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Different track width


It would be great if we could set the track width of the bodymods front and rear separately. for example, for a citroen ds or a bmw isetta.




offset/spacing =/= track width

track width is the actual wheel to wheel length of the axle, while spacing is just how far the wheel is from the tips of the axle


In practice they’re the same thing though, you still change where the wheels sit relative to the body.

I don’t see value in making the axles variable geometry for a minor aesthetic gain.


are we talking about the same thing? The point is that when I have made a body for automation, I have to value in unreal, in this case the front and rear axle always have the same value because I can only enter one value. a ds or isetta have much narrower rear axles


Track width is the distance from middle of the left tire thread (measured on the ground) to the middle of the right tire thread.
@balkanski_brat that means it is not the axle, but axle+offset together that gives track width.

Which means, you can have 155/95r15 tires or 365/25r22.
As long as the rim widens equally in and out (as it does in Automation, I think?), you have the same track width.
That said, the moment you use offset, you increase the track width.

Here in Sweden you can only change it ±15mm on an already built car,
anymore and it is considered unsafe, therefore illegal.


They’re definitely not going to mod the game engine to expand mod capability any time soon.


It is only a suggestion to the developers of this game, whether that is feasible or not, they must decide. I did not ask to rewrite the whole game to fulfill my wish