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Fixture Materials


So I’ve found a car on the automation repository on BeamNG that had a chrome grill (the usual pattern of the grill, but chrome). I can’t find a way to do the same. How did he do it? Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance.


Could be two things: a bug where some materials become chrome but should not be, or a mod which defines its grille material as chrome in some way. It should not currently be possible to do that just in Automation though.


Ah okay, thanks for the answer!

But do you plan to actually add more customization of that sort? That could be pretty neat imo


It’s not high on our list of priorities, but easy-to-implement things that add sensible options always are on the list of potential additions :slight_smile:


All grille meshes are exporting as chrome instead of the black colour they should be. All of the standard meshes are doing this as far as I have seen, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with mods.