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Felgen's stuff


Amazing! :smiley:


Download link: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/279 … ietSUV.zip


Very cool! Can’t wait to build something with i


Here’s how my “neither a Senator B, nor an E34” looks like at the moment. :slight_smile:


Niiice :slight_smile:


When will your mods become available on the steam workshop?

Will follow you for sure. :smiley:


I’ve finished the 5-series and the 7-series sized sedans. I’m also going to make a 5-series sized estate, and a 3-series sized sedan, estate, coupe and convertible. :slight_smile: The cars this time has 5,000 polygons instead of 8,000; the more aerodynamic 80’s cars (Ford Sierra, Audi B3, and so on) requires less polygons than other cars.


Awesome news, Felgen! Looking forward to seeing your work.


Nice work, should give us a lot of generic 80s cars to work with.

Do you plan on adding your things to the workshop soon?


my thoughts exactly!


You will find them there once my Senator-ish cars are ready. :slight_smile:


Alright :smiley:

Just two small things I noticed with the UAZ.

It has no rear bumper and it doesn’t have the usual plastic underside to hide all the holes between the body and the chassis.


Felgen, would it be possible to get the Popup headlights added to the steam workshop?


Please read the last few posts.

He said he will upload all his things to the workshop once his current project is done.


Oh, sorry. Will read back through.


Finished the 5-series-sized estate. :slight_smile:


And is in Workshop?


Everything will be in the workshop once the cars are finished. I’ve started making the entry-level (3-series) sized cars; the convertible looks like this:


Do you have an eta on when they will be available?


Seems a great work as usual. Can’t wait to put my hands on them :wink: