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Engine efficiency bug?


i think there is something wrong with the fuel efficiency of my engine, 0.6L at 100km should be a bit over the top, should be a known bug already i guess but i ziped my savefolder, game logs included so maybee you can investigate or just ignore it
Saved.17.06.17.LTD.zip (86.9 KB)

note: posted accidentially in an 2 years old thread after searching “fuel efficiency”, sorry


Zipped save folder will probably not work. You should rather use the export button and post logs separately.

And could you explain the problem more clearly? I don’t know what you mean by “0.6L at 100km”, especially in terms of engine efficiency.


That corresponds to about 400 MPG
(0.6/3.8=0.15 gallons consumed in 62 miles. 62/0.15 is about 400)


There’s a simpler conversion… 235/mileage - in both units, US MPG and litres per 100 km. 283 for UK MPG.


I cannot remember constants to save my life. I can do reciprocals of non-integers in my head, but I can’t remember constants.


Man, if you play on UE4, and you notice strange values like 0.6 L/100 km in car’s final tab that may be just a visual bug where 1 does not show up.


just like Oskiinus is pointing out, you guys are funny :stuck_out_tongue: why fooled so easily?
what happens when you put a massive unit like L/100km on the end of 10.6 in a tiny data field? Whoops!


Killrob makes a good point. BSFC graphs will mark the y-axis for g/kwh (numbers in the hundreds), but if you’re like me, you’re working in pounds per horsepower-hour, and you (hopefully) get a number less than 1.

I thought that might be the case for LTDominator but I could not open the save file. 0.6lb/hp*hr is a fairly reasonable BSFC number–a little high for a modern car, but not spitting-gas-on-the-fan rich.