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[Final results!] The Car Shopping Round 66: A car for a hero


Ok ty :slight_smile: But what “ever-growing” mean? ^^


It means expanding, getting larger, growing in size etc (please don’t turn this into an innuendo lol)
EDIT: VicVictory already did


“Getting bigger”

Edit, just for LinkLuke… “That’s what SHE said.”


Thx guys :blush:


Autobin. Were the stats that far off?


That’s fine. After all, it makes some sense that word might’ve gotten out about some absolutely brutal V8 powered mid-70’s car. So I can work with that.

As for the reason I didn’t even start with trying to make the Savage work… It starts at 22,839. It’s a big car, with a big aluminum engine and turbos. (Yes, I actually have a 1975 Savage in the inventory. Was an experiment with whether I could get away with it.) It also gets a mighty 8.8 MPG US.


Read the last part of the post :wink:

In short, you’ll be in part two


Great shame on me for not reading the entire post!


Good to know the styling was liked, considering I was running ultra low settings at like VGA resolution and couldn’t tell where I was putting half my shit :joy:

Gee I don’t think the trim I picked has as much power as half the field I wonder whether I picked the right one.

Also I should mention, if I’m up in the order I can’t host not least because I’m still waiting for parts to revive my PC.

EDIT: it’s come to my attention that the new update may have changed certain balance components, which is a bugger for tuning fanatics like me. I had a suspension setup for maximum sportiness handling without compromising the (already low) comfort but when I opened the car in the new version that was completely thrown off. Anyone else?


so what was the final deathblow, the lack of indicators (which i generally forgo due to fixture tearing), or the styling?


Just wanted to throw a tantrum for getting instabinned despite four 80+ demos…
Then I checked my car to find that apparently the latest update screwed up my stats a decicive little bit and the 80+ demos are now down to two. :expressionless:

Welp, can’t be helped I guess…


Remember that the Zender price ad, is the in game price in US Dollar, converted to the 1975 US dollar.


Yes. Rolls-Royces/Bentleys of the era :grin:


The interceptor engine wasn’t even english. It was an american made mopar 440.


Just to let you know the rims on the Birmingham are a different colour because theyreverted for some reason, so now the inside is black.
Still, i believe im in r2 yay!


Darn, I knew I should’ve gone for more power. Oh well, better luck next time. :slight_smile:


Yes that’s the problem, the budget cap was listed in Automation currency and not 1975 USD. That explained how you managed to fit such fancy things into it, whereas most of us here would probably have gone with standard at best!


There are a lot of cars with more power than a 1975 Ferrari Dino! :rofl:


Quick update: unfortunately I won’t be able to finish the next part today, as this took way longer to write than I initially thought. I’ll do my best to get it out by tomorrow. Again, I aplogize for the delay.


Take your time :wink: