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[FINISHED] CSR 102 - A Free Decision


I am struggling to have a soft suspension but also have a decent load capacity… This is also Tanaka’s (and my) first faux-diesel I’ve ever made. So, reliability may be lacking. Other than that, I’m quite happy.


From “OMG eyebleach” to “might even consider it”, I see this as an absolute win!
I see my two favourite entries made it to round 2, good writeups OP.

I assume the front fascia did most of the binning, a more conservative straight lined approach resulted in horrendous clipping issues. Had another more 80s looking wagon in the works as well, but binned it due to being slightly worse and undriveable in Beam (RWD)

I sacrificed the stereo (get a proper aftermarket CD if you care) and 5th seat (dog rides in the back, non-family can into bus), which would probably lead to an eventual bin anyway.
To keep ABS, power steering, non-poverty spec suspension, and the chassis and panels rust-proof.

Trim reliability seems odd to me, small range, nearly all my cars hover about 55 (+/- 10), while other stats vary from 0 to 100+. Switching between a turbo V6 and NA longstroke I6 did give me a whopping 3.1 extra points for 58.
(“Max power at redline” is kind of a noob tune, but seemed necessary evil to keep the engine unchoked and economical throughout its rev range without blowing up the cylinders)


I didn’t notice that the reliability is so imported. ( I dont saw it in the main focus.) Also I was quite happy with 59,something. Whatever, good luck all final rivals :grinning:


Not in the finals… AGAIN…

Good luck to all i the finals…


CSR 102 - Round 1, Part III

After 15 minute trip to the school and back, Ivo is once again behind the coffee table with the magazine in front of him. 15 cars are left to pick from.

“The final batch starts off with the Quadrifoglio Espada…”

@Quotex - Quadrifoglio Espada

With a 2 liter inline-4, the Espada won’t break any speed records but we’d say it’s good enough… even with the premium interior, the comfort is reduced by the sports tuned suspension… reliability scores are quite average…

Ivo: “This quintessentially Italian styling does look rather fantastic… and that’s about the only feature that stands out. It’s decently comfortable, gets good, if average fuel economy and isn’t all that fast when compared to what else we’ve got here. It’s good, but just not good enough”

Not a contender in the finals.

@Mythrin - Ceder Alize

For what we’re looking for, the Ceder Alize is quite slow… fuel economy is good but not exceptional…the interior quality is good, even with 4 seats…

Ivo: “Yeah, nothing really makes up for the 11 second 0-100 time aside from the costs involved. The design maybe, since it is an attractive looking car. It having just 4 seats doesn’t make the situation much better, which is a shame since the rest of the interior looks nice.”

Not a contender in the finals.

@Dorifto_Dorito - Kepler Constellation VE

Attractive looks are definitely a selling point of the Constellation… like the Ceder, the 0-100 time is around 11 seconds…

Ivo: “The design fits what I’m looking for, it’s cheap to buy and cheap to run and to top it off, the interior is good. What could worry me however are the actual levels of comfort and reliability… to be honest, I’m sort of torn on this car. I can compare this to the next model and see what comes of it!”


@Centurion_23 - Gemin SLi

Excellent levels of comfort are a key point in the Gemin… the design is about as Japanese as it can get… the interior is big for a compact car…

Ivo: “It’s a bit more expensive to buy and a bit cheaper to run that then the Kepler, long-term this is obviously the better choice that way. It’s also much more comfortable and slightly faster with a time of 10 seconds to 100km/h. Also, it happens to drive just a tad better.”

Kepler: not a contender in the finals, Gemin - a contender in the finals.

@drain - Hoshi Prinza

Even with a 2.4 inline-6, the Prinza can’t beat the performance of most of its rivals… fuel economy is frankly atrocious… the design is fine, sometimes mismatching…

Ivo: “There are better looking, faster, more comfortable and cheaper cars to choose from here. Goodbye Prinza, we barely even met.”

Not a contender in the finals.

