol - Keika Twist 2.2

Thomas: " It’s already the 17th, and the pile isn’t finished yet… Let’s do it fast! 1st, the engine: 2.2L, 167hp, only 1ton… Perfect! And wow! It looks amazing! this front is way too cool, and I like the plastics things on sides! "
Frank: " Bro, you didn’t noticed, it’s a V6, I’m sure it yells so good!"

We keep this one

  1. Nerd - Rado TX

Thomas: " Hmm… I don’ think this is the kind of car I’m looking for… What is it? A retro concept? It look very strange, this kind of car isn’t for me… And the engine! 2.7L V8? for sure I won’t buy this one, definetly not the kind of car i’m looking for, even if it’s pretty light! "

We skip this one

  1. ZSCHMEEZ - Albatross 200t

Thomas: " It’s a 2.0L turbo, and this is not the 1st one I notice but, we have to take care with these turbo things. This massive amount of power from nowere could be dangerous on a RWD like this. The turbo kick is earlier than the last car we saw today, but he’s more violent!. "
Frank: " And the design is… He’s not bad but it looks simple, we’re looking a sports car, and it looks like a normal sedan with a normal engine. "

We skip this one

  1. JohnWaldock - JHW Classique 1.6i

Thomas: " A retro car… I’ll only pick up grandmas with this car haha "
Frank: " With this car or another one, you won’t pick up any girl, the seconde when they we see your face they will run "
Thomas: " Sometime, I should punch you right in the face, d***head. Anyway, this car isn’t looking bad at all, and I should say the design is good. More over It’s light, it has a descent power, but a retro car is definetly not what I’m looking for, that’s not for me, I don’t want to look like theses fake richs who cannot afford a British luxury car, but who want one anyway. "

We skip this one

  1. TheElt - BM Nut VCi

Thomas: " The Nut? Really? hahaha what a name! I’ve heard of the engine of this one, a small 1.4L of 144hp !! All the power is at high RPM, and it scream at 9000RPM!! And…What? 886 kg?! "
Frank: " I stop you right now, the design doesn’t works bro. The rear feel empty, there is 2 holes for the exhaust but only 1 have an exhaust… The front is ok, exept the lights…It looks like 2 beans. "
Thomas: " Come on, the front doesn’t looks bad, let’s give it a chance, the engine is so cool!"

We keep this one

  1. Elizipeazie - Anhultz TerraSport

Thomas: " The Anhultz TerraSport… Sounds German! But that’s not important, let’s look at the engine first: 2.3L Turbo, quite big, and also 163RPM, I’ve seen 2.0L N/A with more power than this one. And yeah, again a massive kick of torque. Well we’re close to 1400kg too, that’s quite heavy.

Frank: " Thoses specs make me think of a GT more than a light sports car, and the design is the same. But a GT from 7 years ago, it doesn’t looks bad, but it looks outdated. "

We skip this one

  1. DukeOFhazards - birmingham 4000

Thomas: " I see nothing wrong on the performances of this one: 165hp, 1200kg, 8800RPM. Sounds good isn’t it?"
Frank: " Sure but you know a car isn’t only about performances. And the design for me is a nope. The front looks likes a concept: Not so much details and strange front lights. The rear is…Too simple? And the badging is sooo big. "
Thomas: " And the rearwing is strange, how do we open the trunk with that configuration?"

We skip this one

  1. thecarlover - RCM Megabit Finale

Thomas: " Engine time! 2.2L is a bit big again "
Frank:" Something you will never hear from a woman"
Thomas: " F*** off Frank! Let’s concentrate please! So it’s a 2.2L of 154 hp, even if it’s big it has a nice torque curve, almost full all the time. And yes 1187 kg isn’t too much. "
Frank: " You forgot to say: It looks so nice. Even if the rim offset is a bit extreme, this on looks so good. You need this one. "

We keep this one

  1. GROOV3ST3R - Alpha Coupe VSr Turbo (be careful, your entry name wasn’t CSR69 - yourname, I almost missed it :wink: )

Thomas: " It begin to be automatic now! "
Frank : " Yep, ENGIIIIINE! "
Thomas: " 2.0L turbo I4 My lord! 237hp…What? wow so much power! But the power curve… It looks like it’s impossible to drive: All the torque a 5000RPM and at 6200RPM the curve begin to fall to the rev limit. "
Frank: " And it will be not possible for me to let you drive this. This is so strange. The front goes in all directions, and this grill definetly doesn’t works for me. The ream looks strange too, rearlights are…Weirdly placed…"

