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Flathead engine (4 & 6 & 8cyl cyl)


hello, i know,i know that this question has been posted a couple of times in the past before the unreal version but know the things could be changed.

After the game released , the flathead design is planned for the game as a DLC or an update ? It would be a cool addition for 40’s and 50’s car like Cadillax,Buick,Studebaker etc…
Increase the maximum bore & stroke will be a good addition to do badass engine like 9 Liters that we can find in the 40’s ?


Sorry mate i asked this before and the answer was…nope…as it is a technology that was not widely used thru put the years…ohv on the other hand is still used…put this in the rotory/vr6 etc catagory…and how many 9L engines are out there in production vehicles?(excluding diesel)


You can check the Hercules RXC and teh series of 40’s Hercules Engine…


You can already make 9 litre engines if they have 8 or more cylinders.

Flatheads would require a very large amount of art assets. Not only would it need new heads, and therefore new intake and exhaust piping… it would also need new engine blocks… so that basically means that they need to design every engine in the game over again to add flatheads; that are already outdated by the time the game starts (1946).

While it would be amusing to have them, it is just too much work for it to be worth it. For example, adding Diesels to the game could actually require less all-new art assets because the blocks could stay the same, and the Pushrod and OHC heads are close enough visually to be re-purposed by changing out their spark plugs for injectors. Something like Diesel engines would have much greater use in the game compared to flat-heads.

  1. Take a picture of a flathead engine.
  2. Design a large engine with absolutely terrible breathing in Automation.
  3. Place picture of flathead engine on computer screen.
  4. Start dyno run.

I just put flatheads in the game for you. You’re welcome.




As they were outdated in 1946 it really makes no sense to add them.

But what about an “early years” DLC starting in 1910 or 1920 with flathead engines and other old tech? That would be nice, large and low compression engines that can work with the low quality fuel there was in the early years. And also cars and light trucks for the military in the first and second world wars.

It could look something like that:

  • early years DLC 1910-1946
  • main game 1946-2020
  • future tech DLC 2020+ with hybrid engines, electric, variable compression, self-driving cars and so on.

It can be fun to begin with magnetos and develop the engine starter, begin with gravity fed fuel systems and then develop fuel pumps and so on.