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Decision on Steam & Stand-Alone Launcher


I think that’s no problem. I could run Steam on XP without problems.


We’ve had plenty of people with problems using Windows XP, so I would recommend not betting on it working on XP.


Well I’ve already transferred my account to Steam, downloaded Automation, installed, and voilá - it doesn’t work. :cry: I should have been stick to the standalone version. Anyway thanks for the answer - I’ll give the game another try after a system upgrade.

(By the way it doesn’t let me to install the X-frame thing. At first the game started and went well, but when I hit “Quit” it exited with an error message. Restarting the game resulted in a crash, while loading the main menu.)


If you were able to run it fine and it shat itself on exit, it should be possible to fix it though. Can you post about the startup problem (in as much detail as available) you are getting in the support forums so that Caswal can have a look?


Yes of course, I’ll post the details for Caswal in the proper forum. Thanks for your reply!


Will the stand-alone version still update automatically? Or am I waiting for an update that I should be downloading manually?


It should still auto-update…well…automatically ask you to update. But it will be a week or so behind the Steam updates.


More like a month, apparently.


Yeah, we really wanted to fix all the game breaking/crashing sorts of bugs before putting it out to both versions. The version we put out on Steam turned out to have a lot more bugs that didn’t turn up in testing, thus we want to fix them before we release it to anyone else. Sorry, we’re dumb and break things sometimes.

Basically just doing the very final tests to make sure it all works as planned, so shouldn’t be long now.


If you try to squash out every bug you will never be finished. Also, why not release the current version for everyone and then make a patch? I dont understand why suddenly everything has to be in 1, glorious release. Anyway I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks now, I don’t see any more reason to check the site again before Easter. Bye


You aren’t the sharpest tool in the box, are you?



It has been released yesterday.


If you DON’T try to squash out every major bug you will get a shitty game. Personally I’d rather play a great, bug-free game that was late to release, than play a game that released on time that was virtually unplayable. Until you experience the difficulty of developing a game of this scale with a team of THREE members, I suggest you stop being such an arse and stop adding pressure to the already monumental task that the devs are undertaking.

[size=50](Also, a new update has already been released, so if you had bothered to open your eyes and look around, you could see that.)[/size]



On a more serious note… seriously?


Don’t encourage him to come back guys :stuck_out_tongue: it’s so nice, silent and reasonable around here without burning bridges along the wayside.


lol - maybe we should add “Do not feed the Trolls” to the rules :wink: