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Fixtures Bug Reports & Suggestions


Bug Report

  • Flipped fixtures lose abilty to snap to center
  • Some letters have weird behaviour when being mirrored. Some letters are still selectable even tho they arnt there.


-Fixtures should not be able to be selected from the back


Question about the open beta: where is the chrome, carbon fiber, steel and plastic in the paint slots?


If you haven’t created any new colors …
The first four slots in the color menu are unnamed and non-deletable. They are plastic, leather, cloth and steel. simply select one to color the car part, then click the asterisk next to the color swath to clone and edit that color. Once the edit panel opens, you can click the large plus symbol to select a material.

If you have saved new colors …your color menu has moved around …
After selecting a body part to color. Click the edit color (asterisk next to color swatch), I think it will clone that color, so make sure you are working with the cloned color (you can rename it after you edit it.) when the new panel opens, click the large plus symbol, that will open the material selection panel. You will find plastic, chrome, cloth, leather and carbon fiber. If you need steel or aluminum, select chrome as your material, then change it’s color. The choice for steel, aluminum and chrome are preset and locked.


Improvement suggestion

What if you would use the right mouse button to select things and middle button to turn the view?

I know it would be annoying to have to relearn the buttons, BUT: if you then had a fixture selected and you were moving it around with the left button, you could never accidentally select a different fixture when you intended to just move the currently selected fixture around.

And then the left click to move a fixture around wouldn’t need to be done while hovering over the fixture, but anywhere. If you’ve managed to pick the fixture you want, just hold left button and drag and the fixture will move and you’ll never unintentionally select something else. And make it optional because most people will hate it before they try it.


Bug report (or at least Construc tells me it’s probably a bug): you can no longer place fixtures in truck beds. Granted, it’s not something I often do for stylistic reasons, but rather for putting a tow hitch in there to pull gooseneck trailers on Beam that I node connect to.


I suspect that’s just in truck beds that use the Tray texture, which is designed not to allow fixtures, like Windows used to be.



Y-Axis adjustment for bones, to pull out over-sunk in headlight/fixture elements.

Even with the headlight modeled in such a way that it’s offset, it still sinks in too far once a headlight wraps around a bend


Is there a way to save features across all trims for the same model?


Do you mean clone?


Not quite. I’m talking about fixtures and their exact geometry to be carried across different trims which will have varying technical parameters, if that makes sense?


Fixture grouping? Lots of people have asked about that.


Bug: incorrect normal map on the wrong texture. Happens to both the “D” and “GB” european plates.


two more bugs:


Plastic material makes all the paint slots go bongles as you can see here. The hood is incorrectly assigned as “Plastic” and when in export scene, it’s the bumper that has the problem.

A more obvious one, which I’m sure everyone is aware of. The trim on some parts of the car remains red even after all the paint as been assigned as other. You can clearly see the culprit here.


puncturing of the chassis for fixtures
(cannot supply a picture, but its an issue)


Uh… how am I supposed to fix this without more information.

I don’t know what the problem is, I don’t know when it happens, I don’t know how to test it myself, I don’t know if it’s specific to certain bodies/chassis/fixtures etc.

To fix this I’d literally just have to build random cars for hours until one did something that maybe sounded like what you were talking about (but might not be)

Please, more information!


You should try it… not like you’re all doing much anyway…:rofl:


Bug report

Smoothing group issues on these wings



Bug Report

Most of the headlights have turned into these for no specific reason. Do I have to switch off the mods for now?


That’s not because of mods, that’s because new variants were added to that light and they did a booboo with updating it. It’ll be fixed for the next update.


The option to change color/material on these wheels is disabled;

These two license plate fixtures stamp out a larger hole than required.

(That isn’t a chrome surround; that is a hole in the body)


Bug Report:

  • The 2007 Hiace body is missing its cargo van and pickup configurations.
  • The pop-out window for the gearing and the frequency graphic for suspension dampening don’t always update as changes are made.
  • Edit: it’s nearly the end of May and the startup screen is still advertising features to come in March and April :joy: