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CSR87 - Scotty Doesn't Know


The Car Shopping Round 87 – Scotty Doesn’t Know

Minneapolis – September 2003

27 year old Scotty is caught in a conundrum. He currently drives a heavily modified Ars Astaroth FX-T that is very much inspired by The Agile and the Angry. As it stands, he’s expecting his first child with his wife Tanya in a few months. With that baby on the way, it’s time for him to part with his baby and get a new car that is more sensible for a dad.

That being said, Scotty still wants something fun to connect him to the road. Something along the lines of those sporty “factory custom” compacts and subcompacts on the market, or “factory rice” depending on who you ask. As can be expected from young newlyweds expecting a kid, the budget for the new car is a little tight and limited to no more than $15,000, but naturally even cheaper is better. With safety of the little one in mind and the Minnesota winters, RWD cars are out of the question, while something that does not rust from the factory is a requirement. A four door is not an absolute necessity but would be preferred, as access to the required back seat would be easier. What is unacceptable is a small 2+2 sport coupe. A baby seat cannot fit in one of those.

In terms of performance, running costs come first with the budget, so that puts V8s out of question, or dare he say even V12s or ludicrous V16s. He’s eyeing high-revving or turbocharged 4-bangers but bumping it up to 6 cylinders wouldn’t be out of the question. Tanya will seldom drive his car, if at all, so he’d like to keep it manual as a focused driver’s car. As a sporty car, it better not be slow, so Scotty is looking for something that can hit 62 mph in 7.5 seconds or less. He also still wants style from the car, be it in the exterior looks and interior amenities. Scotty would also like to eventually tinker with it, so he doesn’t want to have to deal with anything too complicated.

  • Ad required
  • Trim year must be 2003, model and family/variant can be older
  • Wheelbase limit from 2.40m to 2.65m (you can hover over the body in the selection menu to see the actual wheelbase that isn’t rounded up/down)
  • Maximum price $15,000 at 0%
  • Engineering time: max 37 engine, max 35 trim
  • Production units: max 40 engine, max 100 trim
  • Minimum 22 mpg (maximum 10.7 L/100 km)
  • Minimum 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) of 7.5 seconds
  • Back seat required (no +2 or +3)
  • CD player required
  • Minimum 90s standard safety
  • 91 RON only (87 AKI)
  • Maximum 6 cylinders
  • No RWD
  • No racing parts or semi slicks
  • No limited production/no mass production parts
  • Catalytic converter required and maximum 45 loudness

In terms of stats, I will be looking at drivability and sportiness first and foremost, then also comfort, safety, prestige, practicality, reliability, fuel economy, and service costs.
Non-stat things that I will strongly consider are looks, number of doors, body style, and chassis/body materials and quality.
Lastly and importantly, be sensible. Scotty is abandoning the life of rice (somewhat) and will not waste his time looking at ludicrous cars.

Deadline: October 29 at 17:00 EDT (GMT -4)

As usual, stick to the typical CSR naming scheme and PM me the car. Make sure to post the ad in the thread before the deadline.

Entries will remain closed for the first 24 hours to leave time to solve any possible issues with the rules.

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Link to full CSR ruleset: The Car Shopping Round Rules and Stats

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Already saw my entry :slight_smile:
The Coherence '97 redesign is going to go for another challenge, let’s see how a dictator mobile does.


That would effectively make his round another hot hatch deathmatch, then. But there weren’t any RWD sport compacts 15 years ago, so it makes sense.


My dad hauled me around in a baby seat in a 911 convertible till I was 4, so I must disagree :joy:


It could fit if you have a hammer, of course.


When you say minimum 0-100km/h of 7.5s I assume you mean it must be at least that fast?


Based on a few engines i put together, engine pu/et seems a bit too restrictive. Adding 5 to both would give alot more variety imo.


Granted, I know what you mean but not everyone uses Ron, could you denote that 91 Ron as (Regular - Unleaded, RON 91/AKI 86) or something similar?


I’m sure you are referring to US MPG. But is there an upper limit on emissions? And I don’t think Scotty will be taking his new car off-road, despite the harsh northern winters.


I dunno, after driving in Minnesota in the summer, I’d say that driving it ON road requires at least some off-road capability. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think either the minimum efficiency or acelleration need to be lowered, not sure yet, still expermenting


Psst… turbo is your friend.


With 205 HP and 28 MPG, the all-new VMC Giga 5T is a force to be reckoned with

Pedigree, Pure Pedigree.*

*Pictured “New Age” edition is limited to 20 units and is not for regualar sale, please contact your local VMC dealer for details


@strop Yes, the car must achieve the 0-100 km/h sprint in no more than 7.5 seconds.

@abg7 MPG requirements are US, as that’s the locale. There is no emissions limit, only a catalytic converter requirement.

