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Five Stars, Eight Numbers - A Design Competition


Submissions are now closed!

Thank you all for entering! Expect results by the end of tomorrow :slight_smile:




MAY 2020

The Honghu design team gathered around the table to discuss the submitted entries. Being very picky this time around, they were ready to throw each proposal into the dirt if needed. The first CAD model was then brought onto the large screen.


Opulence of the North - 4/8

A considerable amount of chrome lines the taillight assembly, creating a rather elegant rear end. A large grille takes over the front fascia, with vertical lines that suit its imposing nature. It can however, do without the large vertical bar down the middle. The side emblem is an elegant touch which will potentially be considered in the next iteration.

Ambition of the South - 4/8

The board was thoroughly impressed at its intricate LED designs, being minimal yet sharp and futuristic. The vehicle however, was not as sharp and aggressive as they anticipated, lacking a bit of “oomph” in its overall design.

Feng Shui - 4/8

The rear is nicely done. Natural, flowing lines connect the LEDs into chrome strips on the taillight assembly, which then flows directly into the plate holder. Albeit being a bit on the stubbier side, it’s well-done. The lower rear fascia imitates the upper by mirroring its flow down into an hourglass shape. The front however, could use more care. Headlight geometry and proportions clash with the grille shape. An abrupt horizontal line creates divide between the lower and upper fascia, while a large empty space is present under the headlights. The sides could use the most work. The suicide doorhandle is isolated, with no blending to any other bodyline. Wheel choice could be better as well.

Total - 12/24

This concept of the Honghu was quite a traditional take on the existing design. While lighting design was favoured well amongst the Honghu crowd, some more work could have been attributed to the Feng Shui of the elements; especially in the front and side. Not bad by any means, but not the best either.

The team then moved onto the next design by Lunnerden, who decided to send the design on the team’s forum thread instead of using the official submission box. Despite this, the team decided to check it out anyways.


Opulence of the North - 2/8

Although a considerable amount of chrome is incorporated, as well as a somewhat-imposing grille, the execution is far from what Honghu desires.

Ambition of the South - 2/8

Compared to the first iteration, this concept rendition feels as if it were a step back from the high-tech aesthetic of the original concept. Modernity is detracted by the usage of large amber elements around the vehicle, with its original aggressiveness toned down drastically by the light designs.

Feng Shui - 1/8

Nothing feels like it coexists with each other on the vehicle. Proportions are odd, placement is odd, the aura emanated from its design is mostly… odd. Some care is used for the side trim flowing to the taillights, yet still feels odd.

Total - 5/24

The Honghu team was feeling nice, deciding to pull the CAD file off their forum thread instead of ignoring it all together as it was not directly DMed. However, because it lacked in various places and felt more of a step back from the original rendition, the Honghu team quickly dismissed it.


Opulence of the North - 4/8

The design incorporates chrome in tasteful places. However, the Honghu team wished it had more than just this. Although in suitable locations, more chromework could have been used on the side design, particularly in the doorhandles. Furthermore, the imposing nature of the first rendition had been lost to the smaller grille, making the vehicle lose a bit of its nationalistic prowess.

Ambition of the South - 4/8

Headlight and taillight designs are acceptable for what they are. They’re not too too impressive, but well-done regardless. The overall design is not as high-tech or aggressive as Honghu would have desired, but works marginally okay for a traditional chairman’s vehicle.

Feng Shui - 5/8

Proportions and fixture placement is relatively okay with the vehicle, the rear being the star example. A nice hourglass flow is created through the taillight down to the lower fascia. A chrome strip connects the front and rear together without looking too forced. Lower fascias however, could use quite a bit of work. The exhausts poke out in the middle of nowhere, while the circular fog lights have a hard time fitting with the rest of the vehicle.

