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CSR78 - Succeeding the Wankel


JHW Trident R5. A Classic Reborn.



The Aeros Remex Mk. III.

$19042 for 5.06 L/100km and 1.08 G of cornering? A bargain in anyone’s book!


Vanguard R-5

2750cc NA inline 5 DOHC 20V
Redline: 8500 RPM
250bhp (186kW) @ 7400 RPM
Economy: 9.4l / 100km (25mpg US)
0-100km/h in 5.70s
Top speed: 233km/h (145mph)

Specs and Features:

Aluminium semi-space frame chassis with partial aluminium panels

Double wishbone front / multilink rear

Front engine, rear wheel drive

Viscous LSD

6-speed manual transmission

18" alloy wheels, 245mm front / 295mm rear

255mm vented discs all round; 3 piston front 1 piston rear

Strict 2-seater (2+2 was adding about $2000 to price!)

Sport interior and premium sat nav

Variable hydraulic power steering, ESC

Active sway bars, standard springs, gas mono dampers



The new 2014 Corana from Manta is here! Again. Now it’s fuel economy is better than ever! (Also comes with a turbo).

The looks aren’t the only thing that will blow your mind, because you can pick this car up for $19,428! Statistics will also prove that this is the car to get:

Top speed: 143 mph/230 kph

0-60/0-100: 6.3 seconds

Fuel type: 95 RON/91 AKI

Loudness: 24

Seats: 2

Sportiness: 32

Comfort: 30

Safety: 58

Power: 179 Kw/241 Hp

Fuel Economy: 9.9 L

Manta. Vroom. Vroom… Clunk.


Well, uh, the whole idea is that the host plays a customer and the players sending in cars are vendors, so that should be taken to mean the client doesn’t have the ability to alter or adjust a vendor’s cars.

Which means that really, the onus should entirely be on the vendor to ensure the car they send in at least complies with all restrictions. I acknowledge that sometimes the save file can export or import improperly, but there are ways and means to clarify this without compromising the integrity of the challenge itself.

At one point in the past I was criticised for making the rules section too long. But lately it seems that I’m probably going to have to spell every single little facet of everything out. Do I have to go there?


This is the 2nd major indiscretion in this round. the First one was excusable, but throwing confidential car stats out there and altering entries? that’s just not on. that is a full dick move.


Thanks for your feedback, I’m sure it’ll assist new users to do the right thing in future.


It doesn’t seem like it was intentional, so maybe cool down a bit. In the past, most of the users who have hosted CSR have not only played the game a lot, but also been around the community and joined challenges for quite a long time beforehand, so they’d have picked up on a few unspoken but core things about how the challenge reflects certain aspects of roleplay and how we relate the metrics to a (mostly) common understanding of cars in real life.

That is to say, I’m quite serious when I ask how much I should spell out the rules given that the playerbase is ever expanding and the sure bet from that is that not everybody has the same grasp of how we run things.


OK, i was a too harsh, but It should be common sense to not mess with entries, and even more common sense not to parade good and bad entries and say what you’ve changed without even PMing the entrants first to clarify.

and @SheepInACart you’re new to this, so it’s alright not to do things A1 the first time, and i gave you the benefit of the doubt for the ruleset, i really did. but when you do stuff like this, i have to call you on it. i will admit i was overly harsh, but it’s gotta be noted that it’s fully not OK.

and that flippant attitude is not going to pass so lightly with others, just as a forewarning.


Lets be clear about a few things then.
Firstly no appraisal of good or bad entries occurred, only those good enough for final judging was shown, and no comment was made as to how they would score beyond reminder that economy was un-scored… and I can tell you that didn’t even correlate to power in entries. The only actual number to appear in the post was shown because it appears in the thread above from the author, so it wasn’t even leaked. The only thing I shouldn’t have said was lowest drivability… that was dumb, so you can celebrate that if you wish.

Alterations where ONLY for vehicles that where currently not within spec to be judged, but where literally one click from valid (most likely based not on skill, but on the slight variations you can get on export\import), and so far 3 of the 4 have implemented that exact fix. Again, only un-scored stats where mentioned here (safety, load). If a user was not happy with this, they had 4 days to post a new version, its not like modified cars where being judged without consent.

Its also different to note an issue, and to perform an ad hominem based on one already outlined before you post. This goes double as the post was ALREADY REMOVED 8 hours before you said anything, and all users with a entry have already been contacted.

Finally, actually no you don’t. Strop is as close to in charge of this as exists, and there are also forum moderators. If you can do something nice that helps these people maintain a desirable state\community its probably appreciated, but you actually neither speak for them, nor carry any burden of responsibility to say anything at all.

…Now we’ve both had our rant about the other, lets get on make friends and play some videogames… its why we are both here to begin with after all.


ok, i’ll wipe my hands of this issue. water under the bridge.


The 2014 FAAL Coupe: The result of 36 years of R&D ever since FAAL returned to making sports cars after the petrol crisis.

The latest FAAL Coupe model is available both in regular RWD and proven TETRA™ AWD system, and is available in a wide range of powertrains, ranging from the small 1.5L 3 cylinder 200hp 20TFE to the almighty TT-I and its 2.7L 400hp 5 cylinder. The one you’re looking at with your exigences is the 25TFE 2.0 4 cylinder, delivering 250hp through the rear wheels.

Reach the car, and you’ll be stunned by its gorgeous, yet subtle styling. The optional Ginster Yellow paint is sure to turn heads, though. Get inside and you’ll be greeted with upgraded seats, the base level of the FAALbond™ infotainment system, a 6 speed manual gearbox, and a tach going all the way to 9k with a redline a shade under 8k. Turn it on and drive, and you’ll find that it is the perfect mix between a sports car and a week-end cruiser. It’s comfy when you need it. It kicks ass when you want it.

Catalog perfs: 0-100km/h in 5.7s, quarter mile in 13.86s, 250km/h electronically limited top speed.

Get yours now. 16408$ and you can own the cutest ass in the French car industry.


The Franklin Marshall Celeratis.

From $18,500 (base model before markup and taxes)


This is the first time in a while that I have heard from Solo Motors - several of its cars appeared in earlier Kee engine iterations of CSR, and this is one of the first, if not the first, Solos to be made in UE4. At any rate, it looks stunning!


Solo in this case is a youth oriented brand of RCM, it’s in no way connected to anything back in kee.


The 2014 Cabart-Danneville Rito R.
286hp, High Drivability, lot of fun, and the French Touch, what else?



Ninomiya Iris: RWD with 207 kW 2.0 L 4 cylinders engine mated to a 6-speed dual clutch transmission, and electronic differential. 4 seats for more of your friends or maybe a family.


The Hawker Typhoon MK. 3

Is it a track car? A daily driver? Its both!

Light, powerful, energetic and playful. Some of the words used to describe the new generation of the Typhoon. With a focus on being light with high revving engines, the Typhoon now offers the best driving experience possible with no sacrifces in comfort or driveability.