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I don’t how how this happened but my Steam copy of the game is now issuing this:

“Steam must be running to play this game. (SteamAPI_init() failed.)”

The weird thing is that the Steam App is running, even on the background, but it STILL refuses to start.
Is there a fix for such a -should i call it- glitch?
Please Help!


If that doesn’t work, maybe try opening the steam window
And if that doesn’t work too… well idk


Yes, a proper restart of Steam fixes this. If not, restart your computer.


OK. It appears that the Steam app forgot that it was in the Open Beta sessions though, possibly due to one too many forced shutdowns. I think i’ll have a little talk with both my elder sister and my younger niece -and possibly with our local power and electric company- on the subject…
Besides, it is now running great, specially in UE Beta mode.