We skip this one

  1. Cheeseman - 1995 Evgenis Boruto 1.9 V6

Thomas: " The name says 1.9 V6, I already like it! Damn! 142hp for 1 Ton?? With a V6 sound? Is it perfect? if it’s not, it’s almost!
Frank: " Well, it’s not perfect, because the design isn’t perfect. But it’s almost perfect, yeah, it looks good, I’m not a big fan of the rear lights but it looks good. "

We keep this one

  1. Chipskate - Falcon Vertru 18T

Thomas: " Again a car who talk about its engine in the name, 18T, I suppose it’s for his 1.8L Turbo. It develops 167 hp for 1200kg, it’s average specs. But I have to say it again, this torque curve does not reassure me. "

Frank: " It’s ok Thomas, this one is a FWD, you won’t oversteer at the first corner. And come on, it looks good no? It looks very japanese overall, a bit from late 80’s but not outdated at all. However It probably needs a bit more sportiness in the design. We only know it’s a sportscar with that extended bonnet and the double exhaust. And the mirrors are a bit small, that’s strange… "

We keep this one

  1. Leo9613 - Baltazar Zeppelin 1.8

Thomas: " It is the 27th ad, the pile is almost ended, let’s see what this one have to present to us. A nice 1.8L I4 of 150hp for 974 kg! Very nice one! But i’m not convinced by the design. "
Frank: " Yeah, the design is very simple, particularly the rear. It’s missing something, where is the badging? Definetly, this design needs more details for me, it’s too simple and it is missing the badging. "

We skip this one

  1. MrComputah - Shogun Gaikotsu 1.8

Frank: " Shogun Gaikotsu 1.8, I stop you now! It sounds like Japanese, ding dong, you buy it now! Look at the design, it looks round and cool. The front is too cool, the lights… everything! "
Thomas: " …Hmm ok Frank… So, an 1.8L again, and it produce only 126hp, I’ve seen better one but for 1065kg it’s ok for me. "

We keep this one

  1. Nicholander - Takemi Infini-TR

Thomas: " Glurg, again a big 2.3L turbo with a massive Turbo kick… Even if it’s a FWD, it would be extreme to drive!
Frank: " And what a design! The front looks empty, very simple, and theses front lights look likes if they were from the future… The rear doesn’t works for me these double round lights looks very weird. "

We skip this one

  1. Bastormonger - Ligrani Rialto

Thomas: " Oh damn, 2.6L I6 is so big, and it produce only 154 hp for this engine size. And yeah, nearly 1400kg, specs sound like a GT more than a light sports car. "

Frank: " I don’t want to be killjoy, but the only good point is it’s a cabriolet. The front is really missing something, the bumper is completely empty, and the rear looks the same. It needs more details. "

We skip this one

  1. strop - MM Excelsior

Thomas: " We’re close to the end now! what does it said this time? Uuh, 2.5L, it’s quite big! but for 210hp and 1200kg let’s says it’s ok.
Frank: " This car give me weird sensations: It looks simple, but not empty. Simply good! The front works, the rear works, and whatever you say about the engine size, the specs are good too. It seems to be a good car, don’t pass this one! "

We keep this one

  1. MikonP7 - Boyota BAE B6 Brueno

:b:homas: " Wtf :b:oi?: isn’t it the :b:oyota from the Manga?! "
:b:rank: " Meeeen, this is so cool and good, this is the car from initial :b:, no way! "
:b:homas: " I don’t know what to say about this one, she’s famous, cool and all but…She’s definetly not from '95. Also, 115hp for a bit more than 1 ton is cool and good"
:b:rank: " Yeah even if it looks cool, it looks 10 years in the past "

We skip this one

Well my bois, preliminaries were soooo long to write, I hope you enjoyed it, and rendez-vous at the next deliberation!
If my english isn’t correct i’m sorry, but it tooks 5 hours to look at your cars and write it, I’m not very keen to read and correct it sorry.