@Navara - Yaman Trace

Cheap to buy and run, very comfortable and with good performance, the Yaman Trace is truly great value for money… the engine is smooth and responsive… interior quality is fantastic…

Ivo: “Okay. First of all, I think this design is exactly what I’m looking for - it’s modern, understated and yet very good looking. And then, there’s everything else. Which is also great. That’s great to hear.”

A contender in the finals.

@Rudzis - Schwarzburg Trueno Kombi

Thanks to the wagon body, the Trueno is very practical… a whole $1100 below our price limit, it still provides a decent interior…

Ivo: “For the price, this seems like a great deal on the outside. Once you get digging however, the reliability, fuel economy and performance figures aren’t really all that impressive. I like it, but I just think that the Znopresk could be better value.”

Not a contender in the finals.

@DukeOFhazards - Ruotsin Pingviini

That’s an interesting name… the 2.6 engine suffers from turbo lag, however is still speeds from 0-100 in just 6.3 seconds… the load capacity is definitely low…

Ivo: “I thought I already put the Conan S45 on the wish list why wou-
Ahh, this is a Ruotsin. Sorry about that. Anyways, it’s more expensive than the Schwarzburg and yet isn’t as comfortable, fuel efficient or easy to drive. It is very fast though… too fast.”

Not a contender in the finals.

@Rk38 - AAU M2087

Despite all the years it has gathered up being in production, the AAU M2087 still manages to be a worthy contender… it is obviously the cheapest car here… the comfort however does not meet modern expectations…

Ivo: “Ahh yes, the M2087! I’ve still got three friends who managed to import these, I don’t think I’d have a problem with blending in. The design is still very much from the 70’s and this will only age with each passing day… but it’s so damn good looking so I don’t care. As for the stats, it’s just as cheap to run as it was to buy and the 0-100 time is… 8.8 seconds? Okay, if this thing managed that, most others don’t have any excuses. But I am definitely worried about the cheap interior… ah, I’ll worry about that later.”

A contender in the finals.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Mystic Sport

We would like to apologize in front of our readers when we said that the Arion Pelican is the most comfortable car in this test. That position would instead go to the Shromet Mystic Sport… performance figures are great… costs sort of aren’t as great…

Ivo: “For the design… yeah it gets beaten by some others. The engine though is powerful and smooth, that results in a great top speed and 0-100 time. What isn’t so great is how much fuel it uses up and how easy it would be to service that Boxer-6. Additionally, the chassis alongside all the panels are made of cheaper steel and the gearbox is an automatic. Could live with that, but won’t.”

Not a contender in the finals.

@CC9020 - Saito Sakira

The Sakira achieves excellent fuel economy and good performance… interior materials are also excellent, sadly the cassette player is a of cheaper origins… the driving experience is decently fun…

Ivo: "There’s not much I could really to that. I like the design - there, I can say something. I think a test drive should be in ord-

Huh, what’s this next one?"

@titleguy1 - Kimura Auburn

The attractive look of the Kimura is backed up by the cheap price… while lesser in quality, the interior features one extra seat once compared to the Saito… ride quality is slightly harsh to some…

Ivo: "Oh yes, this one looks really good! We won’t have a problem with fitting in… Alright, honest moment: from this review, I like the Kimura a lot. But, I’m certain that the other’s I’ve chosen for a test drive will still be stronger performers - that also applies to the Saito. They’re both great for what they are, I’m just looking for a bit more.

Come to think about it actually, my mate Aivar said he was looking for something new too…"

One phone call and a quick tip about the Kimura later, the Saito and Kimura are not contenders in the finals.

@EddyBT - BT Panthera

The Panthera is comfortable and gets great fuel economy… with a time of 8.2 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, it’s fast enough… the interior itself is up to the job…

Ivo: “It looks good and the wagon body will make it great for carrying a dog. Like seems to be tradition,”

A contender in the finals.

@saddiseased - Navis MD200

Another good looking car, the Navis MD200 is perfectly quick with a 0-100 time of 7.4 seconds… an automatic transmission is provided, bringing down the reliability records and making the service costs go up… the price happens to be very near the limit…

Ivo: “Aside from the great looks, there’s not much else here. It’s fast, and that’s good, but the fuel economy, reliability and the 4 seat interior setup do bring it down. A lot.”