Total - 13/24

The Honghu team was rather indifferent on this rendition of their concept. It looked somewhat less imposing than the original concept, lacking high-tech prowess as well. The team moved onto the next concept


Opulence of the North - 5/8

The front fascia was relatively well-received by the Honghu team. Although too busy, it captures the flagrant persona that the brand wished to maintain. As such however, the vehicle could have done with about half the chrome it has on it now, as it is too obnoxious for its intended audience

Ambition of the South - 5/8

The headlight and taillight designs were also relatively liked by the Honghu team. They are sharp and designed in such a way that they are quite intriguing too. The taillight assembly was most favoured by the team and will potentially be considered in the next iteration.

Feng Shui - 5/8

The team appreciated how well elements of the vehicle were blended together, the most impressive feature being the natural indenting of the main grille. Most elements on the vehicle swoop with each other in harmony, however some other parts need some work. This is notably the excessive amount of brake lights, the rear wiper, the strange chrome line moving across the sides and the lower fascia designs. Red brake calipers also feel very strange on this spec of vehicle.

Total - 15/24

The Honghu team was relatively impressed by Susei’s pitch, albeit straying a bit too far into the cyberpunk realm. With a lot less chrome, the Susei concept could have been close to competing with the top guns.


Opulence of the North - 2/8

The front is simplistic, yet somewhat imposing. The rear strays away from the front’s elegant objective while the sides could easily use more work.

Ambition of the South - 2/8

Although an attempt was made to incorporate futuristic elements within the vehicle, such is excessive and push towards a very strange cyberpunk realm. This is most notable in the rear, as well as the gigantic LED strips lining the sides.

Feng Shui - 2/8

Proportions for some fixtures are strange on the vehicle, with elements that feel very stuck-on with not much blending. The rear is somewhat empty, and the front, although better, still lacks a harmonic aura within it. Calipers are too sporty and the wheels do not feel like a good fit for the design.

Total - 6/24

This rendition of the 2nd iteration was swiftly passed on, being too futuristic for their likings, and frankly a bit of a tossed salad in other places.


Opulence of the North - 7/8

Neubran Design’s proposal is a promising take on the Honghu design language. A wealthy amount of chrome is found in many tasteful places of the design, while retrofuturistic elements throughout the vehicle (besides the wheel cap) emanate a sense of nostalgia in its elegance. Furthermore, the large rear moonroof got a great bit of positive reactions from the table, and was noted to go into the final design. The front grille is large and intimidating in size, however could use a bit more intricate measures such as widening the vertical grille bars to better fit the vehicle’s imposing intentions. Likewise, a consequence of a grille this large has caused a great deal of unused, negative space to flood the front, making the badge be left in an awkward position. Despite all this, Neubran has done a great job on this aspect, and the team was thoroughly impressed.

Ambition of the South - 5/8

A great deal of care has been incorporated in the design, with a wonderfully laid-out headlight design, meshed well with the smaller LED accents carrying into the lower fascia. However, it misses the mark quite a bit on the rear, siding for a more conventional design. Further complaints around the table mentioned its great bias towards 90 degree angles around the bow of the vehicle, with little to no acuteness to be found within the design. As such, a lot of the futuristic aggressiveness of the first iteration was lost. Further complaints followed regarding the grille shape and pieces following them, which were rather primitive and straight-cut.

Feng Shui - 6/8

Being one of the nicer vehicles in this aspect, Neubran’s take on blending the design together was met with a good amount of nods around the table. Intricate, well-crafted blending was evidently used to connect the front and rear together, managing to integrate the doorhandles within the chrome tie as well. A silver hood ties the large front grille in with the rest of the roof, which then lead back to the wonderfully large moonroof. The exceptions to the team’s praise were the weird wheel cap, discord between the front and rear fascias, as well as clashes between angular and round fixtures; all of which were rather predominant problems to giving the vehicle a full score.

Total - 18/24

The Honghu team was very surprised with the Neubran concept, noting the firm’s great emphasis on the vehicle’s elegant and pompous nature. Although improvements in various areas could be made in the more aggressive, tech-focused representation of the South, a decent amount of details were well-received and considered in the next iteration.


Opulence of the North - 5/8

Although nothing super impressive, the design does well to incorporate a sense of intimidation in its design, with a very large chrome front, followed by a tasteful swipe of chrome in the side designs.

Ambition of the South - 3/8

Although a decent amount of LED fixtures were incorporated into its lighting, such futuristic looks are detracted by their large proportions, as well as unsuitable amber elements in places. Wheel choice is not much in favour for the ahead-of-time looks the team desired either. Although not terrible, the Honghu team felt like there could have been a lot more.

Feng Shui - 4/8

Although an evident flow of energy is felt from the front to rear, such aura and harmony is disturbed by some rather weird combinations of fixtures. Some to note are the interplay between the side vents and the large front grille, as well as the awkward amounts of negative space and fixture dedication in the rear fascia. The vents on top of the hood feel awkward while the large chrome connecting the headlight units creates awkwardly large eyes for the battleship.

Total - 12/24

Although somewhat decent, the Honghu team looked elsewhere with something for some more “oomph” in its design. It is by no means bad, but could use a lot more interesting innovation.


Opulence of the North - 5/8

A wealthy, yet reasonable amount of chrome is used throughout the car. A nicely-done handlebar design had been incorporated. The large grille followed by its vertical bars, give the vehicle a sense of height, which help its imposing nature. However, the badge seems too small for its liking while many other parts of the vehicle could use a bit more refinement in its elegance

Ambition of the South - 3/8

Lighting designs are rather basic on this vehicle, with amber elements dating the vehicle quite a bit. A lot of sharpness from the previous concept was sacrificed for its more curvy look, diluting the aggressiveness of the previous concept.

Feng Shui - 4/8

The Honghu team noted the black and orange motif around the vehicle, with the centre lugs coloured to aid this. Although the upper fascias channeled the vehicle’s harmony decently well, a lot of work could have been used on the lower fascias as well as the side.

Total - 12/24

The Honghu team admired certain aspects of this proposal and respected the design team for taking a ballsier, more elegant route with its rounder lines. However, its departure from sharp lines had watered down its once-imposing look while more work could have been used to unify the elegant and aggressive aspects of the vehicle.


Opulence of the North - 8/8

The concept was met with a lot of "wow"s when pulled up on screen. This design was a very daring, yet incredibly well-executed take on the opulent and flamboyant design language that embodies Honghu. A fragrance of the brand’s past is dissipated through the air with its retro-modern touches which reflect back on older Honghu models, most notably the circular units on the front, rear and side. The front fascia was favoured greatly by the team too, with the fog lights and side vents giving the vehicle an aircraft-like aura. As the CAD file was rotated around the vehicle, reflections travelled across the front grille in an ostentatiously beautiful way. Furthermore, the front grille design was much favoured by the entire team, loving the little red LED at the top and bottom. The square badge was also a surprisingly well-done touch, blending incredibly well with the angular design elements.

Ambition of the South - 8/8

Intricate LED designs in not only the headlights, but even on the entire grille incorporate a futuristic persona within the vehicle, which was exactly what the Chinese company wanted to display on an international scale. The mixture between a large, oblique grille and thin light units give the vehicle an aggressive stance without going too overboard. Doorhandles are body-coloured, outlined with chrome, which was well favoured by the Honghu team. Reason being, it was subtle and modern enough to not detract from the vehicle, yet formal enough to carry that sense of luxury throughout.

Feng Shui - 7/8

A very noticeable and soothing flow of elements was given off by the vehicle. The interplay between the country’s tradition and its new blood was mixed together like koi in a pond. Most elements felt like they belonged on the vehicle, and were meshed incredibly well with one another. The motif of square elements on the front is well-executed, and blended well with one-another through the grille design. A sense of obliqueness is still maintained with the angular grille and side vent fixtures, mixing well with the rest of the design. The rear however, was of controversy to the team, with the polarizing taillight design taking main stage in the team’s discussions. They also felt as if the fog lights in the plate housing were probably not needed and that a lot of negative space existed around said fascia.

Total - 23/24

The Honghu team was thoroughly impressed by this proposal, not only blending the North and South culture, but also managing to mix in some heritage within its design too. Lots of elements made the Honghu look like a fighter plane, which incorporated a militant aura within the vehicle too - just what the firm needed. Polarizing, daring, flagrant, this is what the Honghu team needed.


Opulence of the North - 7/8

The design did incredibly well reflecting the brand’s elegant and lavish persona, with chrome in tasteful places and large in-your-face light designs. The rear was most-favoured by the Honghu team, met with universal praise around the table. The grille however, could have been larger. Its horizontal lines moreso emphasize the width of the vehicle over its height, making it lose a bit of its taller nature. As a result, the front design ends up more suited for the diplomat rather than the tyrant.

Ambition of the South - 8/8

Where this design was most favoured however, was in its modern design. Instead of dismissing the old concept altogether, FAROX decided to reuse the foglight design on the front, creating an incredibly beautiful and modern fascia. Such fascia was met with even more praise, noting the unique swooping design of the headlights which the team greatly favoured over the original rendition. Given this, a lot of emphasis was placed on the height of the vehicle; just what the team wanted. Such praise carried to the rear end, with its large taillight design mixed in with A very striking LED layout. All-in-all, FAROX’s design has done incredibly well in these regards and have exceeded the company’s expectations. They would score this a 9 if they could.

Feng Shui - 8/8

Everything blends well on this car. Everything. The red pinstriping travels well, unifying the bow and stern of the vehicle together in an elegant fashion. The taillight design does not only function well on its own, but incorporates a boomerang-like shape on the sides which create a striking motion, creating an incredible interplay between all quarters of the vehicle. Unlike most design proposals, this did not feel forced, and instead, felt like a unifying aura naturally travelling throughout the vehicle. Everything fit on the vehicle, and everything that fit on the vehicle fit with other things on the vehicle. End of story.

Total - 23/24

FAROX’s design proposal was a wind of fragrance to the Honghu team. It was wonderful in many many aspects. Although it could have had a bit more tyrannical, dictatorial stare, the Honghu team was thoroughly satisfied.


Opulence of the North - 6/8

The usage of a large, vertical grille helps the vehicle maintain its imposing nature. Unlike some other vehicles, it accomplishes this without a ridiculous amount of negative space in the fascia. a row of 8s lines the badge, giving the concept more of a “bling” look. Some drawbacks can be found mostly in the fact that the car doesn’t necessarily suit the dictator. Moreso, it feels as if it were designed more for the pimp or the rapper, which isn’t bad by any means, but does not necessarily fit the elegance Honghu was looking for. Such is typical with the rear, with the excessively large lettering and simple oblique lines. Somehow, this, alongside Neubran’s proposals, were the only designs canned for being too obnoxious.

Ambition of the South - 5/8

Headlight and taillight designs are simple, yet somehow work well with the vehicle’s pimp persona. They are perhaps, too simple, which waters down the aggressiveness of the vehicle and futuristic looks.

Feng Shui - 5/8

A somewhat-consistent flow is carried throughout the vehicle - definitely better than some vehicles the team had seen. Like the others though, some elements feel out-of-place within the vehicle such as the text on the rear, as well as the rear’s lower fascia and exhaust.

Total - 16/24

The Honghu team were getting drowsy at this point. They’ve been sitting in the office for at least 9 hours now breaking down each design. They couldn’t really say much more besides the fact that this design was decent, where it could have used a bit of work in some notable places. One of the Honghu employees smirked a little, mentioning how it could be seen parked outside a strip club. Perhaps the People’s Strip Club. I don’t know I’m tired too. Ugh.


Opulence of the North - 6/8

The design keeps a relatively imposing stance to it, with a large grille on the front with thick vertical bars to emphasize its triumphant nature. The Honghu team wished it were a bit wider though. A tasteful incorporation of chrome in key areas is implemented, which was much in the favour of the Honghu team.

Ambition of the South - 3/8

The proposal felt rather traditional compared to a lot of the other designs. Lighting designs are simple and rather unassuming, while the angle of attack on many of the front fascia fixtures go about 90 degrees to each other, diluting any sense of aggressiveness in its main elements.

