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Farox Motor Company - Personality in Motion - Lineup Announced!


More photos soon…


Nice car there! Maybe It can go head to head against the alaris :grinning:


The Alaris is C-Segment? :smiley:


Yes, just like the trova :slight_smile:
Edit: I’m really not used to using c segment and others, i just use compact, midsize, and full-size and super/sports


Ah yeah I gotcha! Elos is a compact haha :+1:t2:



Tokyo Auto Salon 2019
TreadKillers Tuning House

A very clean and simple design, and elegant. I like it!


I have an FPS version coming out soon that’s a little busier but still pretty cool :smirk:




2019 Farox Lineup - Sedans & Coupes

Elos - The Compact

Available in 3 trims - 1.5T, 2.3 and FPS

Cielo - The Midsize

Available in 4 trims - 2.0T, 2.3T, 3.7 and FPS

Aerio - The Fullsize

Available in 2 trims - 2.3T and 3.7

Alpha - The Luxury

Available in 3 trims - 3.7, 3.3T, and 5.6

Presto - The Sports Car

Available in 4 trims - 3.7, 2.3T, 2.3T FPS, 5.6 FPS


2019 Farox Lineup - Trucks, Crossovers & SUV’s

Theta - The Compact SUV

Available in 3 trims - 1.5T, 2.0T and 2.3T

Meridia - The Midsize SUV

Available in 3 trims - 3.7, 3.7X and 5.0

Excapade - The Fullsize SUV

Available in 2 trims - 3.7T, 5.6

Arctica - The Pickup Truck

Available in 4 trims - 3.7, 3.7X, 5.6, 3.7T


Let me explain my plans!

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time to get the cars made ready for show. My plan is to sort out some lore-ish things and fill in the generations as I get to them. I won’t really go in order, but rather make what I feel like making. I’ll do some breif story posts about different generations when I get to them - but for now, I’m creating the modern lineup so I can show off what I have in store for now :smile: