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CSR87 - Scotty Doesn't Know


Wow. 2 wins in a very short space of time. Seems like niuyorqciti really knows how to design a car which not only has a good chance of winning CSR, but also ends up doing so as well.

I never even considered AWD on the grounds that it would add quite a lot to the asking price (and also increase trim PU and ET values by unacceptable amounts), especially with the newer, larger i30 body I chose… Oh well. Someone actually managed to fit it to their car and keep it well under budget at the same time while also winning the round overall - an amazing achievement!

And last but not least, many thanks to @thecarlover for giving us a fun and compelling round to participate in.


It’s probably time for someone to do the designs for me.

So far, all my CSR entries would have at least been competitive stats-wise if weren’t for the god awful hideous designs that were laid out by me. I’m just simply not good at all in designs, or I just need more practice since I focus on hypercars and all.

With that said, congratulations to niuyorqciti for simply making the best-all rounder for this round. It is such an achievement for niuyorqciti to have his 2nd CSR win in a short span of time,From CSR85 to CSR 87. Kudos to him!


@abg7 @yurimacs Thanks! It took me quite a few hours to get it right. The one I submitted was the third car I made that evening, so, it wasn’t anywhere near easy. :grin:

The same as last time, I won’t be able to host the next CSR because I’ll be reaaaally busy in the next few weeks, which is a shame, because if I had some spare time I’d really like to, but you know, gotta approve those final exams so I can go back to my home city.

I pass it to @yangx2.

PS: Thanks @thecarlover, for hosting a really fun and interesting round.


I’d be down to help or if by some chance 4 other people can’t do it (unlikely), I’ll do the next one.
This was definitely a fun challenge!

Edit: Did you mean to credit @Marcus_gt500 instead of Computah, because it was him who worked with @GROOV3ST3R


Whoops, yes, that’s my mistake. Both start with an M :sweat_smile:

It’s fixed.


Hey hey, just got back from finishing a stupid engineering report for university

I have a shit ton of midterms and assessments coming up, def will not be able to host.

I’ll pass it onto @Marcus_gt500 and @GROOV3ST3R :slight_smile:

P.S. for once, I didn’t design this CSR vehicle from scratch. It was recycled from the significantly more “Chinese” Sprite Trek. It had a full non-coated steel chassis, used a strut torsion beam setup and did 0-60 in a solid 9-10 seconds. proper people’s car hehe


Well, good round too.
Too bad that SBA’s market decision didn’t met the sweet spot and also a bit late. As a bit unfortunate, Gracelet has another cheaper price and cheaper premium with more practicality (with 5 standard cloth seats). Swift 2.0 GLT Turbo.

Unfortunately it was just a few weeks later, as SBA’s market team decided to put the sporty engine in the standard trim rather than preserving for top of the range like it used to be.
(Just only $13905 but too late to be import for Scotty’s decision)


Holy crap we came third 0.0 @Marcus_gt500!!!

I’m prettt happy with that, best result we’ve had so far for sure :slight_smile: I have learned a few new tricks again in this round (as always) and to be more careful with engineering choices - and could have scored higher if I didn’t throw out that back bench and had a step softer setup maybe. But damn that is such a good feeling!

And to find out the honor of hosting has fallen to us is the icing on the cake. I’ll have to confer with Marcus on this one and get back to you - I have an idea in mind but nowhere near enough experience to pull it off smoothly on my own and am fairly busy tonight but we will see what can be done.

Thanks to @thecarlover for hosting an amazing round of CSR and congrats to @NiuYorqCiti for winning again so soon (and winning in general!) and @yangx2, Ponni was a bit of a wild card out of the blue but I knew Sprite would be a serious contender. Really like the styling on it as well.



YEAH THAT’S NICE! Congrats to all, there have been some beautifull cars on this one. I’m talking with @GROOV3ST3R, we have a general theme in mind, but details are to be discussed.


Another observation I made: the Colt body turned out to be quite OP this round - all but two of the finalists used it. It’s an older body (it unlocks in 1987), but being smaller (and potentially lighter) than newer bodies such as the Demio and i30 bodies (both of which actually looked a bit too new for '03 by comparison), it’s easy to get good performance stats from it, while still resulting in a very affordable car overall.


So, to clarify my doubts about the results; the Balendos finished outside of Top 5, correct?

Either way, while the results weren’t what I had hopes for, they are still by far and wide my best in CSR. It’s the first time I actually cleared a final round, albeit the lack of a second one did help a bit. It’s a shame the Balendos couldn’t carry the Caliban honor further, but at least the general design is still sound. Me and Computah agreed to raise the power a bit, since the Balendos originally ran 180hp from its engine. Perhaps that was a double-edged sword, perhaps not…

Either way, I can’t help but to be impressed by the Huangdou and the Sphera. For someone whose brand is supposed to be “bad China car memes”, you’re slacking, yang. :stuck_out_tongue: And NiuYorq, you more than deserve kudos for cramming so much into a cheap sedan. There is the “too many chefs” saying, but you avoided that like something fierce.
Congrats to you for nearly back-to-back CSR victories, and to carlover for a very well-organized and smooth CSR!


For us, it was used mainly because the other 2 looked too new for us, more like 2007-2009. Cars from 2003 were still quite bland on body lines (check the photo on the first post).


Marcus put it well, though the technical advantage of a light, cheap and compact body did somewhat influence us too. Again though, cars from that era still had pronounced bumpers and the 03 body was more like an 07 civic.


I agree with that, looks way too modern if you ask me. I think it has to do with the fact that in the campaign we’ll start designing cars 3 to 5 years prior to their debut in the market. If that’s the case, that would make a lot of sense.


Just a heads up to everyone: we are going ahead with hosting and are currently drafting a scenario and rule set. We will have to quickly playtest it to make sure we got a feasible challenge but we should have it out tomorrow. It’s slowly coming together.

I cannot give an exact time and we may miss the 24 hour slot by several hours but I would expect to get underway around tomorrow midday or afternoon (GMT 0). We don’t anticipate further delays. Ill be back home at 3am tonight so there’s that :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for your patience!


It wasn’t OP, but as most submissions used it then it’s naturally more likely to be used by most of the finalists.


In case anyone is interested, here is (a slightly modified version) of my and Asami’s entry:

CSR87-asami-Leedar - Harada Comet Cs Bis.car (34.8 KB)

I thought it drove quite well in BeamNG.

The only major change from the original entry was a revision of the engine (5v->4v, lower redline with cheaper internals, more torque and throttle response, somewhat worse fuel economy), which I made before the reviews came in but after the car was submitted.


Congrats to the finalists and niuyorqciti and yangx2 for 1st and 2nd!

Liked the round, thecarlover, thanks!

Also thanks asami and Leedar for providing the “baseline” car and making it public, was interesting to look at that setup to compare :smiley: I actually like the idea of finalists providing their car to look at to compare to one’s own submission, gives another dimension of feedback!

Now looking forward to what GROOV3ST3R and Marcus_gt500 come up with.


The cars will have to reach a tad more than 88 mph :smirk:


AAAND We are Live!

CSR 88 - ‘‘Back to The Future’’