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Engine Designer Broken/ Crashed my computer


1- The Game CTDs when replacing a engine with a new engine and picking the cylinder amount.
2- The Game Freezes for a good 30 secs, CPu usage jumps to 100% Then CTDs to desktop with no Bugsplat whatsoever when fine editing the family broke&stroke for 2 to 5 mins. Also, switching Thru Different engine menus crashes the game

2- The second type of CTD where the game freezes happened 5 times in a hour today, and Crashed Every application on my computer and even messed up my Laptop display, causing it to turn off while it was still running.

Settings- im Running everything on medium and 100 % resulotion with no fps cap or motion blur


Can somebody help?

The game For some reason is also maxing out my memory using no cpu at all for some reason. thats why my computer is straight up crashing




I assume this is running on the public non-beta version of the game? We fixed that issue (we’ve had no reports of it still being an issue after we addressed it a week ago) in the current openbeta build. We’re planning on releasing it to the public branch asap. You can switch over and see if that helps.


This is the Beta, The Public Verison doesnt do this




Do you happen to have you page file size locked? It could be that the game is running out of memory and requests more memory form windows but Windows says fuck you, because you set it to a fixed page file size.


The PageFile size is 12288mb for some reason. This is the system managed size


Okay, then something might be seriously borked with your game install.
I tried you 1 and 2 and that doesn’t crash the game. Running constant engine recalculations of course is a little resource demanding, but the game doesn’t use more than 2.8 GB RAM for me loading fresh into sandbox and doing that.

So what resource usage do you normally get when it hasn’t crashed?
Have you tried to verify your game files?
Have you tried lowering your graphics settings and limiting framerate to put less load on the system as a whole?


This is the ingame resource values

These are my Game Settings

Also i vertifyed game files and i said 3 files failed to validate and will be reacquired


Make sure that you get the latest display drivers as well, because your screen turning off usually means your display driver has crashed.

There being broken files could be a contributing factor to how many crashes you are seeing.
With these settings your GPU is running at 100% load all the time, so overheating can be an issue.


Im using the 19.5.1 Radeon Drivers rn. that is the newest driver out


After it crashes the next time, upload you game log here so we can have a look at what the game thinks is wrong.


i cant, when it freezes it takes up almost 5gigs of my memory and crashes my computer before i can do anything


AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.23-08.13.07.log (236.0 KB)
cef3.log (54.2 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.23-01.58.59.log (319.6 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.21-18.22.40.log (227.5 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.21-22.22.00.log (380.4 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.23-05.57.25.log (607.0 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.22-01.28.45.log (273.9 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.23-07.32.53.log (1.5 MB)
AutomationGame.log (1.1 MB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.22-04.26.05.log (1.6 MB)
AutomationGame.log (225.6 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2019.05.21-23.30.47.log (594.6 KB)

Here are all my game logs