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CSR81: A Personal Oil Crisis [RESULTS PUBLISHED]


It’s your lucky day, because we can fit the tack…elegant “Royal” special variant into your budget!

(Click the picture to better see the ad)


Yeah, that’s about it. I won’t bin anything for having slightly incorrect sizes, but round sealed beams are needed for the early-mid 70s look.


1974 AEKI Krabba 1400

Bork Bork Bork.


Vega presents an affordable compact! $7700 driveaway!


I’d say these should join the list of allowed headlights as part of the OP, as quick design guidelines for all participants. That way, current and future entries will not need to check Google Images for a mental image of what an American car should have, lights-wise…

As for this challenge… Fuel economy isn’t my game, nor is gambling my personal quality, but I still want to try. With what is the question; the Nash doesn’t exist until 1983, so that’s out of contention.

Then again, I don’t have to bring up the Nash namesake to use a wagon body… Hmm. :thinking:


Wouldn’t necessarily advise going with a wagon style, my first attempt was with a wagon but it weighed too much to get the economy up beyond 20mpg US, and it also had a very high material cost and left no wiggle room when it came to the other requirements, your best bet is to go with a coupe or 3 door hatch.


I can confirm. Big cars are a no-no. I managed to get my Foreia to like 21.5mpg and exactly 8000$ before giving up.


Flamers Motors - Feino Mk I

Do you want to stand out amongst your colleagues? Yes? Then stand out with the all new Feino from Flamers Motors which takes modern European styling into North America. Built in Britain you are assured to have quality engineering and reliability that you have come to expect from British vehicles.

The Feino has been designed with you, the commuter, in mind. We want you to arrive in style and comfort, therefore the Feino comes fitted with a premium interior as standard and a 3 speed automatic. With a 1.5L 4 cylinder engine you will get a smooth and efficient drive. Achieving 22.9 mpg (US) you won’t be breaking the bank running the Feino either!

The Feino isn’t just designed as a commuter car getting you from A to B, we want you to be able to enjoy the summer. Factory fitted with a sun roof you will can enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair as you cruise along the coast.

All of this is available to you for $7997 or $35 bi-weekly*!

Imgur Imgur

*$35 bi-weekly is based off of a 3 year hire purchase at 10% APR and $140 arrangement fee


To be fair, I did manage 22mpg with a smaller wagon body. And it wasn’t too fancy materials-wise, either. For reference, the body in question is the one used by the Nash. I know for a fact anything larger will be a pain to use…

Of course, this doesn’t mean you are completely wrong; I made a quick switch to a 5-door hatchback body with small setup tweaks but still using the same engine. And that gained me one whole mpg.

So while I would love to field a wagon, my chances of moving past stage 1 seem better with a hatchback…


If one were interested in entering, would there be a “sufficient” fuel economy target? I’m quite surprised with what I’ve just done to an old smoker I’ve got.


When it comes to fuel economy, as its important yet no minimum is set, just assume that more = better



Welp. Znopresk is here. time to pack it in. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s where you’re wrong buckko.

Did we all collectively forget that pop-up headlights are a thing?

Presenting the 31 MPG Pastinuji (pending @zschmeez approval)


You’re right, Bogliq hasn’t even submitted a car yet. Then we can have our permission to die pack our stuff and go home… :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I did forget about pop-ups. Then again, that tends to strike me more as a sports car choice than family man… Still, if the rules don’t say “no”, it opens a whole new set of choices!


1974 Epoch M10 Maxi A1500 (Lore Link Here)

Because small, cheap, reliable cars don’t have to be boring!


How fast is that thing going?




Keika Tour - Featuring an advanced carb system, independant suspension, and a fuel efficient engine.


($7928 in Automation money)
Edit: First time I bothered with a full fledged ad. Not sure how it came out.