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Ford SVT Contour (Mondeo ST200)


"Freedom Mondeo " :’)

Love it!

now 3.0 Duratec swap it


That’s the end goal. 3L supercharged if funds allow.


This is a really weird and interesting car. I knew about the old Focus SVT, but I had no clue there was an SVT “Mondeo”. Solely 5spd stick too. I love that. So un-american lol.

Btw I really love all of your night pics, what camera did you shoot them with?


Yep, the Focus SVT/ST170 came after, as the “Mondeo” couldnt replace the Escort the way ford wanted, so the Focus was the first true ‘world’ car by ford, even though the Contour technically was that.

The SVT Contour was a bunch of wierd. They were special order only in the US.


If only there was a SVT Contour Liftback…


How dare you post the ST24. God I want that.


SVT Focus/ST170 rotors vs SVT Contour/ST200 Rotors

300mm vs 278mm


You should consider EU spec rear lights


Hard no.


They don’t even fit on a sedan Mondeo, let alone a Contour


Found another one while out on a Cruise.


New wax, I like it.


Contour noises.


Now that is a car ad picture if I ever saw one. You could add promotional text to it, I’d certainly be fooled.

Also, the real dream body for Freedom SVTs would be this one, blending that smooth V6 with ultimate family values…

(Maybe that’s just me, but can you hate sleeper wagons with the punch to match?)


Fixing the Lower intake / IMRC, and cleaning up the ports.


Now I gotta do the rears.


The SVT Contour is powered by what is effectively one half of an Aston Martin V12, and hence deserves more recognition among the general public. No mid-size family car today will ever be offered with half of any supercar’s engine, which is a shame. In fact no manufacturer would dare make such a claim in these more politically correct times!


Well, I mean, depends on how technical we’re being…


I did not know that factoid!


its not exactly half, i think it has different internals and injectors ect