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CVJOINTsequence's cars


Right variant is cEtos or cEtus.


While most cars of you are pretty decent, I can’t help but think of this character from a certain early 2000’s cartoon whenever I see the Cetos/Cetus/CETOS CETOS

the character



Сar for long comfortable travel. This trim is not a grand tourism.

superreductant_-_superreductant.car (27.4 KB)




“Long, comfortable travel” ~ “Grand Touring” maybe. But also =/= GT. I think.


Yes, I’m a little mixed up. There are some differences.


Yes, I’m a little mixed up. There are some differences.


I set a new record with the Cetos machine.
Now my result is 55 seconds 816 thousandths.
Track — Hirochi Raceway, Short race Circuit route, Rolling start — yes, Reverse — Yes, laps — 1.
I have been cutting track, where possible.


I have been cutting track, where possible.


That should automatically invalidate your lap time.


Just boring like a fool try to fit into a profile. If I follow the track, then I can not enter even in a minute.


I mean… In most cases you are supposed to like… Actually follow the track instead of taking shortcuts around grass…? I was able to get around 58 seconds without taking shortcuts.


Fine Fellow. I’ll try subsequently too.


Driving only on the track I have a record 1 minute 821 thousandths.


I put together a Mercedes 297 SLK GTR, but I couldn’t set a record on the track because I need to fix an engine that stops at speed.
In general, it was not in vain that I spent ~ 18 hours creating a copy.
Of course, I will make this bolid fully charged in the perspective.

Mercedes_GTR_CLK297_-_Mercedes_GTR_CLK297.car (56.1 KB)


Did you remember to give it 2000kg uplift in the front?


II set a record for a Mercedes GTR CLK297 without assistance systems. It is 69 seconds 13 thousandths. It is necessary to spend enough time to check why the ESC negatively affects the operation of the motor.


By eliminating vibration and decreasing ECC sensitivity, I was able to create a working machine. By the way, I found out that FIA FORBIDDEN ANY SYSTEM OF ASSISTANCE OF MANAGEMENT, without which this machine works completely properly.
On the track Hirochi, this car goes without problems in 1 minute.
I put together a road version of the Mercedes GTR CLK297.

Mercedes_GTR_CLK2978_-_Mercedes_GTR_CLK2978.car (56.1 KB)


I put together a new car and this is a Porsche Panamera.
I spent on assembly only 100 minutes.
The bot will never break this car.

Porsche_panamera_-_Porsche_panamera.car (28.8 KB)


Koenigsegg Jesko balanced.
Koenigsegg_Jesko_balanced2_-_Koenigsegg_Jesko_balanced2.car (24.7 KB)


VAZ 2114.
Father’s car.
Does she look real? Yes, similar, but the acceleration lasts a little long

Vaz_2114_-_Vaz_2114.car (34.6 KB)