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Fixtures Bug Reports & Suggestions


Feature Request

I havent seen much Photo edits in the last time, but would be nice to have a Chroma Key fixture to help Photoshop some things in the car(i know its not the objective of the game but its a “simple” thing, só)


Steam must be down or something because the workshop page isn’t working for me, but there is a mod with colored plain decals (one of them green) you can use for that. I think its called the quotex syndrome pack or something along those lines.


Rear fenders on ‘not 240z body’ (at least in version without cutouts for lights) are asymetrical: right fender is wider than left one.


working as expected…

all the trims are affected, tyre diameter can go up to 1000, creating this beast that can fit on a nascar themed scenario :joy:
beta by the way

Also I want to suggest to add a button to increase or decrease tyre width on both axis at the same time, instead of doing one axis and the other one after


Typo in the breaking tab of the trim editor.