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FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (OPEN)




Round opening imminent

I’ve finally worked out the last stubborn bits of the DRS and active aero code (at least to make it work, unfortunately I’m stuck on making the GUI message go away because reasons lol but whatever). I’m confident enough to know how to make it work in any reasonable situation that I think I’ve got what it takes to make this work.

So let’s do this. I’m going to open the round in 2(???) days. This means:

  • There’ll be a 4 week window for submission (the entirety of Feb… heck I’ll throw in the extra day too why not)
  • You can submit as many cars as you like but if more than one of your cars doesn’t make the first cut all of them will get binned, so don’t spam
  • Once the round is open you can not ask me for advice or to give you an indication of if the styling will make it.
  • Once you have submitted a car you can not revise it.

I’ll tell you exactly what the submission guidelines are once I open the round. Expect a slight softening of the performance requirements.

It also occurs to me that the new patch coming through has changed some stats a fair bit so maybe I’ll hold off until it settles down and is finalised.

EDIT: Sorry, I had a few unexpected issues, such as our national broadband supplier not realising the new place I’ve moved into exists. I’m running my internet off my phone but have worked out a way for this to be relatively reliable, so that should be fine while I wait for various incompetent people to finish dragging their asses over something over their heads.

On the plus side I’ve definitely definitely figured out how to write good ESC and TCS, and have ironed out the niggles in my active aero + DRS, and have also learnt how to add 2-step launch control (would credit the user but I don’t know their username). While the round is active I’ll probably just have a look at the lights and start updating my other benchmark cars…

I’ve also not yet gotten around to providing a clear set of benchmarks on what to send in, performance and stats wise. I will write this guide this week. Then the round will open. I anticipate once it does, I will not close it until the 15th of March, because I travel during that time and if I close entries before I go on that trip the window will be too short.

This said I am no longer accepting pre-submissions for scrutineering.

(Everyone who is interested in sending for that appears to have done so).


ok I’ve sneakily opened entries. Don’t worry, there’s over a month to submit. Check the OP for full set of rules and if you think I’ve left something out, yell at me before you submit, heh.


I’m still working on the company of the car I’ll submit, and I have things to change on the car again, but I’ll submit to this challenge :slight_smile:


Draconis TB19 “Tinkerbell”

She’s a little shy!


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: soooon

Oh hey I guess I'm posting first again, why are you guys making me do this you saw what happened the last time I posted first no one else posted anything for a week. Then again, it might have been a good thing...

First released in 2017, the Cygnus is Tristella's current hypercar offering to the world. With a full carbon construction and featuring a full active aerodynamic system and powered by a 1127 hp 5.8L twin turbo V10, the Cygnus can do the 1/4 mile is just 9 seconds, with a top speed of over 400 kilometers per hour.
Inside the Cygnus is a fully handmade leather interior, with highly detailed feather-like stitching patterns featured throughout. This is paired with a state of the art HUD and sound system, giving the Cygnus an exquisite, premium and advanced ride within. Every example is built to order, unique and customized to the customer's desires.
2017 Tristella Cygnus
Layout Mid Longitudinal AWD
Chassis Carbon Fiber Monocoque with Carbon Fiber Panels
Suspension Front and Rear Pushrod
Brakes Front and Rear Carbon Ceramic Disc
Transmission 7-Speed Dual Clutch
Weight 3286 lbs (1495 kg)
Engine 5799cc DOHC 4v V10 Twin Turbo
Power 1126.5 hp @ 8200 rpm, 752.3 lb-ft @ 7400 rpm
0-62 mph 2.20 s
1/4 mile time 9.06 s
1 km time 16.26 s
Top Speed 252 mph (405kph)
Fuel Economy 23.3 US mpg , 10.1 L/100km
ATT Lap Time 1:50.53 s