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CSR81: A Personal Oil Crisis [RESULTS PUBLISHED]


(plan 1 for an ad failed so I'm making this instead)

Humanoidsautomobile would like to introduce its new-for-1974 C2120 (shown here in GS trim). Designed for low fuel consumption and even lower service costs, it’s the perfect car for modern America, and it comes from West Germany.

Humanoidsautomobile. This is a car.



I can’t find the video but I remember seeing a water powered car on TV. The man put a bath tub on the roof of the car, and hooked a water wheel up to the input shaft of the transmission. Then he rigged the gas pedal to a valve releasing the water. Best part of that design is your increase in range on a rainy day.


Interesting.I saw on YT a man who changed Mercedes 300D (or idk cause i dont interest in german cars) engine to run on water.It worked in snow.


1974 Aniki Siera


Water powered car? Really? Are you discussing seriously water powered engines?


Rumour has it that there was an engine that could, allegedly, use water but the patent & IP were bought by one of the oil conglomerates, Shell?


It’s a conspwiwacy.


Not to drag this too far off topic, but it sounds like you guys are talking about the “plasma” engine, which could run off of any liquid, the idea was right out of sci-fi.

*Run an engine on a hydrocarbon up to operational temperature, have a second ‘fuel’ which is comprised of any liquid.
*During engine operation, run secondary fuel through special fuel lines which are encased by the engine exhaust. These fuel lines contain magnetic screens, combined with the temperature of the exhaust system ‘break’ the bonds of the elements phase changing the liquid into a plasma state (this research has been discredited)

It all goes on like it’s straight out of a movie, and the wonderful thing is, considering how detailed the information is on it, we cannot replicate it, an engine wont run on water, not unless you use electrolysis, at which point you are at an energy defecate.

Basically, there have been lots of ‘fun’ conspiracy’s over the decades.

/end rant


Hey at least it’s not like my car which runs on hopes and dreams.

Moving on.


BAM Bavaria 414 JC/E

The BAM Bavaria 414 JC/E is the entry into the world of BAM. Economical, practical, and even in this budget version fun to drive with proper RWD and quite comfortable! Enjoy your stylish shooting brake for $7,999!


Yes. The only full-sized car here. Except for the Freeway Star Royal. But anyway. The mid 70’s were not the best time for the American auto industry. Concord, along with it’s child marques, was struggling. As the independents were being picked off, the big players were worrying. At Concord, things were about the same. They decided to create another trim for they’re large sedan, the Gran Belray. Sadly, the Concord engineers could not reach the 21 mpg goal. Or the lower goal of 18. Or the plan C goal of 13. The engineers could only pump 11 mpg out of the 4.9 liter engine, but they called it the “Fat Wallet 4.9 V8” anyway. But, nevertheless, the 1974 Eco met with solid sales figures, and the Gran Belray would appear in almost every cop movie of the 1970’s.

P.S., I don’t really have a lot of hope for this thing. But, this has been very fun, and I love the plot. Best of luck!


With a little over 24 hours to go, I have received entries from:


If you still want to enter, you have until 11:59 PM UTC on Tuesday to do so. Best of luck to everyone!


The Freeway star is actually very far from full size, it’s using the smaller of the van bodies which has a 2 metre wheel base IIRC.


Yeah, but it’s still bigger than almost all of the other entries.


1974 Epsilon 1200 eC

Why not?



Way hey! I’ll have a go at this one.


Beneventi was already enjoying success with the Prolusio. It’s first production model. But the company was preparing to broaden the brands appeal with two new models. Duccio Beneventi wanted to compete against the larger rivals and his former employees.

While the new Mansio GT would attempt to fight against the high end of BMMA, Bonham, Erin, and even Gotti Escuti. The all-new entry-level Viato would compete with the new designs. Coming from Žnoprešk, BMMA, Erin and internationally.

The Viato utilised a new longitudinally mounted front wheel drive setup with a new all-alloy DOHC 2v Inline four cylinder. The engineering package was developed by German Klaus Lange. The body styled by Lazzaro Milano with assistance from ItalDesign.

The car was aimed to compete with vehicles from BMMA and Žnoprešk Z214 FS. While internationally it faced off against fierce competition. From vehicles like the Rennen Caelum, Adenine Vindicator, Revera 2700C and Erin Civera.

The model lineup would expand from a 3-door fastback to a 4-door hatchback. Throughout its lifecycle, a number of trim and engine options were available. From the Base Inline, four cylinder 1300cc to the mid-level 1600cc. Later a high-performance 1800cc option became available.

Despite its advanced features and unique styling. The Viato failed to capture the all-important American market. Perhaps due to its poor dealership networks or lack of advertising funds.


It’s been a long time since I have been active anywhere in the forums… it’s good to be back!
Oh, and don’t get scared by that price, but that’s what came out when I used a calculator to adjust for inflation. It’s about 6700 in Automation.
Also, not sure about the headlights, but the outer ones are supposed to be the standard full size sealed, but I could find nothing about fog lamps.


Issa :b:iesel boi

1974 FAAL Foreia 25DM (USDM version).
2.5L N/A diesel 5 cylinder engine with indirect injection simulated with mechanical injection. Gets almost 23mpg out of an automatic gearbox and I’m leaving for work in like two seconds so no extended description