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Estrelle Motor Union


Nice cars! For the sake of reality maybe an I6 over a V6 would’ve been good because I6s we’re much more common and the 3 speed manual is pushing it in cheapness but other than that one nice model lineup!


3-speed Manual transmissions were actually a thing that 60’s American cars used in the budget models! Some people find themselves confused with that prospect, as the consensus is that all muscle cars left the factory with 4-speeds. Which is untrue!

And understandably, the V6 is a bit odd. But those are a thing that existed at the time: in '59, GM had a 305CI petrol V6 for use in their trucks, and in '62 Buick introduced the Buick Special, which offered a V6 model. It is far from the wackiest thing to come from 60’s US Automobiles. Consider it a bit of future proofing: Because Estrelle needed an engine that could fit inside smaller models down the line. So instead of building an I6, and then needing to build another small engine later, for more compact vehicles, they took out two birds with one stone by producing a V6.

Thank you very much for the constructive criticism though! I will take that into consideration in the future.


I did not know about the GM V6, interesting! About 3 speeds though, I know they exsisted for cheaper models but if it’s a standard model and not a budget I feel a 4 speed is more appropriate, maybe just different definitions of standard is all.

Thanks for listening to it too, most people just flip out when they get criticism so this is nice to see!


That’s completely fine, and understandable! And yeah, to be fair the “Standard” model is the budget model for the Elianor, it’s the one for people who want an Elianor, but don’t have enough money to buy the real deal. So you’re actually buying the cheap crapbox variant, but you get to tell other people it’s a standard model. But obviously, as was the thing with a lot of those cars, you would be able to specially order one. So hypothetically, you could have a Standard Series with a 4-speed and the 3.0 V6, or you could have a Standard Series with a V8. You could really even have a Deluxe with the piddly V6 if you really wanted to for some reason.

The main real variance between the models is in the interior and equipment. Engines and Transmissions were just what came standard with the model, and any of them except the 430 could be ordered in any variant of the car. As the 430 was exclusive to the GTX model.

It is my fault that I didn’t make that clear in the original post! I hope that clears up everything about it for you!


Oh god that’s beautiful