Not a contender in the finals.

@thecarlover - RCM Atlantic

When it comes to design, the RCM Atlantic was definitely one of the favourites among our testers… the Boxer-4 here is smooth and responsive, it’s just a shame about the fuel economy…

Ivo: “The design here is among my favourites. I don’t know exactly what makes it look so good, it just sort of does. The rest of the car sadly however is outclassed by both of the other wagons I’ve chosen to drive. They’re faster, more comfortable and provide the same interior quality. Shame, as this one really looked fantastic.”

Not a contender in the finals.

“Alright, since that seems to be all, I guess I can take the weekend to test drive these cars.”


and @EddyBT

11:05pm. As Ivo prepares to lay down next to his wife in bed, he suddenly gets a call on the kitchen phone downstairs.

“Detective, we need you this Sunday.”


Round 1.5
Sponsored by I’m Sorry

“Detective, we need you this Sunday.”

“Hang on, I was planning to go to some of the new car dealerships this weekend. You know I can’t drive 13 cars in one day!”

“Well it’s really not my [CENSORED FOR THE KIDS] problem. You’re gonna have to fix this one for yourself.”

Before Ivo could start saying anything back, the line at the other end was hung up.

“Fine, I guess the only way I’m getting myself out of this one is if I just shorten the list a bit.”

@Mad_Cat - Wagner Minister

Ivo: “Once I start comparing this to the others I’ve chosen here, the flaws do start sticking out. The costs involved - price, fuel economy and service costs - are definitely the highest here. Interior materials are great, but even then others are still more comfortable. And finally, it has just 4 seats compared to everyone else here that have 5.”

@MasterDoggo - Deverre Reliade

Ivo: “Let me say that the look of the Deverre is truly fantastic. It just has that French quirkiness to it and it all adds up to a great design. Compared to, for example the Hokuto however, the Reliade starts lacking in comfort and outright speed. It also happens to be the most expensive finalist due to the corrosion resistant panels. The panels are a definite bonus point but sadly it just cuts too much into the price.”

@Ryan93 - Washi Harmony

Ivo: “The Washi Harmony is actually quite similar to the Gemin SLi in many ways - both have the same levels of interior quality, the performance is nearly identical and both have a distinctive Japanese flair to their designs. Added together though, and the Gemin manages to come on top of the Harmony with lower buying and running costs, better comfort and nearly identical performance figures.”

@Rk38 - AAU M2087

Ivo: “By far the cheapest to buy and run, the AAU competes with the Znopresk Zenit in terms of which is the better bang-for-your-buck car. And frankly, I think it’s the Znopresk. While it is slower, it’s also highly more rust-proof, more comfortable and even achieves better fuel economy. The interior is also nicer and for just $450 more, I think it’s worth it.”

To everyone who got binned here, don’t feel bad. All of the cars here were great, Ivo is just a picky man. Even then, congrats for even making it this far. To all the finalists not tagged here, good luck in the finals! The next post will be the finals (I promise).


F for that round 1 loss again

Good luck to all finalists, jesus you guys are good


I’m glad that you liked the design. If you found it french and nice, it’s a small success for me even if I lost, you felt what I wanted the car to be. :blush:


The Finals

Saturday arrived quickly, most of the family was excited about spending the entire day testing some cars. Mustu the dog was sadly left home, but they carried onwards downtown. With 9 vehicles on their shortlist, they started with the test drives at 12:00am.

@MGR_99 - Alta Balt S45

The first dealership to cross their path belonged to the new and patriotic Alta. While the family were looking around one of the Balt S45’s parked outside, a salesman walked up to them. After confirming that, in fact, he was a salesman, they all gathered into the car.

Ivo: There’s a surprising amount of room up here in front and the dash looks good.

Anne: My feet are stuck under the seat.

As the ignition key was turned, the engine subtly roared into life. They headed out of the dealer lot and into the city.

Ivo: Okay… this thing isn’t even pulling as fast as was stated in the magazine. Can I ask how much this thing can actually carry?

Salesman: Well, uhh, about 300 kilograms.

