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Engine fitting problems


Hello there,
I´ve been playing Automation for a week now and I really dig it. However I often have a problem when trying to fit my engines into my cars.

For example: I just did a recreation of a 1988 Jaguar XJR 9 LMP race car. The real thing has a 7 L V12 engine.
I know that is huge but thats just how it is. Since there is a 80s le mans body to choose in Automation I tried to fit the engine. It does not fit… I had to scale the engine down to 6.4L to make it fit.
I understand that I cannot fit large engines in tiny cars but I think they should. at least, fit in the race and super car bodies.
Since this is the ACTUAL body of the real car it should definately fit the engine. And when I fit the smaller 6.4 in, there was still plenty of place around when I looked into the engine bay.
It would be nice for the race and super cars to have larger engine bays.


Unfortunately, we can’t adjust bore spacing nor deck height individually, it’s just the way it is. And while it looks like there’s more room, the game is assuming it would need some space for mounts, coolant lines, alternator, etc.