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Felgen's stuff


Has the cargo bug been fixed on the vans yet?


The cargo box problem has been taken care of. :slight_smile:


Awesome. :smiley: Time to build some vans. :slight_smile:


You seem to be missing some filter tags as the van appears in all categories.

You have to add the following lines to your .lua file.

--List of body type	tags, choices are, "SEDAN", "WAGON", "HATCH", "COUPE", "SUV", "UTE", "MPV", "VAN",
--You can have as many as you want, just don't forget the commas!
Tags = { "COUPE", },

Maybe with the panel van classified as Van, and the other one classified as MPV.


Update of my “neither a UAZ-469 nor a Lada Niva”. :slight_smile:


Looking good



Update of my “neither a UAZ-469 nor a Lada Niva”. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Looks like you’re doing a good job on this, IMO. Any ETA on it’s release? :wink:


Late May, I think.


Great job on the model! Will have to play around with this, although I can’t help thinking what it would be like with box arches and several hundred horsepower. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Current state of the commie SUV. :slight_smile:


We can clearly see your usual very high level of detail :smiley:

Hoping the be able to use it soon.

What will be the year of unlock?


Probably in the early 60s. :slight_smile: I’ll be making two versions of it; one old, one slightly more modern. Hardcore offroader platforms (whether it’s the Soviet SUVs or the Geländewagen) tend to have a very long shelf life.


Here’s how it looks now. Maps, smoothing and so on is complete; all that remains is adding morphs and making some peripherals for it. :slight_smile:


Great work!


Morphs and a LWB version have been added. While it’s still an UAZ-469/Lada Niva mashup, adding Jeep Scrambler-ish morphs was to easy for me not to do it. :slight_smile: I’ll be making some peripherals (a couple of spare tires and some scoops) and a pickup version before I upload it.


Seems lovely! :wink:

Looking forward for the updates.



Can’t wait to see this when it is finnished, It’s looking amazing!


Almost ready to upload, just need to get the body boxes ready. :slight_smile:



Can’t wait to test it!