Ivo: I see…

On the city roads, the fuel economy was really rather excellent. Ivo was quite amazed looking at the little screen in the dashboard telling him how little fuel the Balt S45 was using until he hit a pothole in all his excitement. Yep, everyone sure felt that hole and it wasn’t nice.

Marju: Can you turn up the radio honey, I can’t hear much.

Ivo: There’s not much I can turn up, it’s nearly at full volume already.

Marju: Well that’s a problem. How am I supposed to sing along to Mahavok now?

Back at the lot, Ivo finally stood back to admire the Alta Balt S45. It’s styling is sleek and stylish and with that red, it looks properly good.

Ivo: So, what do we think about that?

Märt: My back hurts…

Marju: The radio was too quiet.

Anne: Can we go home?

@Centurion_23 - Straker Gemin

After the slightly disappointing Alta, they set their sights on the Straker dealership a few blocks away. Once there and with the Kadett parked, a fresh Gemin was waiting for them at the showfloor.

Marju: Look, it’s a cute little car.

Saleswoman: You know what’s even cuter? The free 3-year warranty that comes without any costs!

Sitting inside, the interior not only looks better but is also much bigger.

Anne: Oh hey, I can stretch out back here!

The tight turning radius helped while maneuvering out of the parking lot, in the city the Gemin achieved even better fuel economy than the Alta and was definitely more comfortable. Once they got onto a straight stretch, Ivo put his foot down.

Ivo: Come… on… Oh hell, this isn’t incredibly fast

Marju: I don’t know, it seemed speedy for me. Does it really need to be so fast?

Ivo: Well, I-

Anne: Look, if we turn right here, we can go straight home!

With the test drive over, the verdict was simple: Yeah, it’s pretty good. Comfortable and fuel efficient, but the performance isn’t noteworthy.

@Navara - Yaman Trace

The next stop was at the Yaman dealership just across the street. Outside, a fleet of Trace’s were parked neatly next to each other. After having chosen one at random, the family and a nice, quiet saleswoman sat inside.

Märt: Woah, being back here is like being in a limousine! There is so much room for all kinds of stuff to do.

Marju: These seats feel comfortable.

The engine started up without much noise and into the city traffic they went. It was slightly faster than the previous two cars but the drop in fuel efficiency was noticeable. Even then, the economy run was still good.

Ivo: Finally, into second it goes. Aaand here’s a traffic light. Okay, if I go the speed limit in first gear, it gets loud and changing to second will get annoying quickly. This gearbox isn’t perfect for city driving.

Back at the dealer, Ivo made up his mind.

Ivo: Nope, I’d rather go for the Straker.

@conan - Conan S45

Looking forward to the next test drive, everybody arrived at the Conan dealership full of enthusiasm. Inside, an S45 was waiting for them. Everyone felt strangely at home while standing next to it, as if it was an old family friend. Then, a salesman with a thick, Finnish accent approached them. Thankfully, Ivo understood him and they got into the Conan S45 without worries.

Marju: Everything here seems very much like the Yaman, even the seats are about as comfortable. I like this.

Started up, the engine noise wasn’t as pleasant as the sound from the previous cars. After having gotten out of downtown, Ivo did a quick merger onto a long and straight road. He felt how the tail wanted to slip.

Ivo: Oh yes, that would look excellent in an episode of Miami Vice.

Anne: Could we go back home and watch that show? I could any show you’d like actually. Let’s just go.

Ivo: It’s about as fast the Straker, but with that rear-wheel drive it’s still more fun.

A couple of missed potholes later, they arrived at the dealer.

Marju: That was fun! And I could hear the radio too.

Ivo: Yeah, it was definitely good. But I still feel like we could find something better. Something with more space and speed perhaps. If not though, this is a battle between the Gemin and this.

@On3CherryShake - Hokuto Tierra

After those inspirational lines, they headed for the Hokuto dealer just across town.

Inside, the place was still under construction. Hidden under a stack of wooden planks was a Hokuto Tierra wagon finished in red. Marju had a look around the big boot while the kids were tearing apart the rear area. A woman greeted them and a test drive was in order.