Feng Shui - 6/8

Without much to work with, the blend and harmony of each part is relatively well-done. A tasteful chrome bar runs horizontally along the grille unit, blending in the headlights with it well. A stealthy, yet elegant usage of bumper bars is incorporated with the doorhandles, making them appear a lot larger than they really are. Overall, the car is decently well-done, only exceptions being the large amount of negative space in the front which disturbs some of its flow.

Total - 15/24

The Honghu team was sloooooooooowly starting to fall asleep. Aside from that, the design proposal was well-done for a simple, unassuming design, but was not necessarily fit for the limitless ostentation that the team desired to go for.


Opulence of the North - 8/8

A sophisticated take on the fascias mixed in with flowing lines of chrome, encompass a very stylish aesthetic within the Honghu design language. Chrome highlights are well-used in key areas, while the grille is naturally large without being too obnoxious or too toned-down.

Ambition of the South - 6/8

A utilization of subtle, yet very sharp LED light designs were favoured well by the Honghu team. Oblique lines were used well to express a bit of aggression in the design. Despite this, the Honghu team still wished for a bit more wow-factor in its futuristic take, as the concept proposal is rather grounded to the earth compared to some others.

Feng Shui - 8/8

Where this design excels among all the rest, is in its endless flow of energy. Each little bit of the vehicle is harmonized with one another - interconnected in a melodious manner which flows the lines of the vehicle from front and rear. Oblique lines are well-established on the front, flowing parallel or perpendicular to other fixtures on the sides. Negative space is near non-existent on this car, allowing each path of energy to travel freely to one another without large discontinuities splitting them up. These motifs carry on the sides, with the doorhandle and indicator unit not running parallel to, but askew from the lower window sill. This little touch brought liveliness to the sides of the car, connecting it over to the rear where all is directed to a tasteful chrome strip. Not to mention, every single element is naturally blended into the body, making no fixture seem stamped-on. The Honghu team was thoroughly impressed with this, and took many of its elements into consideration. Pics don’t do the car justice in this regard.

Total - 22/24

Beneventi’s rendition of the Honghu concept is one which flows naturally and elegantly, unifying its elements well with no discontinuity. Further work could have been used in regards to more high-tech styling, but besides that, the design had excelled in key aspects.


After messing around with some matrices, the team realized they have encountered a tie… between FAROX’s (@On3CherryShake) elegantly luxurious design and the heritage-based concept of @OME. After a roundtable discussion, priorities were weighed and each car was evaluated once again, just a bit more qualitatively. Discussion was as followed.


OME’s design had impressed most of the Honghu team. It was daring, polarizing, yet elegant at the same time. The front was greatly high-tech and militant, which was what the Honghu team desired. However, some redundant elements could be found on certain fascias on the vehicle, while the rear is more or so polarizing than straight beautiful. Elements of the OME design will be taken into consideration for the production model regardless.


Although toned down and less imposing at the front, the lighting design is too good to pass on. It has less redundant elements than the former design, and flows slightly better as well. Despite being toned-down, the vehicle is less polarizing and perhaps, more fit for the government. Simple adjustments can be made to give the vehicle a more aggressive look, and the Honghu team surely will take care of these decisions to suit the vehicle more for the dictator.

As such, Honghu Automotive Corporation has recognized FAROX’s design as the one most suited for the production rendition.

Congratulations @On3CherryShake! the Honghu Automotive Corporation appreciates your input and will be working closely with your team for release of the production model.


I won a THING?


I MEAN thank you so much!

I’m flattered and feel honored, this genuinely made my day. Thank you for the opportunity to make an entry for this, I’ve looked at your designs and such, yang, and have aspired to be even as close to good at this as you and many others, so thank you haha:))

And congrats to the others!! Some serious stunners in the crowd, I’m yet again super impressed with the community and its wonders.

Love y’all :heart:


Congrats @On3CherryShake, you definitely deserved it

Yeah I definitely feel that I could have done better with my design, IDK why I rushed it when I was among the first to submit :man_shrugging:

Oh well this was fun nonetheless, hope to see some other challenges similar to this


I knew those taillights will be the death of me :slight_smile: , congrats @On3CherryShake thats quite the stunner, GG.