Frank came back with another ad

Frank: " We forgot one ad Thom! "
Thomas: " Jesus, I hope this is the last one, I can’t wait to chose the one I’ll buy!"

  1. Sillyducky - Fahrzeug C2 - Sport

Frank: " Well, it’s a german one! I already see you crying at the engine size. Yeah it’s a 3.0L, but look at the design! Deutch qualitat is inside, it looks classy and sober, but also sporty!"
Thomas: " 3.0L and 200hp ?! and also 1300kg… I admit there is lots of torque available to propel it but… Ok let’s give it a chance, it looks good, i’m not a fan of the rear, but the front is really good. "

We keep this one

Frank: " hmmm, bro? There is 2 other ad on the floor…"
Thomas: " Will it end someday? "

  1. Echowaffle - Aeros Modem F24-18T

Thomas: " So, the end is near right? The engine seems to be fine, 1.8L turbo with 174hp… But it sound like it want more RPMs to rev, the max power is really close to the rev limit. The turbo come a bit late but it’s ok. And lesser than 1 Ton, no comments, it’s perfect. "
Frank: " Well, I’m not convinced of the desing of this one, the front needs some details, and this grill is enormous! The rear simply doesn’t works for me, the tailights are so weird. Anyway, I notice that the middle exhaust is cool! "

We skip this one

  1. LinkLuke - LLA SMR1600

Thomas: " Finally, the last ad! Let’s check it out! "
Frank: " Well, it’s a MR again, and I have to say, it looks good, at few exceptions. Those yellow foglights, they are weirdly placed for me. And the exhaust on the rear, with the grill in it, that’s so strange. But overall it looks good, a bit simple, but good. "
Thomas: " Let’s check the engine now: 1.6L, 120hp, mmmh ok… For 1100kg, that’s not bad. But wow, this torque curve encounter issues! the curve falls at 2400rpm to 3700, and then goes back. It make a big hole in the torque curve. "

We skip this one


Those write ups are always impressive.

I did notice an issue since the last update with the body I am using. For some reason it loads up like this:

While obviously every time I save it (and as I submitted it), it should look like this:


I noticed it for some cars, I won’t judge on this of course :wink:


Because that way, the future wife won’t be able to object about keeping the sports car after the whole marriage thing goes down! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But joke aside, it was probably a meaningless detail for this context. On the plus side, I designed a good front end (?) with a bad rear end this time. Guess I’m learning…?


It’s too late for an entry I know, so this is not for score, it’s just for fun. I only found out about these contests this morning.

So I built a car, all the specs line up with what the requirements are for the contest. I modeled it after my own 94 Acura Integra, but gave it more of a BMW 3 series chassis and drivetrain, though with a smaller 2.0L 170hp i6 motor. It ends up doing pretty well, handling is excellent, acceleration is brisk, it scores over 100 in a few categories.

HighresScreenshot00001 by CASEY, on Flickr

HighresScreenshot00002 by CASEY, on Flickr

And my old Integra, which it was modeled after;

by CASEY, on Flickr

Like I said, it’s too late for an entry, so no advertisement, just wanted to share my car :smiley: Hope you enjoy.


@MasterDoggo I think you forgot my car…

EDIT: I checked and I did PM it to you and I do have an advert. The PM was titles csr69 which may be why you overlooked it.


Glancing through the Thread, I’m Surprised there’s no 69 Jokes…


I tried to make the torque curve as reasonable as possible. I’m only running 8 PSI of boost, and it comes on at 2300 rpm. With the turbo tech we have in the game, this is pretty much the best I can do. No “violent” turbo kick here.

Other than that, thanks for the feedback.


I asked in the thread if I did not liked your PM, it’s because I did not saw it. You should send a response to this PM to warn me I forgot you, I’m not at home during the day, when I opened the forum I had comething like 5-10 PM.
I’ll add it in the round.


It’s because you’re not on discord :sunglasses:


I’m open to suggestions. I’m trying to emulate, but not rip off, an E36.


Damn… I didn’t think it looked riced at all. :frowning:
Yes the graphics and colours are loud, but this is supposed to be mid 90’s!