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Flop404's barge - BMW 540i Touring (E39)


As the people who followed my lore thread might have guessed, I have a thing for the quirky, slightly absurd cars. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a Multipla proudly riding through town, so how can I justify driving some Deutsche Qualität, luxury vehicle ?

Well, it’s a V8, and I live in France. For you americans, a V8 in France is about as common as a Yugo in the US.

With taxes on large displacement making a comeback lately, with gasoline costing around 6$ a gallon, and living in the centre of a large city, having a 4.80 wagon with close to 300 hp is slightly absurd.

But then, at the price of a used city car, I bought myself something that, in power, gas economy, and footprint, is close to three city cars !

I’m having a blast with it, especially for family trips were the silent ride and overall comfort - but also enjoying the growl of the V8 whenever the kids aren’t there…

And as it is full stock, in a bland grey, and basically looks like a low-spec, accountant model, I cannot get enough of the surprised looks whenever I rev it a bit :wink:


Look there’s some boring banker with his grey BMW 518 diesel Touring.

Revs engine.



Exactly this.

Now, one day I hope I’ll be able to get myself a E61 M5 (and to pay for its maintenance costs… So, a distant perspective).

I’d then try to do the opposite of what most BMW owners do, which is to replace the “M Pack” with a standard pack, to hide the screaming V10 under a mundane family wagon look



Ni :b: :b:a diesel fuel is like 7$/gal here, where the f do you live?


send nudes I love the e39 aesthetic :heart_eyes:


Gasoline is about 1.5€ per liter here in France, which actually is more like 6.5$/gal.

Well, at least I think it’s about 1.5$ per liter, I tend to close my eyes and try not to think of the cost whenever I have to put fuel in the barge - which is quite often, actually…

Most of the pictures I have are rather of the technical part, to try and help me remembering were the screws where whenever I have to dismount something :slight_smile: