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Family competativeness goes up with less seats


Zabhawkin - CAFE zabhawkin.zip (26.7 KB)

I was building some test cars for a contest I am running, this one is meant for the family market, but when I change from 4 to 2 seats the competitiveness goes up for the family market.


Let me guess… Decreasing the number of seats in your car not only increases comfort, but also reduces drivability, weight and cost; since the latter could be more important for the family demographic than practicality (which increases with the number of seats), its competitiveness would actually improve. I may not even be the only user who believes that adding seats should increase competitiveness for the family market you are mentioning, not reduce it. In short, there may be something wrong with the competitiveness calculation for this particular market.

If anyone can tell me otherwise, please let me know. I’ve encountered a similar problem at times when designing cars for this and similar markets.


More seats make drivability and comfort worse usually.


Yes drivability up 2pts, comfort up 4 safety down 1 practicality down 11, when I add a profit margin it makes it worse due to cost, but its only a little over $1,000 difference at 30% markup.


4 seats is pretty much always better than 5 seats in terms of things that matter the most (Price, drivability, comfort, etc).


Yes I am aware of that, this was going from 4 to 2, on the family market in gasmea with all of the prime stats in the 50’s and 60’s.


Seems weird that family doesn’t have a factor for seats where anything less than 4 is a big penalty, while 4 is also a penalty down from 5, and anything more than 5 is just a bonus. I’m sure there is, but it doesn’t sound like it’s enough to outweigh the other stat changes.


I always thought that 4 seats were like a regular car.

Most regular sedans and hatches I have been in or driven have had 2 seats in the front and 2 in the back with one space (usually foldable for storage and / or an armrest) inbetween that works as a seat too (If you like to be cramped that is).


Almost Everything I’ve ever been in has 5 seats, two up front, three in the rear, largest exception are regular cab pickup trucks and SUV’s


3 full sized seats?

This is what I’m talking about with 4 seats = 5


Yeah, even with a cramped space it’s a five seater. We’re counting seatbelts/head rests here, not so much what a “proper” seat is. A 2+2 is still four seats, even though the back seats might be like this:


I have been playing with it, with standard and basic seats its better with 4 than 2. It seems to be an issue more with the price.

With premium 4 seats it has a class affordability of 73.8 (competitiveness 92.8), with 2 seats its 77.0 (competitiveness 94.7)
With Luxury 4 seats its 55.3 (competitiveness 71.6) 2 seats 64.9 (competitiveness 82.4)
With standard 4 seats 78.2 (competitiveness 93.9) 2 seats 79.8 (93.5)
with Basic 4 seats 80.0 (89.7) 2 seats 81.1 (88.7)

In this case it would be like taking a small 4 door sedan with leather seats, removing the rear seats and saying its a better family car because you now have a play pen for the kids.


I have had the same issue, in real life it’s a complete deal-breaker if a family has more kids than seats for them - so perhaps it would make sense to have a bell distribution for # of children with 2 on the mean, and simply have family buyers exclude anything with less and incur a practicality bonus with diminishing returns for having one or more extra seats than their family “needs”?


I don’t think that’s an issue anymore in the latest Car Designer Revamp update? We completely reworked seating arrangements and their stats.


I just checked, even when the family segment gets very touchy about price reducing seat count on the current UE4 version knocks desirability down a lot.