I’m making a few amendment to the rules for better balance:

  • Fuel economy changed to minimum 22 mpg (maximum 10.7 L/100 km)
  • Engine engineering time bumped to 37 and production units bumped to 40
  • No limited production/no mass production parts

Scotty will also like to tinker with his car, so keep that in mind with the parts and processes used to build it.

I’ve added this updated information to the first post as well.


Alright, final edit was to specify that the ads must be posted before the deadline.

Submissions are now open!


Scotty better want some fuel economy with his sports car or I’m gonna be in trouble.


2003 - Ponni Sphera T4 (MkII)

Ponni Sphera T4 shown in Dark Metallic Blue.

Ponni Sphera T4 (MkII)

Built by Ponni Motors Corporation from 1997 to 2004 and sold in North America. It was the second generation of the brand’s economy four-door sedan, which consisted mainly of a facelift and saw the introduction of the T4 version, which means Turbo Four, because of the all-wheel drive system and turbocharged 4-cylinder engine this car came equipped with.

This vehicle was made to compete with the budget sport sedans of the time, with a focus on being a more polivalent option than those.

Powertrain wise, this specific unit comes equipped with a turbocharged, forged internals, 2.2 L I4 engine longitudinally located in the front, with double overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder, delivering 220 hp and 280 Nm of torque. Paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, power is sent to all four wheels.

Chassis wise, the Sphera T4 has progressive-rate springs and mono-tube shocks in all four corners. Combined with double-wishbone suspension in the front and a multi-link suspension setup in the rear, this ensures the user huge levels of grip and sharpness in most situations.

In the interior, passengers will find seating for five, with two semi-bucket seats in the front and a bench in the back, all covered in high-end syntethic clothing and central pieces of alcantara. In the technology department, the car comes equipped with an AM/FM radio and a CD player, that outputs sound through a set of 6 speakers.



2003 Ardent Sentinel GT Limited

6th Generation Model


Ardent Motors was in early stages of developing their 6th generation Sentinel sedan when the States were hit by the 9/11 terror attacks. With the economy shocked overnight, Ardent Executives quickly went through an evaluation of all future projects, determining what could be delayed what could be axed, and what could have costs reduced.

In a move that shocked the engineering and marketing departments deeply, executives elected to terminate the 6th gen Sentinel immediately, and reduce or refocus resources in those departments. The exception was the powertrain team, which was nearing completion of the Cygnus Type 3B family of motors, shared with the Sentinel, Chancellor, Marathon, and other models.

Ardent inked a contract with Darvin Motors in Australia, with whom they held a 15% stake, to provide knockdown kits, minus drivetrains, of their Barricade compact car, with delivery starting in 2002 for the 2003 model year, the 40th anniversary of the Sentinel model. This also marked the first time since the second-generation model that the Sentinel was available in a liftback. These were sold in lieu of a sedan form, and alongside a 2-door coupe, 5-door wagon (Excluding GT), and even small numbers of 2-door convertibles (Touring only).

There was some additional controversy, as the Darvin Barricade was penned in conjunction with Bogliq Motors, long-time nemesis of Ardent. Executives took a lot of heat both from stockholders and die-hard loyalists, but in the end this did not sway them.

These Barricades-turned-Sentinels were still driven by Ardent gear. The new C3B engines were ready to be raised up and bolted in on the lines, in 2.0 and 2.4 liter naturally aspirated versions, and a 2.4 turbo for the GT model.

Submitted trim: Sentinel GT Limited 5-door liftback in Verdant Pearl, $14527 AMU
(without 40th Anniversary package)


MY03 Bogliq Tineret Impuls

Price shown on advert is 2003 USD and includes profit markup of 20%

Cost Price: $8,953 AMU’s

Bogliq Kala? Is that you?!?!

After the King of Kala turned down the Bogliq submission, Bogliq by Design wanted to use the design anyway. Fortunately, the political situation in Moldova improved allowing the Kala Concept to become the new Tineret. Their first attempt at a performance sedan was then exported to the USA (along with stock Tineret models) to bolster production from the Moldovan plant while it was transitioning to 1st world market conditions…


'03 LLA GS200 Turbo

When you think sedan you often think boring, the sort of car your grandparents would drive, never something fun, stylish and quick. But when you do, there is always a thought about price and reliability.

With the new for 2003 Turbo package for the GS200, you can now crank it up and not worry about the car breaking or costing shy of your annual income to run. With an average of 27.2 Mpg, the turbo isn’t the most economical car on the market, however it doesn’t feel cheap either. With quality LLA interior parts and a 0-60 time of around 6.6 seconds the GS200 Turbo isn’t slow.

Also included in the turbo package is a full suspension tune, allowing the car to corner like it’s on rails yet ride smooth enough to not break grandma’s hip. As always the GS200 has a corrosion resistant chassis with a partial aluminium body to help reduce weight and maximise efficiency.

The Turbo Package is Now Available From $13,784 AMU’s