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Ford SVT Contour (Mondeo ST200)


Day: I’ve lost count of the days, months pass in a blink and I forgot I even had the donor.

Time to yank the engine.


When some one hits your car, and sneaks away with out saying anything, you’re forced to start two toning your car.


Well… at least it looks more racey?

Also, how did such a dent occur? Did someone downward punch the hood while you were looking the other way?


Pretty sure it was a truck.


Like a pickup truck (i.e. Ram)? If so, it gets more understandable. High ride height and beefy front ends…


I’ve officially joined the cult of light wheels.

Circa 2001 build, OZ Racing Superlegras 17x7 roll formed wheels. 14.5LB each wheel.


Oh boy, here I go looking like a fool on the internet.


The video popped out when I opened Youtube and I immediately came here to check if it was your car, lol.


Thanks! Yep, I had a good time with Zach, real down to earth guy, I think it is unfair the negativity some people have towards him in the comments.

The car will likely get a re-take after the 3L swap, LSD, subframe connectors and sway bars.


Engine is out of the donor car.


V6 Contour = good first car? :thinking:




A duratec equipped Taurus is a better choice (if the transmission has been cared for). Plus it’s much quicker than it looks while still flying under the parental radar


Dura Taurus/Sable is a better car because there is actually room in the engine bay.

Look for a Sable if you want one, they have been taken better care of most of the time.


I found a 62,000 mile 2000 Sable wagon with the Duratec, and bench front seats with a column shift. It’s very tempting.


Hey that’s awesome! Congrats on the feature & Happy Thanksgiving!


I got my wheels back from powder coating. Red-Oxide, I have a color theme I’m working on, I do not look forward to the sanding required…


Acquired a Fluid Harmonic balancer for the Freedom Mondeo, this unit is both a 10% under drive, and a considerably better damper VS the OE Dual Mass Damper.


Found a pre-98 trunk lid, gotta sand it and all that fun stuff, but I’m a happy camper.


yoink: more parts stolen from blackie