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CSR79: Family Matters [Round Over, Results Published]


Starting to think a MPV would be the best option.

Not had much luck with getting over 20 mpg (UK). Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to get over 20 mpg with a boxer 4 MPV?


You should probably see the FAQ, but I’ve put a topical guide for you below, hidden so it doesn’t fill up the thread so badly


Motor wise:
-If your going naturally aspirated, you want as lean of a mixture as you can get the power you need, around cam 33, and an exhaust thats just slightly restrictive (say between 94 and 97% of flow bench). You certainly want VVT, it makes more odds than it would seem.
-If your going turbo your in for a harder time on the boxer 4 than other platforms, as it is twin turbo with only 2 cylinders feeding each, so its hard to get the spool early enough… but you want to be just approaching or just onto max boost at normal cruising RPM, which normally means very small compressor and turbine… especially turbine, which you can lower even further by increasing A/R ratio a little. You don’t want super high boost either, keep it reasonable, say 0.35 to 0.65 bar, so you can still have ok compression and ignition timing. Unlike naturally aspirated, go for a large exhaust, something like 3-4 inches (75-102mm) and use a reverse flow muffler if its to loud. Don’t use performance intakes, the service costs aren’t generally worth it.

For Drivetrain:
Mainly you want a single fairly long overdrive, typically something between 1750 and 2300rpm at 100kph (62mph) as you can see on the “detailed stats”, “economy” page, but the exact number you’ll need to tweak to each car. Don’t worry if you end up reaching your top speed before top gear (especially if running a limiter, and for an MPV 180kph ish is often plenty, and more only helps sports and prestige).
Auto’s use a noticeable fuel, and advance auto is just a better option if you can afford it, and probably worth it for this challenge due to drivability and comfort… but manual is most efficient, then sequential, then duel clutch, then adv.auto.
AWD uses a bit of fuel, but it can still be very worth it for drivability\utility balence… but if fuel is really tight going a FWD is the best bet, followed by RWD.

For tires:
I probably would still consider going medium compound for driveability\comfort, but hard is an option if you need a little better, either way don’t go too big diameter or too wide, even being a bit below the “recommended width” isn’t too problematic. For rims generally larger is heavier, which means more inertia and thus fuel, and higher profiles help comfort anyway as long as your not so big your driveability starts to be majorly effected… even alloy’s can even make a little difference if you have the budget and are looking to squeeze.

For aerodynamics:
An undertray can help if you have the budget (although way up if the slight comfort and top speed is worth the weight vs cooling flaps or the same money into your engine). Also don’t go too high of a cooling factor unless you have cooling flaps (in which case it doesn’t effect fuel, only top speed, so if your already hitting your limiter set cooling factor as high as engineering time will allow in this challenge). Don’t spend a ton of points on quality… its a pretty small difference.

For interior:
Carrying weight costs fuel and harms driving stats. Doing that by adding seats is expensive and makes the cabin more cramped, thus harming both comfort and safety… so if your not needing luxury leather or 3 bench rows for 9 people total you can save a lot of these costs by simplifying down a bit. An MPV will probably still need to spend much of its price and weight budget here for its other stats, just avoid going overboard.

For suspension:
Hydro and Air options use very noticeable fuel… they aren’t necessarily bad option, but if you wouldn’t be wanting for load capacity or prestige on progressives springs, you can gain reliability, economy and cheaper maintenance going that route but with fancy dampers\sway bars instead. I’m running air, but my inline6 motor is pretty much an eco-meme already and was trying to max comfort while still moving over a ton of load… pretty much polar opposed goals.




@SheepInACart Thanks for the tips. Will keep those in mind when going back to trying this again.


So, I’m back, so are my brands. Here is my entry, the Estrada Bordeaux, I’ll let the ad do the flowery stuff, I’m here to tell you the bottom line. It is, clearly, not a minivan, it is in fact, an Estate, powered by a 2.0l Inline 5 making 162bhp, also it comes in this lovely blue, oh, and, with a 50% markup, it costs $27250 rounded to the nearest nice sounding number.



Everyone knows that while a car may be capable of carrying six people around, none do so comfortably. For anything more than a family trip to grocery store you need space between you and your loved ones to feel comfortable for that long trip. This is where the Aero Summit really rises to the top. It can take you and a family of five anywhere in the world without elbows and knees in faces.

Built on the backbone of an American icon, Aero introduces the all new 2003 Aero Summit. The Summit LT is the latest premium sport utility vehicle from the prestigious Aero car manufacture. While the Summit LT may not be the sportiest car of the Aero lineup, it’s makes up for that in capability, comfort, and practicality, all while being packed full of advanced and forward thinking features. With the name reliability associated with the Aero brand, it really is a marvel of the 21st century.

The LT comes jammed packed with sophisticated innovative technologies to make piloting this mammoth of a car safe and comfortable. Newly developed technologies such as advanced airbags for the driver and passengers located in the dash, seats, knees, and side curtains, variable hydraulic steering, and rearward-facing radar backup sensors all come as standard on the LT. Also standard on the LT is an advanced Phase III computer controlled driver aide system with traction control, anti-lock braking, and electronic stability control.

