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Every incorrect part description I could find (also possible memory leak)


For the life of me I can’t find a thread for just general bug reports and I sure as hell am not joining the Discord, so I’ve made a new topic for these. I’m assuming these are mistakes and not placeholders because if they were placeholders, I would expect them to read “description coming soon” or something along those lines. I’ll omit completely missing descriptions (unless something weirder than that is part of the issue) because I think that means they just aren’t done yet.

Chassis Material

The description for Corrosion Res. Steel goes way more in-depth and seems to be talking about regular steel until near the end where it mentions corrosion resistant paints. This seems to be a broad description about every type of automotive steel and I don’t understand why it was used instead of the description that was used in Panel Material.

Engine Placement

Rear Longitudinal has no description, but instead of simply not appearing, it shows up as a single hyphen.

Front Suspension

Pushrod has no description, but only on the front suspension. It appears correctly on the rear suspension.

Forced Induction Setup

The Ball Bearing description shows up when selecting Journal Bearing.

Fuel System

If Injection is selected, Carburetor and Injection appear at the same time.

Injection Configuration

There is no description for either specific injection configuration and only Single Carburetor shows up. However, Injection Configuration itself has its own description, which is nice, but could be replaced by one for Single and one for Per Cylinder that could easily explain the same concepts as the one we already have.


Selecting Dual exhausts doesn’t change the description from Single.

Muffler Bypass has a similar issue.

(This also happened while I was testing. Was a good laugh and an easy fix. Notice the exhaust pipe.)

Gear Ratios

Ratios above 6 have a pretty needless description that doesn’t align with the format of the others.

While I was testing I also encountered what might have been a memory leak, and the only memory leak I have ever experienced in Automation. Was getting a cinematic 15 FPS on the lowest settings.
(RAM usage was at 4.57 GB about a minute before I took this image)
And after a relaunch, back to “normal” (if you can call 3 gigabytes of ram on lowest settings “normal”)

Camshaft pls fix thanks


More exhaust bugs :smiley: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/481050251461918724/586530196149108738/unknown.png

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/524074762540941343/546762555968847872/unknown.png oold ver.

And different bugs https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/481050251461918724/588087178903552010/unknown.png



Thanks for pointing out all these little issues. I have put it up on our ToDo list with the link to this thread. As you probably understand these issues aren’t very high on our list of priorities at the moment though :slight_smile: