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CSR79: Family Matters [Round Over, Results Published]


Introducing the ALL NEW 2003 Courier TRS from Triton!

This new sporty MPV from UK-based company Triton offers great performance in a practical package.

The Courier TRS is powered by Triton’s new TB30DETT; an all-aluminium DOHC, twin-turbo 3 litre Boxer 4, producing 277hp and screaming all the way up to a 7,000 rpm redline. Weighing in at less than 3,700lbs, the Courier TRS is capable of 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 152 mph, helped along by a 6 speed manual transmission and a full AWD system, with independant double wishbone suspension in all 4 corners. While retaining these astonishing performance figures for an MPV, the Courier TRS retains a surprising fuel economy figure of 33mpg (UK).

The sporty, aggressive styling on the exterior will be sure to please any car enthusiast. With sliding rear doors, the two rear rows of seats are easily accessed. To the interior, 6 figure-hugging bucket seats can be found, finished in a sporty leather and stitching matched to the body colour. The rear 2 seats easily fold flat, allowing for extra luggage space, while an optional roof rack for an extra $150 will increase this even further. An easy to use CD player and AM/FM radio can be found dominating the centre of the dashboard, along with full climate control systems and air-conditioning for those hot, summer days.

Drive away a 2003 Courier TRS today from just $31,400.
Visit your local Triton dealership to find out more, and to book a test drive.

PLEASE NOTE: Model shown is priced at $31,550 and includes the optional roof rack.


Luxor TUG

Cheap luxory.


2003 Aeros Aventyr Final Edition

The Final Edition is the ultimate development of the JX platform, while the new 3.4L SOHC V6 and associated transmission hints at things to come.

  • 200+ horsepower and variable valve lift? Check!
  • 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission? Check!
  • 2/3/2 seating layout for greater flexibility when carrying cargo? Check!
  • Premium leather seats? Check!
  • Roof rack and second-row sunroof? Check!
  • Good fuel economy? How does 30.2 MPG sound to you?
  • MSRP under $30,000? It’s actually $28,674!
  • Purple paint? …well, we might do it if you were really sure you wanted it.


2003 - DAAG SW Series (S04)


DAAG SW35i (S04) shown in the image above.

DAAG SW Series (S04)

Built by DAAG from 1999 to 2004, in Germany, and sold in the United States of America and WEU (Western European Union) countries. It was the fourth generation of DAAG’s iconic minivan.

This generation became more luxury-oriented, with high quality materials used in the interior, such as wood and aluminium. Thanks to the fuel efficient 3.5 V6 engine paired to a 5-speed advanced automatic transmission w/overdrive, it’s also got one of the best fuel economy in class, despite of its relatively high weight.


There are ~ 6 hours left until submissions close!


2003 Deer and Hunt - Buck People Mover

The van which moves the country. Now with standart folding third row and all new “TopCam V6”


You’ll have to discount mine, I have been too busy at work to create an advert in time


2003 Ninomiya Zephyranthes

A car to save the day, with 2-2-3 seating where middle seats can be moved and rear seats can be folded.


2003 Hertzedes-Menz T-Class
The best or not anything

Price with options $31,758


And that’s all! No more submissions will be accepted!


Good luck guys, and may the best MPV win.


The tension mounts as the contestants wait for the final verdict! Will they crack under pressure? Find out after these short messages from our sponsors.


Drink Conke™.


(I’m working on it lol)


Shopping for a car is a lengthy process, take your time.


glare from the weirdo wildcard



If only MPVs may win, then my stylish estate is out of the running


Fear not, you are not the only Estate


Ah. Another one with the superior form factor


Us SUVs would be in danger as well, and we at Aero are clearly the best compromise between style and practicality.