Other standard creature comforts on the Summit LT are sculpted, fully adjustable electronic, heated leather seats, padded leather and wood trim interior, power windows, and central power locking doors. Meanwhile lush carpets, advanced jute and bitumen sound insulation and improved factory tooling for better build quality allow the occupants to take full advantage of the premium entertainment center featuring high quality surround speakers with dedicated tweeters. Factory fitted standards for the LT include AM/FM radio, cassette player, and an in-dash CD player.

The luxuries don’t stop there though. The Summit LT will comfortably accommodate 5 in the main cabin with 1800 liters of cargo space, but if more passenger space is still needed a spacious three seat third row can easily be folded out in an intuitive two-step process that takes less than 30 seconds for one person to complete. Along the sides of the vehicle can also be found full length running boards for easy entry and exit, and on top a roof rack all come as standard. A moonroof is an optional extra $1,000. Fitted to the rear frame is a tow hitch rated to pull 2,000 lbs also as standard. A roof mounted cargo box is also optional for an additional $150.

With all this comfort and practicality it would be easy to be fooled into thinking that the engineers at the Aero auto group forgot they were designing an SUV. In fact, the Summit was designed from the ground up to be a capable workhorse. A 5.0 liter double overhead cam V8 with computer controlled multi-point electronic fuel inject making over 300 ft-lbs of torque and 275 hp mated to a sophisticated 5 speed automatic transmission and intelligent, part time all wheel drive allow the Summit to handle even the most adverse environments. Whether it’s rocky offroad terrain, punishing snow, or treacherous hills, the Summit LT will take it all in comfort and ask for more. All expertly crafted by one of the most trusted names in American automobiles, Aero.

Whether it’s comfort, safety, practicality, utility, reliability, or just an excellently crafted vehicle you are looking for, it’s easy to see why at only $31,300 the Aero Summit LT truly is the best vehicle your money can buy.





Albatross Motors Presents, the all-new 2003 Albatross V350, the perfect form of family transportation. This 6-passenger minivan features a 3.5 liter 24-valve V6, producing 229 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission, the V350 is able to achieve a combined 24 MPG (US) on regular unleaded gasoline, while also sporting a 0-62 time of 10 seconds. The 4-wheel independent suspension is tuned for comfort, and a full complement of airbags means that you can reach your destination in safety. Also standard are 17-inch alloy wheels, an AM/FM/CD/Cassette stereo, electronic stability control, traction control, 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS, and everything else you would expect from the latest Albatross models. Prices start at $23,776. See your local Albatross dealer for more.


Updated my submission, so deleted original advert and will be updateding with new features/stats.


Two days before submissions deadline and still no sofa. :frowning:



I have received both ads and .cars from


and am waiting for ads from


and am waiting for .cars from


Submissions close in 52 hours and 45 minutes!

this is a lot of cars…


What model did you use for that van?


The Hawker Leopard PM

Move your family in style and in comfort.

With a newly designed premium interior and a smooth 4.0L V6 engine, your family will glide down the highway.
But dont worry, unlike others in the segment, the Leopard PM still offers ample acceleration, with test data showing around 8 seconds to 60 mph.


“What, this car in it’s current form will never meet federal restraint standards, it didn’t in 1973 even…”
“Well, perhaps if there was some agreements made regarding enforcing those standards…”



Will get my ad sorted today. Maybe during a break at work, or in the evening after work, whenever I have enough time.


Its actually not a van at all, its the 1988 people mover but morphed a lot to change it from a wedge to clear bonnet. Its a stock automation body and all stock fixtures.

Detail wise the 3rd set of doors is just drawn on with bumper trim because I liked the idea of not trying to fold or squeeze passed the second row of seats, although sadly don’t gain the extra practicality (or weight\price) of more doors. Spare tire is a headlight scales up and with paint instead of glass, sitting on rear bumper slightly so it pops forwards, and roof lights are just wing mirrors.

I’m not the best with the actual visual design, especially front fascia, but I went a bit more creative with the idea this time around in hopes of avoiding loosing too many points on the look, and because it got the boat anchor of a cast iron engine far back and low enough to drive well.


2003 RCM Provincial PX

RCM is proud to introduce an all-new sixth generation Provincial to the market. With 26 years of expertise in the minivan market you can be sure that the new Provincial will be the best one yet. With a 3.4L V6 and 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, the Provincial has the power you need while still returning decent fuel economy. All models feature a collapsible second row and a third row that folds into the floor.
The PX model features a leather interior with second row captain seating, tinted windows, roof rack, 17" alloy wheels, a 6-speaker AM/FM/CD/cassette stereo with optional rear DVD player, and an optional three sunroofs to brighten up the drive for all passengers.

The all-new Provincial PX is only $27,978. It’s time you and your family went on an adventure.