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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


uh hello hello,

wow i got 2nd. guess i made a better car than i expected to whoopee

in terms of hosting, i’ll be able to host. however, if i can get some help with specific sections of the CSR, perhaps assisting me with creating a spreadsheet of each vehicle’s data, that would be VERY VERY appreciated. :slight_smile:


To the winner :


And Eurobeat memes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either way, your delay wasn’t half as bad as other CSR delays, so no worries there. For the first time hosting a round, you did very well answering doubts and any other common CSR questions. You definitely learned a lot just by doing that!


Well done to @z2bbgr for hosting the round!


This was a fine round; I echo the sentiments about how much effort went in, especially with the flavour thrown in when English is not your first language. Good stuff!

I’m always happy when in a round like this my entry is crowned best performance. You’re entirely right that in reality my Legatus was intended for a person with a rather larger budget… Phongbhan would be eating instant noodle for eternity :joy:

Rather I am happiest knowing I’ve finally made a suitable car to debut Matteo Miglia. To footnote, the i5 in this version is not canon, and at this point neither will the V6 be! Matteo, having seen the completed design for his first car and falling in love with it, was aghast at the limitations of the engine bay and literally could not afford to engineer a way to make a welded V6 work in it. So instead after some negotiations Znopresk grudgingly agreed to let him use the same 2L i4 12v block as used in the Zest! It delayed the release of the car by a year to 1983, but the result was a turbo tuned i4 engine pushing out 215hp with a much earlier spool (ultimately the actual costs of the car turned out to be the same, too).

I’ll upload that car onto the repository when I get a chance. It’s tuned for Beam, not Automation, as, uh, min-maxing the suspension to get the minimum comfort actually caused the front overhang to bounce off the road under heavy breaking :sweat_smile:


Not sure Znopresk will appreciate those sneaky accusations of their cars being dull, you know… I’d ready the laywers if I was on your shoes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


rofl what a typo (which I’ve unfortunately corrected).

I mean, that’s kind of why Matteo Miglia left in the first place… he wanted a bit more go in the lineup, the big Znop said no. Is it a coincidence that later that decade Znopresk developed an MR sports car of their own…


Now why would you do that, you madman? It’s accurate given Matteo’s Zesty Beef…

And well, he was braver (and smarter) than those in Hugi who dared to infight the Rioter in America. That’s why the Fleuma tanked hard, even after getting the V6 engines it deserved…

Also I could mention the TXP-30, but the first rule of the TXP-30 is not talk about the TXP-30 understanding it makes the original DeLorean a hypercar.


So, according to the chart by Z2, I got the highest reliability (71.3, one of only two cars to have a reliability over 70), the third-highest fuel economy, (10.8 km/L, or 25.5 mpg; again, one of a few vehicles which cracked over 10 km/L), and a some pretty high-end comfort (20.8). And I didn’t have a 95 RON or >2.5L penalty to contend with, nor did I use ABS (or advanced safety, apparently; I only had standard 80s, contrary to what I thought. My bad.). I even got middling drivability and sportiness out of the Ronolit, too, (42.5/29.5). So, overall, I had a really good car in terms of stats and everything…but I just can’t style my cars at all…


My car was beautifull but drove shitty. Let’s partner.