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Farox Motor Company


Yes, just like the trova :slight_smile:
Edit: I’m really not used to using c segment and others, i just use compact, midsize, and full-size and super/sports


Ah yeah I gotcha! Elos is a compact haha :+1:t2:



Tokyo Auto Salon 2019
TreadKillers Tuning House

A very clean and simple design, and elegant. I like it!


I have an FPS version coming out soon that’s a little busier but still pretty cool :smirk:




Ignore the above posts.

Uhh, I guess since no one asked,

We’re back.


The Fifth Gen Farox Talbot (2003.5 – 2008)

Pictured above is a 2006 Talbot SEL with the 2006 Meridia 37X and a 2006 Farox Cielo FS.

Ever since its 1st generation back in the 1960s, the Farox Talbot has strived to stand out from the crowd of traditional American fullsize cars. It’s always wanted to be one step ahead, one cut above all the rest. Each one has details that separate it from its competition – whether it be in the form of a pioneering design, quality that’s on par with upper-crust exotics, or just massive power, the Talbot is just a little bit unique.

The Fifth Gen was introduced in late 2002 as a 2003 model, and was the first Farox to bear the Talbot name since the car it was based on, the Monumental, was phased out in 1996. The Talbot was the top of the line model for the division, as well as one of the most expensive of the Farox lineup, second only to the fullsize SUV Arctica. All the Talbot’s shared a 113.8-inch (2,891 mm) wheelbase and were developed using Farox’s new computer drafting system.

A traditional FR layout was used. However, new improvements pushed the wheels further out to the corners of the car, and made the engine compartment just large enough. That let the Talbot claim the largest interior space in its price range without being too huge on the outside. Unfortunetely, it also detracted from room in the engine bay. Nevertheless, you could still upgrade from the base 3.7L V6 with a paltry 195 horsepower to a lovely 5.6L Huron V8 with double-overhead cams making a huge 363 horsepower.

This model also pioneered a newer look for the brand, with distinctive convex headlights and a flashier grille with numerous vertical chrome bars, with a subtle lower grille and large foglamps.

And with these last photos, I conclude the lore post of what is essentially
my ultimate affordable dream car. :))


What body did you use for the '06 Talbot? I’ve never seen it before… But that’s because I’m still using the latest stable build, which means it was introduced in the latest open beta. At any rate, this is one of your best-looking cars to date.


90s Audi body got reworked in open beta, yes


Farox Alpha (2018 – present)

The 2019 Farox Alpha was unveiled at the 2018 New York International Auto Show and was released to the public in late 2018. The new Alpha was part of a group of Faroxes that pioneered the new “hyperspace” grille and lighting pattern, and introduced a brand new straight-six turbo to the brand, which would be used in numerous other products that followed.

The new Alpha rode on a stretched wheelbase to more closely compete with executive saloons like the 5-series and CTS. The overall length stayed within half an inch of the previous car, however, and it was lowered. An active sport suspension is offered on the FSport models.

The engines, as aforementioned, were revamped for the new car. The new G6 turbocharged inline-six cylinder is constructed entirely of AlSi, and features a single medium-pressure turbo that gives its full force at at 2300 rpms. 333 horsepower is made from 6300-6900 rpms, and 332 lb-ft of torque are on tap from a very low (for Automation) 2400.

Farox opted to keep the 5.6L V8 as an option, boasting 413 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. All engines send power to either the rear, or all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic, which has different programming from the previous generations, as well as a shorter final drive ratio on I6 models to compensate for a broader range of rpms.


Wow. It looks refreshing, modern and awesome. Nice job.


If there was ever an argument for not buying an SUV, the latest Alpha proves it by not only looking the part, but also walking the walk and talking the talk, as the Americans so often put it.


Fucking epic give me one in shit brown and I’ll be the happiest man in Earth


I think I need the export file just so I can drive this around a bunch. One of the prettiest sedans on the site.


Happy Holidays from Farox to you!


Looks great! Should drop the .car file :slight_smile:


2008 Farox Tesora

A Story

The 2008 Farox Tesora introduced Farox’s smallest car of the modern era, and market their bold entrance into the competitive premium D-segment market. This car is meant as a late birthday present to myself, and it comes with a cheesy, short RCR-style story. If you don’t watch Regular Car Reviews, shame on you.

This is the official car of former-gifted-child syndrome.

The Tesora has very conforming styling, though it’s trying its best to be unique. It was trying to be new and cool, and introduce itself to the world, but it could never reach past its boring premium-mush status.

The V6 engine serves as a reminder that you used to be good. And, for what it is, it’s impressive! But everyone around you has surpassed your skill level and/or is more special, now you feel inferior. It won’t ever live up to the fabled 400 cubic-inch V8 status that Tesora’s parents – his father, the Monumental and his mother, the coupe Delegance – once held.

A torque converter and RWD layout show that its underpinnings are really trying (and succeeding) to remain cool and keep to its roots as a traditional sedan, and it matured well with 5 gears. However it just still isn’t quite special. There’s more impressive things out there.

The Monumental, in its early days, was a car that had all the recognition. It was up there with the best, and people loved it. Classic underpinnings, great looks, and everything it needed and wanted. But, as time went on, the Monumental never got the innovation or nurturing it needed. It was never challenged enough in its earlier years, so that when it grew up, it was nice and friendly, but never was happy with itself. Monumental was clumsy and always thought that he gave people the wrong imression, even though it wasn’t true.

Never would it admit the fact that it expected everything to come naturally, and how it was afraid of putting too much effort into learning something. If it wasn’t good at what it set out to do right away, it just kinda gives up. The V6 engine is good, but is more for torque, doesn’t quite rev all the way out, and feels anemic above 5000 rpm because of the weight.

It gives up.

It tried to look good, and short-lived Tesora tried to be cool, but competing Rigore’s and Taluvec’s were better varients of the same. It had the Farox name going for it, and the history of his mother and father, but it just couldn’t live up to their past.

So for now, Tesora will sit at the dinner table with his mom and dad, and enjoy the badass stories of their heyday, all the while knowing it’s bittersweet… He’ll never live up to how cool they were.

But maybe that’s okay.