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Ford SVT Contour (Mondeo ST200)


This thread was a fun ride! Never even heard of the SVT Contour before.


Glad you enjoyed it, the ride will continue.


From my brief experience, the car itself, as well as the thread, is also a fun ride. :wink:


Front bearings are pressed out of the knuckles, bearing races had to be cut off of wheel hubs, but #Awful is on it’s own feet, not doing anything bad. I’ve used liquid electrical tape on parts of the engine harness to buy me some time, threw on my race wheels because the tires that were on the car are over 10 years old.

It drives well, the transmission out of my donor car shifts like a dream, so I’m actually quite happy to have it back.

I’m going to have to get the rotors turned due to damage, but over all, not to shabby for free.


looking good apart from the wheels…


Well good news, I love them.


Called SVT. Awful is build #525 for '98


Awful made the trip up a 10 mile dirt road to get help from a friend of mine, we ground the rust preventive coating off the subframe and installed a set of subframe connectors, re-painted the bottom end, and Awful now is considerably stiffer!


Real Michigan Sleeper


This one will be going single pipe, gives me easy access to a free tow-hook spot, and it will be considerably louder than my other one.


Great, I can recommend a not to much loud pipe. Like a Thrush Turbo. In use this one on a daily driver. Noticeable difference, but acceptable to driving long distances on the highway. Any plans on ECU or other tuning?



There is only one company that makes a tuner for the car, and I am considering paying the premium to get their ultimate package that allows me to do everything myself, and start the process of learning how to tune the car myself.

That or I buy a standalone unit.


Sounds like a plan. But no possibility for add a Megasquirt?


Time will tell, there are many other things on the list to do before I get there.


Waiting on new screws for the TB, fully cleaned, barrel is wet sanded with 1000, plate was wet sanded to 2000, then polished.


Upper intake paint job.


Super minor update, I got the black SVT engine plaque. It contrasts nicely.


#0525 of 11,445 (#Awful) has been up on jack stands in my garage for the last 3 weeks. It started out as chasing down a coolant leak to taking on a major operation: Eliminate all Leaks I’ve pulled the entire coolant system apart, I’ve taken out the A/C system (Track car, weight reduction), I’ve removed the air bag sensors, and removed un-needed weight from the front. I’ve got new lower control arms, new sway bar links, and all new hoses.

I almost installed the headers I have, but I will need to smog the car in a year, so I’ll wait on that. However with the oil pan off, I’m doing some QOL work, super cleaning everything, and polishing the inside of the oil pan, the windage tray, and baffle plate. I’ve ordered new connecting rod end bolts, as they are TTY on this application, and I want to check the rod end bearings while I am this far into it.

The oil pan is soaking right now, this is where I am at.


Awful is, for the first time in a long time. Mechanically sound.

No oil leaks, no coolant leaks, runs smooth, returns to idle quickly, pull straight, no CELs. I’m quite happy. I need to replace some more bushings, install my big brake kit, and put on the Coil-overs. Then the car should be ready for some track time!


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