Ivo: I can tell this one is also rear-wheel drive like the Conan, though this seems just a tad more grounded. The gearbox is also good for city driving, so that’s all fine.

Märt: Oh man, this doesn’t have that little hole in the center where I can put my gum like that other white sedan had!

After having driven on a patch of rougher ground, the family came to a conclusion.
Everything else before this had been more comfortable. When Ivo tried accelerating harder, he forgave the level of comfort.

Ivo: Excellent, this amount of speed is practically perfect.

Marju: There’s that talk about speed again. Is there something you want to tell me about, since it seems so important?

Ivo: Umm… we-

Anne: I’m bored. When are we done with this?

Ivo: Ah yes, don’t worry. We’re halfway through already.

With the test drive over, the Hokuto was a strong contender. The big boot is very useful for the dog and the speed is great for catching crims.

@EddyBT - BT Panthera

Next on their shortlist was the BT Panthera. A quick drive to their shop later, they were standing next to a Panthera finished in red. A man quickly ran to them and gave each one a piece of candy. Odd. Anyways, they settled into the inside.

Marju: This interior feels great! Not as good as the Yaman, but slightly better than the Hokuto.

In the city, the drivetrain was well composed, but lag from the fancy turbo was felt.

Marju: Ugh, why does this weird turbo thing have to ruin my music listening experience again? “Ootan Tuult” is playing and I can barely make out any of the words.

Ivo: It might interest you that this “turbo thing” is averaging about 7l/100km right now.

Marju: …maybe.

With a quick speed test, the Panthera slightly edges the Hokuto, even if the driving experience isn’t as enjoyable. It did pass it when it comes to comfort however, as the suspension is tuned more towards that.

Having parked up, the family was filled with thoughts.

Ivo: I think I do prefer this one over the last two cars, even if by a small margin.

Marju: Our dog will be glad to be transported back there!

Märt: Being back there made me feel like a king! In other words, there’s a lot of space.

Anne: [Sleeping]

@NormanVauxhall - Znopresk Zenit

The Znopresk lot wasn’t far away and inside the building, they were greeted by a man with a thick, bulging mustache. He waited until the group approached a Zenit in the middle of the showroom before making any comments.

Moustacheman: Ahh, the Zenit! Demand for these is big, I’d advise you buy one right now with that low price before we start raising it wink.

Ivo: It is definitely cheap…

Inside, the material quality was about on-par with the earlier BT but the cassette player was a cheaper unit.

Marju: I could live with that.

On the road, it was clearly not as comfortable as the other cars but the ride was still more than tolerable.

Ivo: Damn, this gearbox could again become a nuisance in city driving. It could also be a bit loud, but it’s not too bad.

Märt: Look, I can also stretch out here!

Ivo (under breath) : Alright, the design is definitely good enough for staying undercover, now let’s see about speed.

Marju: What was that, honey?

As he lays his foot down, he quickly realises it’s still the slowest car here.

Ivo: Okay, I think I know whether I’m choosing this or not.

The final verdict is as such: For the price, what you get is great. But, Ivo is still ready to pay more to get a better package overall.

@yangx2 - Honghu Beifeng

For the final dealership visit, they head to the new Honghu lot. Just outside is a Beifeng waiting for them. A woman approaches and welcomes them, after having a look around the rather fantastic exterior they head inside.

Marju: Oh brilliant - Everything feels good to touch in here!

Märt: It’s small, like that Alta again.

Anne: [Still sleeping]

With city driving, they immediately feel how good the ride comfort really is. That also creates a high roll angle, but that’s just a minor fault.

Märt: It feels like one of those smooth trains!

Marju: Yeah, sure sweety.

Once again, on the same straight as usual, Ivo “speeds” a bit.

Ivo: Great, this is fast enough!

Marje: Again with that…

And frankly, they head back to the dealership since they’ve seen and felt everything.

Marje: Good fuel economy, great comfort and a big boot - let’s get this one!

Ivo: Well… there might still be one car left to test.

Marju: Wha- but we just scourged every dealer we could. Is there something you’re hiding from me?

Ivo: Sort of.

