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Duplicating car models


Reasoning behind this question is to be more lore abiding with my companies.

Is there a way of creating a “default” model of a car and then clone it to a brand new model?

I want to set up a set of base cars for each era between 1945 and 2018. I can then “clone” this base model and tweak it for Community Challenges.

I’ve tried importing an exported car but it only overwrites the existing one. :frowning:

And people might object to getting a whole wedge of trims for the challenges. :laughing:

I hope this makes sense…I’ve only rewritten it 3 times!!


The way we will handle a model’s legacy will be something new to the light campaign V3 mode. While you won’t be able to clone the whole model, you’ll be able to clone the template structure of trims for your model to a new car in your lineup, even reusing the same engines, etc. More details about this will come in the next weeks and months on our way to LC V3 :slight_smile: