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It’ll do 0-62 in 8.7 seconds, and a top speed (limited) of 112 mph. The game says it’ll theoretically do 140, but I limited it in order to run less expensive tires, and get the cost down. For comparison, a Chevy Suburban with a 5.3 liter V8 does 0-60 in 7.1 seconds.


Not bad! I kinda thought it’d be slower, but I guessed wrong haha. Must be on the lighter side


The Hawker Nemesis, a truck for those who do.

The model featured here is the Nemesis Work Truck with tow package and 4TRK All Wheel Drive.

What do you get?

You get a combination that out works the competition with its 5000 lbs of towing capacity.

Featuring a specially designed Overhead Cam 5.8 V8 that makes 307 horsepower and 349 lb ft of torque. With over 300 lb ft of torque available from 1300 rpm to 5200 rpm. A high tech 6 speed automatic transmission with 4.46:1 final drive ratio with front and rear limited slip differentials. Oversized Vented Disc brakes ensure your load will stop in any situation.

You get all of this capability for 16999. Find one at your local Hawker dealer.



Hi all

I’m new to automation and just need a little help I have nearly finished my build but I want to check my PU / ET limits but I’m not sure where I need to look for them?

I can’t find the price of the car where would that be?

Also I’ve built it in the sandbox is that the right place for the build?

Many thanks

Cheap Ass Motors.


pu and et (or production units and engineering time) can be found in the end tabs of both the engine and trim, the price is under the markets tab in the second to last screen on the trim, and yes, you build in sandbox



I am waiting for cars from:

And advertisements from:

The deadline is in 22 hours.

If you cannot send the .car file or write some form of ad, the entry will not be counted towards this CSR round.



Did anyone else make a van?
So far, All I see are SUVs and Pickup trucks for the most part.


I’ve seen at least 2 vans and 2 wagons


Mines a cross between a wagon and SUV, it uses a wagon body with high suspension


I did an Audi-Allroad-style wagon


The Hawkeye Venture is ready to join you on all of life’s adventures! With a punchy turbocharged engine, powerful towing capacity, and plenty of interior space, the Venture is perfect for whatever curveballs life throws at you. Contact your local Hawkeye dealer today.


339 N*m of torque? Check.
7.15 L/100km fuel consumption? Check.
Payload of 930 kg and towing capacity of 1600 kg? Check.
Longitudinal FWD layout for reduced torque steer? Check.

The newly reimagined Aeros Router Mk. IV, now available with a powerful and efficient 3.8L 6-cylinder boxer engine.

(GSR4 AWD model pictured, as shown $15509.)



Get ready for the 2017 EcoTow: now with an all new motor. The BiddyBoost.

2.5L Turbo Inline 4 with smooth power delivery
223 HP at 7000 RPM
Solid axle rear for maximum hauling capacity
6 speed adv auto gearbox
2110kg towing capacity
3062L of cargo space
Premium Interior
Advanced safety with ESC
23.1 MPG!!

All for the low price of… 13,952!!!


Powerful 200kw 4.0L turbo motor with 460NM from just 1600rpm
Four way double wishbone air-ride suspension
1564kg Cargo capacity & 2110kg Towing capacity
8.1L / 100km combined fuel economy average
6speed adv auto model available starting at $16,892


Deadline has passed

Further entries will not be accepted.


3.8L I6 Turbo with 200kw and 385NM
6.2L / 100km Fuel economy
2170kg towing capacity
1800kg load capacity
Double wishbone / Multilink suspension
6sp auto transmission
Premium bench seats

All for $16,833

The main downside is you are driving a somewhat ugly van.