@Keikyun - Haruna Isekai

A good 20 minutes of driving later, they arrive at a house. It’s a house alright. But parked next to it is a Haruna Isekai. A visibly excited Ivo quickly walks to it and starts checking out the details.

Marju: What is this, an offroader?

Ivo: No, this is better! Or at least the ad made it out to be better than that. Come on, let’s check it out!

Marju, Märt and a sleepwalking Anne go towards the car, when the owner comes out. After explaining why they’re there, the owner hands them the keys. The engine starts up and they head for a drive.

Marju: Alright… this sure is comfortable but the cassette player is a cheap one again.

Ivo: Who cares, look at how little fuel it’s using up - Less than 8l/100km right now!

Marju: I see, this is quite interesting.

The gearbox is great for city driving and the engine is very quiet and quite responsive.
Another speed test is obviously in order and the results are imminent.

Ivo: It’s the fastest vehicle here.

While the kids are enjoying themselves in the rear, the test drive comes to a close.

Ivo: So, everybody, what do you think?

Marju: It’s comfortable.

Märt: It’s big!

Anne: Please just buy it and let’s go home.

Congratulations to @Keikyun for winning CSR102!

The excellent combination of speed, comfort, fuel economy and space made the Haruna Isekai win above the rest. The family will use it for many years come, and Ivo will be catching criminals with this for as long as he can.

2nd - @yangx2
3rd - @NormanVauxhall
4th - @EddyBT
5th - @On3CherryShake
6th - @Centurion_23
7th - @conan
8th - @Navara
9th - @MGR_99

And finally, thank you to everyone who participated!

My apologies if the final test drives were too short or not informative enough, I’m still just a beginner at hosting. To all that submitted a car, thanks for making this round so memorable for me :slight_smile:.


Wait holy fuck. That’s a lot better than I expected to do lol.

Thanks for hosting Corsica! For your first time, you did great and honestly it was the best round out of the recents mostly for the fact that it was beautifully simple. Your reviews were concise, yet sounded natural and provided enough detail to know why certain cars went through and why certain vehicles didn’t. The initial brief was great too. It didn’t veer too far into whatthefuckland nor did it make me fall asleep.

Anyways, if Keikyun isn’t up to take on 103, I will gladly host the next round. :smiley: good job once again and congrats to the winner


It’s honestly a really good round; presentation was straight to the point and humorous, entries looked great as always, and for a first timer you did a really good job ngl


Great round and thanks for the 3rd place.


I’m curious, do you have a stats spreadsheet you could share?


To confirm, I will turn down the hosting opportunity to @yangx2. Thank you for the amazing round, Corsica! The writeups were excellent, the concept was great and considering this was your first time you were very impressive!


Oh man this has to be one of the best-written CSRs I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in! I really loved how you added cheeky m e t a jokes it’s another cute little car! and flawlessly incorporated Kei’s “used” entry. I already can’t wait to see you host again!

4th for a second time in a row, this is going to become a regular thing for me now, isn’t it


This is why the Alta brand died off in '95, didn’t make good enough cars for the family.

Excellent CSR @CorsicaUnknown.


Great found, Corsica! And not bad, I got 5th, certainly better than my previous rounds of CSR. Kinda disappointed I don’t get to host, but oh well haha.

Looking forward to the next one, and congrats to the winners!


I have no choice but to agree with you on this - and well done to @Keikyun for a well-deserved first win with a leftfield SUV entry that did everything right!


Sup guys! So looks like I’ll be hosting CSR 103. Nice. There’s a bit of a situation I’m in however. I’m still on-site working 3 hours away from home and stupid me decided to leave my personal laptop there. That means I’m not going to be able to get a few benchmarks ready until I return hopefully on Tuesday (worst case scenario Wednesday). I’ll have to ask you on this one. Do I…

  • Get the thread up today in the evening, leave PU and ET figures for when I’m back
  • Get the thread up tomorrow evening with PU and ET figures worked out

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Your input would be appreciated. Enjoy the work photo while you’re at it, thanks!


Looks like the stars aligned and everything worked out in the end. Here’s your thread